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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 50

12 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 50 The Definitive Guide

For a gamer, nothing brings you close to the action than a keyboard. Also, every seasoned gamer knows not just any keyboard does the job, but one built to best suit this kind of use. There’s some good news. You don’t have to spend an arm to land a perfect one. All it takes is finding one of the best gaming keyboards under 50 out there. If that sounds a bit over the top for you, do not panic yet.

You can always get out there and select one of the best gaming keyboard. They all offer the performance you are looking for. It will boil down to the budget you have set aside for your gaming keyboard. These keyboards come with everything you need to take your gaming experience to levels out of this world. The only worry is that finding the one that you can use for years is never an easy feat. Not to worry yet, keep reading.

We understand that picking the top gaming keyboard from a sea of them on the market is hard enough. So we decided to make it a breeze for you. As such, we took the time to peruse the web for the best picks around town. We looked at a wide array of aspects. From the opinion of pros in this field to the experts’ view, then we also checked into what users who have tried these products had to say.

Above all, with a peek into the manufacturers, we could get an insight into what it takes to get the best such monitor and some of the best. Then we peeped into some of the most crucial factors that make the best typing keyboards under 50 out there. We have a collection of those for you too, so read on to have an idea of what you need to keep an eye out for when shopping.

Best Gaming Keyboards Under 50

Now you can check out some of the best gaming keyboards under 50 on the market. The array of options here has virtually anything you need for your gaming needs. Go ahead and make your choice.

Razer DeathStalker

Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard - Ergonomic Gaming-Grade Membrane Keyboard With Wrist-Rest

Coming in at the top of our list is the Razer DeathStalker gaming keyboard, and for a good reason. The ergonomic design makes it the go-to option. If you want comfortable gaming, then this one is worth a try. But that’s not all.

The keys are among the most impressive aspects that this keyboard boasts so far. You can actuate as many of them as your fingers can handle. Better yet, the response is one of the fastest on the gaming front. Its anti-ghosting capabilities are also as impressive. With this feature on board, you can count on this keyboard to destroy your opponents with perfect registration and execution of each command.

You will also love the top-of-the-line software that comes in as the keyboard’s brain. With this feature handy, you can sync it to a cloud server to get software and updates in firmware. Not forgetting, you can save your settings as you want.

Its low-keycap chiclet keys further prove essential for the unsurpassed gaming experience. You only need 2mm actuation, giving you incredible ease of use and super-fast response on the screen. And if you want to bring convenience right to your fingers, then this keyboard is for you. It comes with easy access as well as retrieval of all your gaming preferences. The good thing is that you can always do this at any time or anywhere.

Another thing you cannot afford to miss about this keyboard is the 2 m rubber sheath cable. This not only makes it easy to connect it with the rest of your gaming components. It also ensures the longevity of the keyboard’s cable, serving you for longer. of course, every gamer would appreciate the dedicated gaming mode that helps deactivate your Windows multimedia controls. With this feature onboard, you get more control over your gaming.

Overall, we could say this is one of the best Razer DeathStalker. it packs in all you need to transform your gaming fun for the better.

Anti-ghosting with 10 simultaneous keys
The keys are fully programmable
 Up to 1000Hz ultrapolling
A fixed wrist rest for comfort
This keyboard doesn’t feature extra USB ports
It comes with tough to read keys
The volume keys are easily hit


Cooler Master Devastator 

Cooler Master Devastator II LED Gaming Keyboard

This absolute devastator comes in second on our top ten best gaming keyboards under 40. And it has a lot to show for it. But first, you will love the aesthetics and ease of use from its red LED backlighting.

One of its most impressive features is the laser-etched keys. These go a long way to giving you endless fun. The print embedded on each of its keycaps is long-lasting since they don’t easily fade.

The keycaps are not the only custom but also compatible. This means you can always customize the keys as you wish to match your keycaps. And the fact that the keyboard is Cherry MX compatible adds to its efficiency.

You will also love the solid control and its efficient grip. Its unrelenting rubber sides offer a maximum grip. And for the left-handed, an ergo-ambidextrous shape caters to your needs. So despite the hand that you usually use, this keyboard has something for everyone.

If you are looking for nothing short of sheer performance, then you need to try this keyboard too. It’s on-the-fly DPI settings help in fast switching between up to three preset DPI settings. These include the 1000/1600/2000.

Its dedicated multimedia keys also add to the outstanding make of this keyboard. With this feature on board, you can get total control over the music as well as the volume on your system. And you can do it all with all the ease in the world.

It is undeniable that this keyboard is one of the easiest to use. And with so many great features on the tow, you can count on it for efficiency and durability.

Aesthetic look from the red LED backlighting
It features a precision optical sensor
 Rubber grips for solid control
Dedicated multimedia keys for volume control
Compatibility and customizable keycaps
The keyboard might start registering by itself
Also, the mouse could become squeaky
Typing on it may not be so comfortable for some

TOMOKO Water-resistant mechanical keyboard

TOMOKO Water-Resistant Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switch

Sometimes the fear of water compromising your gaming components can be overwhelming. But if you have this water-resistant keyboard, you won’t have to worry about having some coffee as you game away. And that’s not all it has up its sleeve, you will still have a lot more to go for.

Nothing quite beats the anti-ghosting efficiency that this motherboard comes with. It features up to 87 non-conflicting keys, offering you an opportunity to use multi-keys simultaneously without any conflicts.

Its ergonomic design is also something you have to reckon with too. Alongside the compatibility that it comes with, it fills your palm well to keep fatigued at bay. Further, it is the master of versatility. You can use it with virtually any version of windows out there. From Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista and much more, it has something for everyone.

its Blue switches come in handy too. This provides clicky, tactile feedback that helps improve your speed in typing as well as the accuracy.

It might come with its fair share of downsides, but this keyboard is one of the most reliable options around. You can count on its efficiency, durability and high performance. It has what it takes to feature among the cheap gaming keyboard.

Top-grade ABS with a metal base
FN shortcuts for easy media access
 High compatibility with different types of Windows
Ergonomic construction
Splash-proof design with three drainage holes
It can be pretty loud when typing
The keycaps can fade out rather quickly

KG010 by EagleTec

KG010 by EagleTec

This LED backlit mechanical keyboard is among the best options on the market right now. Not only does it feature an aesthetic appeal. It also makes typing in the gloomy room easier thanks to this incredible feature. And it has many more too.

With up to 104 keys, you can be sure to get quite a lot from this keyboard. And the mechanical design makes it the more impressive with the blue switches for longevity and efficiency. The anti-ghosting feature also proves to be quite handy. Despite the many keys, this keyboard remains conflict-free, which gives you top-of-the-line gaming experience.

You will also love this keyboard’s compatibility. You can use it with a system running on virtually any Windows version. And if you are using Mac OS, you can enjoy limited support too.

Its construction will blow you away. With an aircraft-grade aluminum/ ABS construction, it is not only built for heavy-duty but also the long haul. Not forgetting, it comes with plate-mounted keys and switches, all of which add to the tough design of this keyboard.

If you are looking for a good-looking keyboard that can get your gaming needs covered, then this one might be for you. It has a lot to offer when it comes to convenience and durability.

Blue LED backlight illumination for easy use
Sturdy base built from solid material
 A compact design for saving space
A WASD and arrow keys come in as interchangeable
You can disable the WIN key when gaming
The backlights can turn on and off uncontrollably
Problems with K and N are somewhat common
The switch is not so great



Sometimes what makes all the difference in the best gaming keyboards under 40 is the keys. With up to 6 programmable macro keys, this one earns itself a spot among the top options in the market. However, that’s not all, it still comes with much more to look forward to.

For any gaming keyboard, the LED backlighting always proves handy. This keyboard comes with up to over ten preconfigured RGB lighting modes. So you can choose any immersive backlight setting that you want.

An included wrist rest further proves crucial. You can always count on this feature to the game for hours on end without fatigue. Besides, this comes with a level of comfort too. Then you have an exciting multi-key anti-ghost feature that you will find intriguing as well. This makes it a master of accuracy even when you press the keys simultaneously.

Moreover, this keyboard is also quiet, not forgetting the high level of responsiveness it comes with. The combination of these features makes it perfect for an ultimate gaming experience.

It’s a no-brainer, the features that this keyboard comes with makes it a great pick for any gamer out there. It comes with almost everything you need to make your gaming not only a breeze but also a lot of fun.

Detachable soft rubber for a wrist rest
Up to 6 programmable macro keys
 Dedicated volume controls
Quiet, responsive keys for efficiency
The lights are not bright enough
It is not mechanical, which would be more practical
It might not work with CUE software

Redragon K552 KUMARA 

Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit

Here comes yet another great gaming keyboard for your needs. The metal and ABS construction make it one of the most outstanding keyboards for durability. And there’s more yet.

The Red LED adjustable backlighting is one of the most impressive features of this keyboard thus far. This allows you to set the lighting to suit your mood at any time.

It also boasts mechanical switches. The good thing about these switches is that you can customize them to achieve an ultimate gaming experience. Besides, these switches are built for the long haul. They are not only durable but also highly responsive and offer medium resistance with tactile feedback.

The conflict-free keys also offer an incredible gaming experience. Despite being up to 87 of them and 12 multimedia keys, you don’t have to worry about ghosting when using this keyboard.

Above all, it comes with a splash-proof design. Nothing rivals the reliability that this feature can offer when it comes to using your keyboard without the worry of water compromising its functionality.

This gizmo comes in as one of the compact gaming keyboard around the market. It packs in a good array of features that you can turn to for ultimate gaming or for office use alike.

A custom mechanical keyboard
It is long lasting with a splash-proof design
 Non-Slip ergonomic design for stability
You can disable the WIN key for gaming
It also comes with a space-saving design
The switches are not Cherry Green Equivalent as claimed

BlueFinger Mechanical Keyboard

BlueFinger Mechanical Keyboard

The BlueFinger also claims a spot in this list with a collection of great features. The USB wired LED 3 color backlighting is ultimately great, but it also comes with many other great aspects too.

The ABS construction makes this keyboard one of a kind when it comes to sturdiness. Its high-quality materials make it long-lasting and tough enough to take the beating you might throw at it when gaming. A compatible system further makes this keyboard the go-to option for many. It comes with a mouse set that you can apply to almost any operating system, from Windows to Mac OS X.

Its professional keys are also handy.  It comes with up to 10 multimedia keys and up to 19 anti-ghosting key presses. These go a long way to making your typing accurate even when you type fast or in an intense gaming session. The illuminated keyboard design further makes it a great deal to have around for your gaming. You can use it in dimly lit rooms with ultimate ease.

It might come with a few downsides, but this keyboard is hands down one of the best options out here.

Up to 3 luminous backlight modes
It is durable with ideal ABS material
 A crack patterned for an innovative look
Highly compatible with Windows and Mac OS X
Ideal luminous Red Blue and Purple backlighting
You have to turn the lights off manually
Some of the keys might break with use
You may find it quite loud

DBPOWER Three-Color Backlit Gaming Keyboard

DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED Keyboard for Gaming, Office

One of the most amazing things about this keyboard is its 104 keys. These offer a lot of options for you to type all your hands can, and you will have 19 non-conflicting keys on your side too. But that’s just the beginning, it comes with many exciting features.

The removable keycaps also offer an extra advantage. And with a strengthened space key, you can bet this keyboard is built to take some good beating without easy failure.

Its 3 colors LED backlighting design also proves crucial for easy use and aesthetics. You can conveniently use it in a dark gaming environment without missing the keys. And for the looks, this design never disappoints.

You will also love the compatibility that this keyboard packs. It can work with virtually any OS out there, from Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista and XP to Mac OS.

Another exciting thing about it is the user-friendly and ergonomic design. This construction makes the keyboard comfortable for use even when you want to game for endless hours. It also ensures fast control and the use of multimedia shortcuts to making its use far easier.

So you want to take your gaming experience a notch higher. Well then, this keyboard is your best bet. Try it to see the full extent of what it can deliver, and why it has all it takes to make your gaming experience of a lifetime.

The USB plug-and-play design makes it easy to use
Tactile feedback offers a professional gaming experience
 Up to 3 changeable breathing or permanent lighting color modes
It is highly compatible with different operating systems

It is not a mechanical type, which would be more practical
Not so much comfortable for some users
You might keep messing up with the bottom keys

NPET K10 Wired Backlit

NPET K10 Wired Backlit Floating Gaming Keyboard

You might come across many exciting gaming keyboards, but this one stands out with its floating design. You don’t have to worry about the risk of damage from water. And there’s more.

One of its leading features is the UV coated keycaps as well as the arcuated double injection. These features go a long way to reducing fatigue on your hands and adding comfort to its use.

The color backlighting on the keyboard is also a great deal. With up to 4 LED lighting models, you have 7 breathing color alternatives and 3 adjustable/permanent mixed models. You can tune them to fit your mood at any time. Then you have up to 20 multimedia keys combination to work with. And you will find the 19 non-conflicting keys handy too. Overall, you have up to 104 keys to work with for your gaming needs.

You cannot afford to miss the ease of use that this keyboard comes with too. It can go to sleeping mode automatically and the backlighting goes off. So you don’t have to struggle with handling it manually.

Despite the few downsides, it is undeniable that this keyboard comes with many exciting features. These offer the value you pay for, so you can make the most out of it. And with the easy use, you don’t have to be a pro to get the best that this keyboard has to offer.

Removable keycaps and a keycap puller for easy cleaning
Waterproof braid cables for durability
 Ergonomic design for comfort and easy use
ABS plastic and stainless steel material
Anti-interference magnetic ring and gold-plate interface
It doesn’t have any “legs” for a comfortable angle
The backlighting can be darker in some parts of the keyboard
It has only one FN key on the bottom right end, hard to use

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS

This Anti-spill keyboard has one thing you cannot help but love. Its drainage holes make it perfect for keeping a risk from spills at bay. And that’s not all yet, you still have a lot more to get, which make it one of the best gaming keyboards under 40.

An anti-ghosting design is hands down one of the best dealmakers of this keyboard. You can use several keys simultaneously without any worry over any possible conflicting.

It also has an amazing high functional keyset. You get shortcut keys, 9 multimedia keys and lighting keys as well as toggle keys for the gaming and normal mode. Then you have the backlighting design. This comes with up to three colors, the Blue, Red and Purple lighting. They can also include pulse lighting and adjustable brightness, and you have a dial for that use.

And since it is a membrane keyboard, you get the advantage of its 6 dedicated macro keys as well as 3 profiles. All these go a long way in enhancing the way you use your keyboard.

Up to 24 anti-ghosting keys
Three game profiles for an easy and efficient use
 A stylized gaming design
The three color backlighting looks great
It has a nicer feel than most mushy membrane keyboards
The red logo stands out on blue backlight
Its knob in the middle adjusts LED’s brightness, not the volume

TEC.BEAN 7 Colors Gaming Keyboard

TEC.BEAN 7 Colors LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard claims it’s spot among the compact gaming keyboard thanks to its ease of use. The USB braided plug-and-play cable makes it ideal for this type of use. But it still has a lot more to offer.

Its compatibility with all Windows versions and Mac OS is one of the most outstanding things about this keyboard. This design makes it ideal to cater to the needs of almost every gamer out there. And the user-friendly, ergonomic design comes in handy too. You can count on the comfort and easy use that this keyboard delivers.

The keys have something for you too. The keyboard comes with up to 104 keys, not forgetting that you will have 19 non-conflicting ones. Its keys also feature a design for durability and deliver tactile feedback, ideal for pro gaming.

And there’s more, you will still have removable caps that make the cleaning a breeze. And if you want a sturdy one, then the strengthened space key will be worth a hard look.

You will find a lot to love about this keyboard. Forget the few downsides, it still stands out as one of the TEC.BEAN 7 out there. And if you are looking to use it in the office too, it’s got your back.

Its versatile enough for office and gaming use alike
Up to 7 adjustable LED backlighting color modes
 The data transmission is super fast
Its multimedia keys are easily accessible

It would be great if the backlighting was brighter
The texture might get a scuff pretty fast
Its design is not mechanical

Razer Ornata Expert

Razer Ornata Expert Mecha-membrane gaming keyboard

It might be the last, but not, in any case, the least. This keyboard has proved to have what it takes to make it to the top twelve cheap gaming keyboards under 50. A Mecha-membrane design offers a combination of soft membrane rubber dome touch and tactile mechanical switch click for ultimate performance. But there’s still more to it.

When it comes to comfort, this keyboard’s wrist-rest design delivers where it matters. You can use your keyboard for hours on end without any fatigue on your hands.

Better yet, the Mecha-membrane design is outright outstanding. This revolutionary design goes the distance to give you the best of both worlds. You don’t have to rely on mechanical or membrane keyboards alone, this one has all of it in one for you.

The ergonomic design gives it an edge over the competition too. It has an individually programmable backlight on the keys that offer an impressive lighting effect that you can set with ease.

And its built-in anti-ghosting tech goes a long way too. This helps to ensure you never have to miss a key or several of them when typing. Hence, you get a higher level of accuracy even when you type quite fast.

Although it comes with a few downsides, this keyboard holds true to its promise. It will prove far-reaching in transforming your gaming, giving you an advantage with its ease of use and the sheer performance it puts on.

You can sync the lighting settings
Ergonomic wrist-rest for comfort
 Mid-height caps offer fast actuations
The keys are individually backlit
Up to 10-key rollover function for gaming
It has quite a high pitch clicking
Squeaky noise from the wrist pad
Seeing the keys without the backlighting might prove hard


Things to Consider Before Buying gaming keyboards

Before you set out to get the next keyboard for your gaming arsenal, you need to keep several aspects in mind. These range widely from the performance to the durability. Here are a few things you have to look into before throwing yourself into it.

Speed and accuracy

The last thing every gamer wants to put up with when gaming, it has to be a slow keyboard. This depends on how fast and precise the keyboard can type. It turns out to be a typical character of mechanical keyboards. However, numerous membrane keyboards can put up a similar performance. It will depend on the keyboard you go for; all it takes is checking to ensure your pick can offer what you are looking for.

How adaptable is it

Adaptability goes a long way to determining the efficiency of any gaming keyboard. Some can be rather alluring; others could turn out to be just impressive. But the bottom line is how the keyboard feels. This can depend on several switches, each of which has its sort of qualities. You need to check those to make sure the keyboard you are going for can cater to your needs. For instance, Blue switches are usually a great option, but it might not work for everybody.

The input

Another thing you need to keep your eyes on is the type of input you want. You can find a keyboard with Cherry MX switches, which offer different levels of input. All this boils down to the enlisting of a keystroke once you discourage the key. The good thing about this type of keyboard is that it can help you know when to move on to the next letter. Different keyboards also have different types of input. You only need to look into what can work for you.

Is it tough enough

With this section of your gaming system exposed to more beating than any other, the resilience is of the essence here. As such, the cheap gaming keyboard is built to take on quite a beating and still keep going. These keyboards can withstand the relentless everyday use. And they are usually crucial for the long haul. Most of them will last you long enough to give you the ideal service for your money. Only make sure to find the right one so you can be sure it can withstand the abuse that comes with daily or regular gaming.


Another thing you can look into when choosing from the best gaming keyboards under 40 is the looks. If you want an impressive one, then you are in for quite a surprise.  Most gamers go for black keyboards, but you can always choose from a range of colors. The material and design also play a crucial role here.


Most importantly, keep in mind that gaming is usually more fun when done in a dark lit room. Thus, you might need to look for a gaming keyboard that will be easy to use in such an environment. Not to worry, you can always go for a keyboard that features backlighting and can be easy to use in the gloomy room. Some of them even take things a mile further, in that you can customize the colors of the lights according to your mood.

Advantages of gaming keyboards

So what does a gaming keyboard add to your gaming experience? Well, there’s a lot that goes into the way these keywords can transform your gaming. And this comes down to the outstanding aspects that the best gaming keyboards under 50 boast that other types lack.

One of these is a programmable ‘hotkeys’ that you can set to perform several in-game maneuvers. Besides, these could help you in performing several actions all from a single press.

Another thing is the slightly quicker response that these keyboards come with. The time difference between the keystroke and action could mean all the difference in the world of gaming. These keyboards are thus handy in performing this task to the ultimate.

An ergonomic design also comes in handy when it comes to the use of the small gaming keyboard. This design guarantees an uncompromised level of comfort over what standard keyboards could offer. Besides, it makes the use of these keyboards rather easier and more fun.

You can as well count on the natural wrist alignment in some of these keyboards. This feature not only adds comfort to the use of your keyboard. It can also make gaming for hours of fun and without risks of fatigue afterward.

Others have a wrist-rest where you can put your wrist. It might not feel as much of a difference at first, but with time, you will realize that it’s cutting down real good on the potential strain that could be haunting your fingers over time.

How do I find the Best Gaming Keyboard for Me?

This question has been plaguing most gamers, both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. What exactly does it take to land the perfect gaming keyboard for your needs? It all starts with what you want to get out of the keyboard.

The first step is to understand whether any particular keyboard is worth the money that you are cashing out for it. You will need to do quite some footwork here, and perhaps a fair share of experimenting too. look at the number pad, whether the keyboard is backlit, the feels, and much more.

When it comes to the feels, remember that some will range from rubber dome to scissor switches to the buckling spring depending on the design. Others can come in ALPS, while others feature the popular Cherry MX design. But if you want to blow things over the ceiling, go the Topre way.

Bumps also prove handy when considering your options. This aspect is simply the feedback that you get once you press the key. It might take a bit of experimenting, but sometimes this might not be the perfect option for you. Thus, check out reviews shared by others who have used these keyboards.

Also, look out for the travel distance of any keyboard you are going for. It includes the distance the keys travel from at-rest state to a fully actuated or pressed state. You will determine how much travel distance feels comfortable for you.

Make sure not to miss the level of noise too. Some users are sensitive to the level of noise from any keyboard. You might thus consider looking for an ideal option right from the start. If you like a “clickier” keyboard, then you will also find many of them out there too.

Final verdict

Gaming doesn’t get better than when you have the perfect keyboard for the job. The only problem is that picking the right one out there can prove hard enough. But with any of these best gaming keyboards under 50, you can always get one that best matches your preference. And with everything about these keyboards highlighted, it should not take you long to see the one for you.

So step up to the challenge, and intensify your gaming without compromising your comfort. These keyboards have got your back when it comes to performance. The various designs, features, and specs go a long way to setting the stage for perfect gaming. It’s all about making the right choice. Now you can click that buy button with confidence.

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