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A gaming mouse might not differ so much from the other type of mice out there. But the best fps gaming mouse usually brings out an advantage over most other options. Better yet, using the perfect gaming mouse always comes with a touch of style.

However, finding the perfect mouse on the market flooded with hundreds, perhaps thousands of them could be a challenging feat. That is why we took the initiative to guide you through some of the affordable yet efficient gaming mouse options in town. You will first understand what it takes to have the perfect gaming mice for your console.

It took us hundreds of hours to peruse through endless sites in search of the best budget gaming mouse that can best fit your needs. We have summoned professional opinions. We also went ahead and crosschecked what customers who have tried these mice have to say. Besides, after checking into what manufacturers have to say about the different gaming mouse, we brought you ten of the best picks.

If you have landed on the small gaming mouse market but can’t find the perfect one for you, then keep reading. Here, you will find virtually all you need to make the right decision for your next gaming mouse. It is something you need to add to your gaming arsenal.

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Factors to consider when shopping for the best fps gaming mouse

Every seasoned gamer would spot a perfect gaming mouse right out of the gate. Here are a few things you can look into to find the best pick for your gaming needs.

The grip

First things first, the grip is crucial for the entire time you will be using your gaming mouse. Different gamers are accustomed to different mouse grip options. Some are for the claw grip, others have a palm grip, and there are the ones for tip grip.

The best you can do is ensuring the mouse you go for is designed to best suit this type of use. Comfort comes first since you will have your hand on the mouse for hours. So keep this in mind as you set out to look for this crucial addition to your gaming arsenal.

Is it wired or wireless

This decision has seen a fair share of heated debate, but it usually boils down to choice. A wireless gaming mouse will reduce the tangle of wires on the desk. But the reliance on radio waves can lead to some lag on the cursor response. And although the most modern wireless mouse is built with the least lag possible, a corded one always wins regarding speed.

Can it take some beating

If it can take a pounding, it’s good for you. Considering that FPS can impose some serious forces on your gaming mouse and its buttons, you need one that can withstand it all. But there’s some good news, most gaming mice are built for heavy-duty use. So you need not worry much about that, provided you can find a quality one.

The prediction also counts

One of the most crucial aspects of a gaming mouse is operating without registered erratic hand movements.  Hence, the mouse you go for needs to be smart enough to cater to your gaming needs.


If there’s one aspect you cannot afford to miss on your cheap gaming mouse, it has to be this one. The durability of the best budget gaming mouse comes down to the construction. A densely woven fabric can go a long way, but a sturdy structure also comes in handy. You can look at other features of the material too.

Does it deliver the bang for your buck

Well, the last thing you want is to go for an expensive, but junk gaming mouse pad. This means scrutinizing every single mouse you are going for to ensure it has what it takes. The sensor, report rate, accuracy and of course the tracking solution come in handy here.

Abundance of features

There will always be a lot to look into when selecting the wireless gaming mouse. Some of the other aspects to go for include acceleration, sensitivity, and sensors. Programmable buttons are always a welcome addition. You also need to be on the lookout for the polling rate, profiles lift-off distance as well as whether it is ideal for left or right-handed users.

Go for it!

Well, it’s time to look into some of the best moba gaming mouse offers around. Any mouse on this list has something for you; it’s all about going for the one that best fits the budget or your needs.



Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming MouseLogitech G402 Hyperion

Great fusion engine with speeds exceeding 10 meters/second.
Fast USB report rate, up to 1-millisecond .
The 32-bit Arm processor is also significantly powerful.
The mouse might keep disconnecting itself from time to time.

You will love the glide dynamics of this mouse. But the array of its other exciting features is what will blow you away.

The first feature you will go out of your way to love about this mouse is the high responsiveness. With 16 bits /axis USB data format and a report rate of 1000 Hz (1ms), you can get more for your buck.

It also boasts a 4 on-on-the-fly DPI and tracking solution with up to 240 to 4000 dpi max acceleration. With this resolution at hand, you can always do a lot with your gaming mouse.

Besides, the mouse comes with up to 8 programmable buttons. So you can customize your mouse and gaming experience.

Better yet, you can always make the most of the onboard memory. This helps you save your settings and makes the use of your mouse a breeze. With all the gaming mouse options on the market, this one claims the top position on this list. Only once you check it out can you find out why it has something to show for the hype.



Sea Wit RGB USB Wired Gaming MouseSea Wit RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

A 5.1 feet braided cable offers for easy connectivity and fast cursor response.
Up to 4800DPI optical sensor with 4-level adjustable DPI .
You will also have up to 5 modes presetting
The mouse does not offer the same quality as you would expect in most high-end options, but it’s an affordable gaming mouse.

You will most likely fall in love with the RGB lighting design in this mouse. But what makes it one of the best gaming mouse options out there is its rich collection of features.

It has up to 7 programmable buttons. You can use these to store as many as 12 macro definitions and offer comfort when switching several functions.

It also has a quite skin-friendly material. You do not have to worry about your health when it comes to using this mouse; it has got that concern catered to.

What’s more, it is built for versatility. It can take on virtually every task, fast internet browsing to double click, page forward and scrolling among other functions.

The compatibility is also amazing. From Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista as well as OSX, you can use it with any operating system in your arsenal.

If there is a mouse for every gamer out there, then this has to be the one. As long as you set it well, you can make the most out of its every single feature.



Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS MouseLogitech G Pro FPS Gaming Mouse

It has an exceptional tracking accuracy
The customizable 16.8 million RGB colors
Quite small especially if you have large hands.

Logitech offers yet another exciting yet affordable gaming mouse. Not only does it stand out with the ideal sensor built for competitive playing, but it also has a lot more to offer.

Among the features that make this mouse one of the best around is the accurate G optical gaming sensor design. This helps bring out the best in your gaming expertise.

A metal spring button offers a tensioning system design. It goes a long way to enable ultra-consistent and reliability in click performance.

Further, customizable RGB lighting colors bring out the best of aesthetic design as well as easy use of this mouse. It also comes with a durable left and right buttons, which can last up to more than 20 million clicks. Combined with the sturdy make of this mouse, you can use it for years on end.

What’s more, an up to 6 programmable command buttons offer an ideal performance when it comes to taking charge of your gaming mouse.

From the colors to the versatility, the comfort and durability of this mouse, you can be sure it has something to go for. You need to try it to believe it, check it out.



Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus

This mouse allows you to set the height and center of balance according to your needs.
The G502 further offers an unprecedented performance when it comes to maximum accuracy, responsiveness, and precision with the optical sensor.
Its 32-bit ARM processor controls, as well as the onboard memory, offer an opportunity to sync the functions on its buttons as you want.
It can be quite heavy; probably will take some time to get your hand is accustomed to using it.

You can always count on the tunable design in this mouse to get the most it has to offer. But wait until you see its range of other impressive features.

The surface tuning calibration on this mouse is one of its most outstanding aspects. With this feature on board, you can calibrate your optical sensor for the best tracking performance.

An on-the-fly DPI adjustment also proves crucial for your gaming. You can be sure to make the perfect moves with the 5 DPI settings for pixel-precise targeting.

It also offers a unique performance with an improved dual-mode design. This design on the scroll wheel offers better click-to-pick precision when gaming or fast scrolling when surfing.

Above all, up to 11 programmable buttons. If you want a mouse that can let you set up any button to trigger any command or for macro at blazing performance, then this is it.

From balance to the fast responsiveness, this mouse seems to have everything you would look in high quality, affordable gaming mouse.


G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Cutting Edge Ambidextrous RGB 8200 DPI Laser Gaming MouseG.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Monitor

High-quality build for heavy duty
Moreover, the LEDs offer a unique look when lit up.
Not forgetting, it delivers a smooth, comfortable operation .
The clumsy interface on its software is most probably the only drawback on it.

Nothing impresses than the adjustable grips, weight, and height of this mouse. But until you see the entirety of its features.

First, the top quality components that these gaming mouse packs are outstanding. With the AVAGO 8200 DPI Laser and the Omoron macro switch, you can get the best durability.

You cannot afford to miss the saved customizations too. The onboard profile storage enables you to use up to 8 programmable buttons for different functions.

Further, you can hardly beat the RGB lighting effects. If you are looking for a mouse with impressive lighting and aesthetic touch to it, then this one is for you. This mouse also stands out with the aesthetics. It allows you to enhance your gaming console with the conventional shapes as well as the designed angles.

As it turns out, this mouse has what it takes to take your gaming to a whole new dimension. You can set it to fit your needs and make the most out of every bit of its features.



CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB - FPS Gaming MouseCORSAIR M65 Pro

It has up to eight strategically positioned buttons.
High Omron switches also prove crucial for efficient use.
A high-mass scroll wheel proves essential for gaming and other purposes alike .
Its shape and weight might not be ideal for everyone since the mouse is quite short and somehow stocky.
Moreover, the sniper button can become quite wobbly after several months of use.

Here comes yet another affordable gaming mouse with quite a lot for you.  The affordable gaming mouse stands out with its high-accuracy 12000 DPI sensor. And it packs more exciting features as well.

An advanced weight tuning system is among the most outstanding features. You can set the center of gravity with your mouse to cater to your play style.

You can also make the most of its optimized sniper button positioning. With the on-the-fly DPI design, you can switch your mouse to suit your gameplay speed. It also impresses with the surface calibration tuning utility. The optimizer sensor precision, as well as the responsiveness of this mouse, has got you covered.

Furthermore, the aircraft-grade aluminum construction beats all else. The unibody structure offers a solid yet lightweight frame for durability and ideal mass distribution

The extra-large PTFE glides are also a great addition. You can count on those for low-friction contact points that offer an effortlessly swift and precise movement.

If you are setting out to look for a mouse to enhance your gaming experience, then you need to try this one.



HyperX Pulsefire FPS - Gaming Mouse

HyperX Pulsfire Gaming Mouse

The precise pixart optical sensor in this mouse offers a fluid and responsive tracking for easy use
Another exciting thing about it is the anti-fray stitching for a flush and uniform surface that stands wear and tear
The cord is also quite heavy for most users

The six-button mouse with an ultra-responsive switch on this gaming mouse might be a great deal. But you haven’t seen it all until you get your hands on the wide range of its other features.

If there’s one impressive thing about this gaming mouse, it has to be the lightweight 95G FPS. Factor in the weight distribution and you have an easy-to-use mouse that you can count on for all your needs.

The ergonomic design is also a great addition. This brings on board the opportunity to game for longer and comfortably, especially with the slip-resistant grip.

You will also come to love the seamlessly stitched edges. If you are looking for a mouse with a flat surface for responsiveness and reliability, then this one is for you. It is also well-woven for accurate optical tracking. This design not only makes your gaming easy, but it also adds quite a touch to the comfort of your gaming session.

Another great feature is the extra-large skates. These are ideal for offering a smooth and comfortable mouse movement.

If you are looking for a great gaming session, then you need to check this one out. Not only will you love the densely woven fabric, but you also need to try this one.



Redragon M801 Mammoth 16400 DPI Programmable Laser Gaming MouseRedragon M801 Mammoth Mouse

The material in this mouse is quite rough and textured, built for a non-slip grip.
It also comes with a Velcro strap cord that offers easy storage and use of your mouse.
It also comes with an 8-piece weight tuning set that enables make your installation and use easy.
The software doesn’t come with double-click functions for selectable mouse button.
Its wheel also lacks the side scroll function.

With up to 1000 Hz polling rate, acceleration of 30G and 12000 FPS, this mouse is built for the ultimate gamer. But the real thrill is in its other aspects.

Among the features, any gamer is likely to go for is the weight tuning design that this mouse features. The feature goes a long way to making the use of your gaming mouse super easy.

It also comes with up to 9 programmable buttons. In case you want a mouse that can transform your gaming, then the 5 memory profiles and the programmable buttons in this mouse is something to try.

You cannot overlook the durability that comes with the TEFLON feet pads too. The design is far-reaching in ensuring your mouse is standing after years of use.

The contoured body further delivers an interesting gaming control that can add to your comfort and easy use. Not forgetting, the high precision laser adds to its efficiency.

This mouse seems to have something for everyone. Not only does it deliver smooth operation, but also comes with numerous features any gamer would find handy.




NPET M20 RGB Gaming Mouse

The ergonomic design gives it a natural position for your hand with stress reduction on the fingers.
The mouse further comes with optimized NPET mechanical switches for efficiency.
The full RGB color collection adds a touch to the aesthetic touch of this mouse.
You will have to do with the light sensor rather than the advertised infrared.
You might land into some problems with the software.

The professional ambidextrous function in this mouse might win your favor. However, you cannot help but love the array of features that this mouse has up its sleeve.

First, you will notice the powerful function in this mouse. Its DPI upgrade to 4000DPI and 4DPI levels make this mouse a great addition to your arsenal.

Another great aspect is the chroma enabled RGB design that brings out the aesthetic touch in this mouse. With up to 16 million customizable colors, you can always have something to love about the look of your gaming mouse.

You cannot afford to miss the 6 buttons customizable button too. You can customize this feature if you have installed the software that enhances the intelligence of your mouse.

A wide range of compatibility is also something to go for.  From aiming to targeting, slashing or any other gaming function, this feature will take you there.

If there’s one mouse you can count on, then this is it. With the right weight and a plethora of features, it offers something for every serious gamer.



Redragon M902

Redragon M902 SAMSARA

Up to 5 programmable user profiles.
Omron micro switches also prove crucial for the performance of your mouse.
The cable is quite long, with up to 6 feet and a braided fiber coating for durability .
Despite having the manageable software, you can only set your lights to a single color.
The scroll wheel is not as great as with most other options out there.

Just because this gaming mouse comes last on our list doesn’t make it least in any bit. You will still come to love the high-precision programmable laser in it. And it still has numerous features to look out for too.

The first thing you will notice about this gaming mouse is the 13 programmable buttons. With this function, you can always make the most out of your mouse with easy use.

A weight-tuning cartridge also makes it a great deal when it comes to getting the best out of your mouse. You can use this feature to fine-tune your mouse according to your needs. You cannot miss the FPS design of this mouse. It features as much as 16400DPI, 12000 FPS, and 1000 Hz polling rate. When it comes to efficiency, this mouse never disappoints.

The durable TEFLON feet pads also prove crucial. If you are looking for a durable mouse despite quite some beating from moving it around, then this one is for you.

Apparently, this gaming mouse is one of the best options you can turn to on the market if you are looking for a mouse with great software.



Final Verdict

Selecting the best fps gaming mouse out there is not an easy undertaking. But with this guide handy, you can always find the one that best fits your needs and style. Only make sure to do a bit of footwork to ensure the gaming mouse you are going for has what you need.

Finding the right mouse can go a long way to transform your gaming experience. You have to step out there and pick the perfect one for your gaming sessions. Whether you are upgrading or buying for the first time, you will always find a gaming mouse for you. This review will prove helpful in directing to finding that ideal mouse to add to your gaming gear. Make the right choice and take your gaming to a whole new notch!

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