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10 Best Gaming Desks of 2021 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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E very serious gamer knows too well that the best gaming desks could mean the difference between comfortable gaming and a total waste of your time, and money. Any gamer who has worked with the wrong gaming table knows well. If you are setting out to look for an ideal gaming experience, you need to choose the computer desk for two monitors from the wide range of options in the market.

Most importantly, ensure you have the right table for your needs. Nevertheless, this should not come at the expense of your finances. However, most people usually overlook this crucial aspect of their gaming. Selecting the best computer desk in a market flooded with virtually endless options can prove challenging enough.

Let’s face it. Why do you have to stick with an expensive desk that’s not cool at all? You need a desk that can both fit in your living space and deliver the much-needed gaming ascension.

Well, we ventured out to seek out the console gaming desk for you in the market. After hours of looking into professional opinion, customer experiences and manufacturers’ say on different desks; we bring you the top ten gaming desks in town.

Also, make sure to check out some of the determining factors to look out for in the computer desks out there. Making your choice for the right gaming desk can’t be more comfortable. Without much ado, it’s time to dive right in and have a look at the best computer gaming desk around. From desks at any budget range to the sleek designs, stylish and classy options, the choice is yours. So strap in and read on!

Comparison table for the best Gaming Desks 

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Things to Consider Before Buying Pc Gaming Desks

The market is full of custom gaming desks, and finding just the right option is crucial. Unfortunately, this decision looks like an impossible feat for many. So what is the ideal desk for you? Here are some of the things to consider when shopping for the best computer desk.

The design

Unlike the regular desks, custom gaming desks ensure that gamers don’t have to settle for less. So you need to be keen on the model that any desk features. Check whether it has additional LED lights if the legroom is sufficient and the cable management to matter. All these aspects also boil down to the ergonomics, space, and aesthetics as well.


Space usually comes at the heart of these desks. Multiple well-sized monitors are the game changer for most gamers. And having a desk that can cater to the space requirements proves to be far-reaching.

Moreover, the consideration for your room size is not to be overlooked. But with the many sleek tables in the market, you can always find the one that fits perfectly in the available space. Only do some more footwork to find what works best for your needs.

The material

Another exciting factor to look out for is the material of any desk that you want. Cheap gaming desks in the market feature three primary types of materials; PVC & Steel, wood, and glass.

  • The PVC and steel ones have a robust steel frame. Most of them are lightweight and easily portable. You can count on those if you want one for a dorm room or if you are usually on the move.
  • Wood material desks usually feature maple, oak or pine, which are quite sturdy. Many users go for these desks in pursuit of the traditional look. However, they can be somewhat hefty.
  • Glass desks look elegant, with a modern, stylish touch. Most of these desks usually have a steel frame for support, making them quite stable. But they have one drawback, they typically get the best of your fingerprints, and of course, they are fragile too.

Assembly Time Also Matters

So, how much time should it take you to assemble your small computer desk? This question usually plagues many users. And most even find out the hard way that some desks can be a pain in the neck when it comes to the assembly.

But why go that far while you can find some easy and fast assembly desks? To make this a reality, most manufacturers offer simple construction manuals. Others even go a step further and make desks that only need to be folded away, so you hardly have to assemble them at all.

Health issues

No one wants to have a great time gaming, only to end up with pains and aches. Unfortunately, carpal tunnel syndrome and such other conditions have proved a severe challenge to gamers. Therefore, you need to ensure you don’t take this matter lightly, so consider the ergonomics if this is the case for you. Your body posture comes first, ensure the desk has just the right height.

Keep an Eye on The Durability

The first thing to keep in mind is the return on your buck. Everyone wants a choice that can last them for years. And while gaming desks are not an exception, most users usually fail to keep this aspect in mind.

When shopping for your gaming desk, ensuring it features a sturdy construction is crucial. A well-made desk will last for years without scratching or breaking down to the weight of your equipment.

Price Ratio

Another thing to have your eyes set on is the ultimate value for your money. Check to ensure the desk is sturdy enough, with the right material, and impressive design. Some aesthetics can also go a long way too. You needed the quality for your money and not some junk that will break down in the second week.

Surface Top The Material Counts

This section usually wins a special place on your desk. Quite often, this part sees the most use on the table. You will be placing your computer or a few other things on the remaining free space. Having top-quality materials can help keep scratching and chipping at bay. Besides, the top of the desk should be broad enough to cater to all your equipment.

Keyboard & Mouse Space Comfort Comes First

Great gaming isn’t only about nesting in your desk and getting started; a little support goes a long way too. As such, having ample space for the best gaming mechanical keyboard and your best fps mouse can be far-reaching. In some cases, you can even find a wide-enough expanse to place your phone too. It all boils down to what you are looking for, so keep an eye out for this feature.


Occasionally, you might need to move your desk around the house. This means having one that gets the job done, and sleek enough for portability too. A hefty one can turn out to be a challenge when you want to move it up or down the stairs.

After all, no one likes the idea of disassembling and re-assembling the best computer desk every time they need to move it arises. Not to mention, this process can also weaken it over time.

Oh! And the Ergonomics too

Yes! Other features you can look out for include a cup holder, speaker compartments and a hook for your headphones. Besides, ample legroom can come in as a welcome design too, especially if you kick around in the thrill of the game. The options can be virtually endless; the limit is just how careful you are in choosing.

Finding an ideal gaming desk isn’t about jumping on the first option you get on the market. A lot goes to choosing the right desk for your needs.

Top 10 Best Gaming Desk Reviews


Atlantic Gaming Desk - Gaming Computer Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Adjustable and leveling non-marring feet for stability
Charging station for convenience
Ideal steel rod construction with carbon fiber finish
This desk is that the welds on the legs might break with time

First, on our top ten best computers gaming desk options are the Atlantic, and it claims the position for a reason. This desk is made with gamers in mind, with a sleek charcoal colored carbon fiber lamination on the top. And as it turns out, the ideal surface top is not the only thing this desk has to offer; it has a lot more exciting features too.

One of the most noticeable things about this stand is the perfect monitor and Smartphone stand. This stand has your needs for this vital space covered, to help you concentrate on the battle at hand.

Besides, the desk has ample space for all your gaming gear. From your laptop to the PC, speakers and games, and much more, you can keep everything in your arsenal.

An under-desk basket also proves handy. You can use this additional space to keep any gear that doesn’t find an area on the surface top.

It has an additional charging station for your tablet or Smartphone. Besides the sleek and stylish look, the desk offers easy charging for your device right at your reach.

On the bottom line, it seems this desk has the right construction and the perfect design. Factor in the high-level performance it puts up, and you can expect more than your bargain.


Walker Edison Soreno

More comfortable use or portability
Sturdy, powder coated steel legs
Simple 3-piece design for easy use and sufficient legroom
Angled glass edges to prevent chipping or scraping on limbs
Not ideal for cable management
The keyboard tray is rather tiny

Coming in second is the Walker Edison, and you can bet it has quite a lot to offer too. Well, you can count on its robust tampered safety glass for heavy-duty use and durability. But wait until you see the other features it packs up its sleeve.

One of the aspects that the Walker boasts is its sturdy steel frame. This offers unparalleled support for your things every pc gamer needs. Moreover, it comes with an impressive powder coat finish too. If you mind the looks of your gaming desk, then this is the one for you.

Then there’s the sliding keyboard tray. Combined with the solid CPU stand, this design makes your use of the desk a breeze. It also offers ample workspace. Whether you have more than one desktop, this desk has got you covered when it comes to space.

As it turns out, this desk offers virtually anything you would look for in the best computer gaming deskThanks to the sturdy design and ideal material, you can expect to get a good return on your money.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk - Black

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The surface area is quite extensive with ample workspace
Easy transport with the three different sections
The mouse pad is water resistant
Not ideal for regular movement
It could be quite wobbly

If you are looking for a best computer gaming desk for several monitors, then this might be the one for you. You can consider its simple design that offers sufficient space for your monitor, but the real deal lies in its range of features.

The five feet with three inches in width, each is among the outstanding features this des boasts. These offer unprecedented support for your gear and keep your desk standing for years.

Additionally, the desk comes with a matching mouse pad too. If you use a mouse frequently, then you can expect to get more with this additional feature.

Moreover, you can reckon with the microfiber surface and its thick padding too. This design not only makes the use of your mouse extra comfortable but also ensures durability.

An adjustable design further offers rather tantalizing ease. This desk’s flexible design can be all you need to provide comfort in your gaming sessions.

The unique cable management system is a much welcome addition too. Thanks to this style, you can keep your work area clean and well organized.

Overall, you can count on this desk for all your gaming needs. From keeping your equipment safe to comfort when using it, it has got you covered. But the most significant thing about it is the cost.

Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner Computer Desk
Techni Mobili Hip Computer Desk

Broad surface to offer sufficient workspace
Keyboard tray, holding up to 33 lbs
A curved corner panel capable of supporting up to 66 lbs weight capacity
The glass might break if you drop a heavy object on it
The mounting for its keyboard tray is not perfect

The Techni Mobili stands out with its unique pull out keyboard tray that comes with a safety stop. But it is the array of features that this affordable computer desk has that make it amazing.

One of the leading features that this desk has is the curved scratch-resistant frame. The powder-coated steel frame makes this desk durable and keeps it looking great for longer.

The other impressive feature is the rectangular desktop panels. Each of these panels can take on 110lbs, giving it the much-needed support for your equipment.

What’s more, the desk comes with a flexible L-shaped design. With this construction, you can configure it according to your needs.

The interchangeable 8mm tempered safety glass desktop is a great addition too. This design not only looks impressive but also takes on quite a beating without wearing out fast.

Despite the few downsides, this best computer gaming desk proves tough enough for the job. And thanks to the full range of feature you can expect to get the best value for your money.

Origami Foldable Computer Desk, BlackOrigami Foldable

It has an extensive surface area at 7sq feet
Requires minimum assembly
Fitting the top might be quite challenging

When it comes to using your best computer desk, the ease of use comes first. Well, the Origami promises quite an irresistible comfort with its fast folding and opening. What’s more, the desk comes with numerous other features to behold.

First, up, this desk stands out with its ability to fold flat. If you have a tight storage space around, this design helps keep your desk easily. What’s more, you don’t need any tools for the setup, and no assembly is required. With this easy assembly, you can be sure to get the most out of your desk.

Then there’s the high capacity that your desk can handle. With the capability to take on up to 250 pounds, you can set your gaming equipment without any jitters. The top is easily removable too, giving you super lightweight portability. This desk is ideal for users who keep moving their equipment.

This gaming desk proves to be one of the Origami gaming desks in town. You can turn to your lightweight desk if you move your station around quite often.


DXRacer DGD/1000/N Gaming Desktop

A massive opening offers enough room for many wires
Wide enough to fit up to two 24-inch monitors
Sufficient workspace
The assembly is quite tricky especially on the fabric at the back of the desk
A lip on the plastic front

When it comes to any best gaming desk, the aspect of durability becomes virtually inevitable. And DXRacer holds true to that with its double triangle, durable construction. But this desk is not done yet; it still packs other impressive features that you can count on too.

Among the leading aspects of this desk is high-quality material. With its ABS+ wooden desk and the Board Steel frame, you can expect top-quality durability. Besides, it has an ideal wire management system. You can always go to extreme lengths in keeping your workspace tidy and well organized.

The desk also features an ergonomic design. If you are looking to add a bit of comfort to your gaming, then this desk will offer the ideal nesting for you. Further, it has a 10-degree slope for the optimal angle. Besides, this inclination also offers an ideal option for resting your forearm when using your mouse. The table is also rotatable to 360 degrees. You can always get your desk where you want it for an ideal view.

On the bottom line, it is apparent that this desk comes in as one of the few that you can turn to for comfort and durability. And with the sturdy construction, you can have all your gaming gear on top of it without any worries.


Tempered Glass L Shape Corner Desk With Pull Out Keybaord Panel.

Tempered Glass Corner Desk

The sliding keyboard offers room for comfortable posture
It requires straightforward assembly
Its materials are not the top quality

Welcome to yet another of the best computer desk options in the market. This one stands tall with its interchangeable 8mm tempered safety glass. But apparently, that isn’t the only feature it has to show for the hype surrounding it. The range of other features that it comes with also adds to its recognition.

Perhaps the first you will come to love about this affordable computer desk is the scratch-resistant powder-coated frame. This steel frame not only makes your desk tough to scratches, but it also offers outstanding support. The desk also comes with a pullout keyboard tray. With this feature, you can keep your keyboard out of the way whenever you are not using it.

What’s more, the L-shaped design proves handy too. You can count on this aspect to configure your desk to fit your needs. Moreover, the keyboard comes with a safety stop. To keep disaster at bay, you can use this feature to take control of your pullout keyboard function. Now, you will also have ample workspace at your disposal. Whether you have several monitors or gaming equipment to place on your table, you will mostly have extra space for your use.

As it turns out, this desk still has what it takes to transform your gaming experience for the better. Despite the few shortcomings, you can always count on its ideal design and an ergonomic construction for comfort and stability.


Ficmax Z-shaped Gaming Desk with LED

Ficmax Z-shaped Gaming Desk with LED

It comes with an installation instructions paper for easy setup
The structure is super stable with remarkably strong legs
The top desk might chip easily
In most cases, fitting the screws might prove quite challenging

The Ficmax might stand out with its fighting LED ambiance lighting, but that’s not all it has to offer. The desk takes your gaming to a whole new level with the bright lights. Besides, it features many other aspects that you’ll go out of your way to love.

One impressive thing you will notice about this one of our best computer desk lists is the high-quality materials. Since it features a wooden board and steel rod frame, it offers remarkably stable support.

The versatility that it comes with is also exciting. Whether you are using laptops, desktop computers, or other electronic products, this desk has your back.

Besides, it’s super easy to install and use too. Right from the moment you receive the package, you can expect to have an easy time setting up your desk and using it.

The humanization design with its LED lights also adds to your gaming experience. This innovative design goes a long way to taking your gaming room to another notch with the aesthetic design.

Better yet, its ergonomic design proves crucial for virtually any setting. With the perfect plan, you can place the desk in any room, from an office environment to your room, wherever you want it.

If you are setting out to shop for a durable, yet stable structure, then this is the one. Moreover, the combination of ergonomic aesthetic and the fighting LED lights are a great addition to your interior. So, you can use it for more than just gaming. You can get the value for your money with this gaming computer desk.

Z-Line Designs Ember WorkstationZ-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Its keyboard tray is quite spacious
What’s more, the panel is vast enough to fit
The keyboard tray might scratch easily
The top panel can also turn out to be quite wobbly

Lastly in our countdown of the top ten gaming desks, ikea is the Z-Line workstation. But don’t be fooled by the fact that it comes at last; it is by no means the least. And its contemporary style and the cherry finish holds to that fact. Better yet, this is not the only secret this desk has up its sleeve; wait until you see all of its other exciting features. Among the things that make this desk feature in this top computer desk list is its ideal pullout keyboard tray. With this tray handy, you can get the best of comfort all through your gaming.

It also comes with clear tempered glass. Not only can you count on the sturdiness of this glass for durability, but also the black border that it features offers additional safety

Moreover, it comes with castors, hardly found in the best gaming computer desks. This feature provides unparalleled ease when it comes to mobility. The glass also comes with chrome cylinder glass supports. They go a long way to securing your glass desktop in place, besides adding stability to it.

Above all, the keyboard tray comes with sufficient space for a mouse. With this feature onboard, you can easily handle your mouse without necessarily looking for additional space elsewhere.

Despite coming in at the bottom of our list, this desk still offers everything you would ask for Z-Line workstation. What’s more, if you are out to get an affordable computer desk, then this one can best fit your needs.


 Kinsal Gaming Desk with LED Ambiance Lighting

Sturdy aluminum alloy materials construction
Versatile enough for use with laptops, multiple monitors
Vast desk space for sufficient work area
Much more expensive

The Kinsal Gaming desk stands out with its environment-friendly materials. These make this desk great thanks to lack of any uncomfortable smell. But that’s not all it has to offer yet. Its array of other features is as impressive.

You can notice this desk right from afar with its seven colorful LED lighting. But what makes the lights most exciting is that they are bright enough though not overpowering.

The aluminum alloy, sturdy and stable desk legs also go a long way. These legs offer the much-needed support to keep your gaming equipment safe. A perfect design offers ultimate comfort. If you are gaming for long hours, then this desk is for you regarding comfort.

What’s more, the commercial-grade materials prove crucial as well. When it comes to durability, this desk takes the lead, thanks to its top-of-the-line materials and packaging.

Further, it has an ideal border design for additional support. This design not only makes your desk look great but also keeps items from falling off.

With the impressive 6 RGB LED colors, the perfect design and environment-friendly material, this sounds like it for you. And Yes! Apparently, this desk has all it takes to take your gaming experience a notch higher.


Final Verdict

We believe that by now you have your mind made on the best computer gaming desk for you. The good news is that if deciding is still proving challenging, any of these options can get you covered.

It all boils down to your needs, style and perhaps the budget. So why not step up to the market with confidence and select the perfect computer desk for your needs. When it comes to taking your gaming to another dimension, the ideal desk is the last piece of your set up.

So go for it and transform your gaming room with the latest and most stylish choice that best suits your preference. Best of all, most of these desks come at slightly realistic prices. You can expect to get the value for your money without having to break the bank to take matters to the next level. Make your choice and game to oblivion!

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