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Whether you are a gamer, designer, video editor, trader, or just someone who needs to multitask with more than one screen – then using a dual monitor computer desk is your best bet.

There are thousands of reasons you could need or desire to have two monitors on your computer. But there aren’t thousands of options out there when it comes to dual monitor desks.

So if you want to get something that helps you – then you’ll need to go for the right 2 computer desk.
To help you with this, we’re reviewing 10 of the highest-quality monitor desks out there so you can mount your favorite two screens effortlessly.

Want to learn which products we’re talking about and why? Then come further and find out!

Image Item Dimensions  
Best_Choice_Products_Standing_Tabletop_Desk_Workstation Standing Tabletop 36.2 x 6.5 x 16.5″ Check Price
ApexDesk_EDR-3612_4 APEXDESK EDR-3612 36 x 24 x 18″ Check Price
VARIDESK_Pro_Plus_36_80x80 WALKER EDISON 36 x 29.8 x 4.5″ Check Price
Fezibo_Standing_Desk_Converter_80x80 FEZIBO STANDING 36.2 x 22 x 16.3″ Check Price
HON_BL_Laminate_Credenza_Shell HON BL LAMINATE 24 x 60 x 29″ Check Price
DlandHome_X-Large_Computer_Desk_80x80 DLANDHOME 63 x 23.6 x 29.5″ Check Price
ATLANTIC 44.8 x 26.2 x 7″ Check Price
WALKER EDISON 20 x 51 x 29″ Check Price
FLEXPRO POWER 66.1 x 49.2 x 29.1″ Check Price
FLEXPRO POWER 23 x 39.2 x 19″ Check Price

10 Best Desk For Multiple Monitors

As you should know by now, there are so many alternatives out there that finding the right one can be a tough job. Luckily for you, we know precisely which ones to consider, so we’ve made a list with the ten best options out there:

Standing Tabletop Desk Workstation – The Best for the Cost

Best Choice Products 36in Standing Desk, Height Adjustable 2-Tier Desk Converter, Sit to Stand Computer Monitor Riser, Ergonomic Workstation, Black Standing design gives gamers an excellent experience
Spacious layout hosts two monitors or giant TV effortlessly
Reliable lift mechanism delivers different height levels
The design with a lifting arm can be tough to assemble
Its standing design demands an additional desk below to work

Coming from one of the most surprisingly quality-oriented brands out there, this 2-Tier Standing Desk Workstation is possibly the best double computer desk for standing gamers.

If you are a hardcore gamer who prefers to have two monitors on his desk instead of one for the highest amount of visual quality possible, then this desk will come like a gem for you.
We love it for its ergonomic design, matching well with any modern room style but also because it helps to feel more comfortable wherever you place it.

It is an interesting choice for its standing design that players can get the most from. And the real advantage comes from the hydraulic lift feature, smooth and reliable option for adjusting the desk in 8 different positions depending on your needs.

The 2-Tier design adds tons of convenience too, helping to add a keyboard/console with an added drawer below the tabletop.

Whether it is using two huge monitors or a TV on top plus the keyboard in the drawer – this is an excellent desk that won’t disappoint you.

Dual Monitor Computer Desk ApexDesk EDR-3612-BLACK ZT Series Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Electric Desk Converter, 2-Tier Design with Large 36x24" Upper Work Surface and Lower Keyboard Tray Deck (Electric Riser, Black)

ApexDesk EDR-3612 – The Best for Gaming

Huge top and drawer surfaces for lots of peripheral space
Amazing electric arm for height adjustments
Very sturdy Melamine with MDF construction
The keyboard tray position can be a little awkward to use
Fully-assembled design can be difficult to install when it arrives

The ApexDesk is yet another standing option for those who want an ultimate gaming desk for multiple monitors. There’s simply nothing about this desk you will hate – and there’s plenty to love.

The first thing that will blow your mind about this desk is the electric motor mechanism that adjusts the height whenever you want with a single touch of a button.

You can adjust from 5.7 up to 18.1 inches depending on what you prefer. And this gets even better with the 2-tier design quirk, with an upper surface that hosts two 27-inches monitors and a lower desk with retraction so you can place a keyboard comfortably.

The desk comes fully assembled, there’s nothing you’ll have to do once it arrives at your home. And to make it even better, it comes in three different finishes: walnut, white, and black – so you can match it with your room décor.

The best of all – it is entirely made of high-resistance melamine with an MDF core, so you can expect it to endure a lifetime of use.

It doesn’t matter what you want it for, the overall convenience of the motorized arm, the durability of its Melamine build, and stability of its design will make your gaming days much more comfortable & enjoyable.

VARIDESK – Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter – Pro Plus 36 – Stand Up Desk for Dual Monitors – White

Walker Edison AZ51B29 – The Best Overall

The fantastic row-lifting mechanism for comfy use
Its bottom tray offers plenty of space for several peripherals
Very simple but impeccable design for extra style
It may shake with weights over 50 pounds
The bottom shelf does not move at all

If you just want a modern computer desk with everything to make it a perfect addition to your work office or gaming space – then the Varidesk Pro Plus36 is the best option for you.

It is a modest desk for those of modest demands. But modest doesn’t mean it is any short of amazing. This is probably the most dependable and convenient option for the whole list.

Its design is like any other 2-tier desk, capable of hosting two monitors on top, plus a gigantic bottom surface that you can use for placing a keyboard and a mouse and any other accessory you need.

The real advantage comes from the rowing-lift mechanism that moves the desk back and forth while moving it up and down. This helps you achieve a more ergonomic posture and prevent the usual back or neck pain.

With its convenient raising and lowering mechanism, this desk comes with 11 different settings. But what makes it work well is the spring-loaded construction with high-quality materials for a stable & reliable experience for decades.

Despite all that, it reeks of simplicity. Just place it over any other desk or boxes, and it will work like a wonder. If you want a dual-monitor desk that never lets you down – this one will be a flawless choice.

Standing Desk Converter with Height Adjustable – FEZIBO 36" Sit to Stand up Desk Riser Black Computer Workstation Dual Monitor Tabletop Lifter

Fezibo Standing Desk Converter – The Best for Large Monitors

Huge top surface hosts two 27-inches monitors
Entirely stable and reliable construction
The excellent design you can use either standing or sitting
Can be tough to move up and down for its rigid mechanism
The lock-in-position mechanism can be a little unreliable

The ideal computer desk for two monitors doesn’t have to be a fantastic piece with tons of functions and quirks. Instead, it can be something as simple but as reliable as the Fezibo Converter Desk.

You could say this is a standing that stands out for its ability to transform to a standard desk that you can use while sitting. Whatever you want, the height adjustment of this desk will help you get it. Just let the pneumatic arms do their job, and you’ll get a versatile desk in its entirety.

It is pretty large nonetheless, with a large surface on top with 36-inches in width and 22-inches in-depth, large enough to fit two gaming monitors without problems. And with the removable keyboard tray on the bottom, the desk becomes a pretty handy option for those who want enough practicality.

The construction is still reliable, using a solid structure that can support up to 33 pounds without problems. Entirely made of steel, the frame stands several decades of use quickly. It is completely steady as long as you don’t get over its limit, and will always make it easy to adjust on any base or platform.

When it comes to delivering a versatile experience, Fezibo stands out with the Standing Desk Converter design that every versatility-seeker can enjoy to the max.

HON BL Laminate Series Credenza Shell - Desk Shell for Office, 60w x 24d x 29h, Mahogany (HBL2123)

HON BL Laminate Credenza Shell – The Best for Office

Traditional but stylish design with three color options
Sturdy Credenza Shell construction for durability & resilience
The huge design fits a complete workstation easily
Offers little space for proper cable management
You can’t adjust the height of the desk

A dual monitor office desk doesn’t have to go on top of another desk. Instead, it could be something like the Credenza Shell from HON BL – a sitting option for those who want something modest.

This desk is made of Credenza Shell laminate, one of the most durable materials you can get for a desk. It looks way better than any metal and still manages to prevent spills, stains, scratches, and more. And of course, it offers enough space for two monitors without problems.

With a 60-inches wide design, you can make it a complete workstation without any issue. It works perfectly for an office space where you need a U or L desk thanks to its efficient design.

The best of all is that the BL series from HON is very cheap. You won’t have to waste a cent to get a product that delivers what it’s supposed to in every way. It’s just a simple design for simple users. You can use it either for a gaming station or a workstation, and it will work wonders for both.

One thing we forgot to remark is that you can get it in Credenza, Espresso, or Medium Cherry – which adds more style to its overall build. Despite being a simple desk, it offers a fantastic experience that sophisticated options do not.

DlandHome 63 Inches X-Large Computer Desk, Composite Wood Board, Decent & Steady Home Office Desk/Workstation/Table, BS1-160BB Black Walnut & Black Legs, 1 Pack

DlandHome X-Large Computer Desk – The Best for Simplicity

Large design at 63 inches helps to build a whole system around
Sturdy heavy-duty steel frame & legs for magnificent stability
Good-looking wooden top offers excellent resistance
The top surface may scratch more quickly than expected
Bottom of legs can damage the floor if you move it too much

When we talk about the simplest computer desk for multiple monitors, the DLandHome X-Large immediately comes to mind. When it comes to simplicity, no other piece matches what this offers.

It is a reliable option with a standard desk design that weighs only 48.5 pounds but can support up to 300 without issues. The desk comes with a solid wooden top and a high-quality steel frame so you can expect a very durable product.

The whole desk comes with a screw installation that ensures a solid experience at all times. You can be assured that it won’t tip, break or crack even if you use the most cumbersome monitors on top.

It still manages to look decently stylish despite its simplicity, making it easy to match with any room décor. The appearance is durable as well, using epoxy spray paint that lasts.

So, putting it all together, this is a chair that stands out completely. It even comes with a height-adjustability feature, so you can imagine how fantastic it is.

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk - 32 inch TV Stand, Charging Station, Speaker/5 Game/Controller/Headphone Storage

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – The Best for Console Gaming

 A superb set of extra holders for immense convenience
 Very light and effortless to move around when needed
Hugely reliable construction despite the space-saving design
Monitor shelf can be pretty flimsy
 Installation can take more time & effort than expected

Want the best desk for console gaming? Then get the Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk. Everything it offers is designed with the sole purpose of delivering the most enjoyable gaming experience possible.

While it offers enough space to fit two monitors on top, the ideal application would be with a large TV and a console. You even have a disk tray to place your Xbox or PS4 games if needed.

You can also use it with the monitor shelf, a small tray where you can hook up monitors of up to 27 inches without problems. It places the screen in a high place so you can enjoy your favorite console games amazingly well.

The desk also comes with a smartphone stand, two small speakers stand, and a hanging hook where you can place headphones or other peripherals. To make it an even better option, it comes with a caged tray below the tabletop where you can install your console and an extra cup holder for any beverage.

When it comes to gaming, no other desk offers such an amazing experience while adding a sleek touch to your living or bedroom. Only for the fact of letting you use as much equipment as you want, this is a desk you shouldn’t overlook.

Dual Monitor Computer Desk Walker Edison Soreno Modern 3-Piece Corner Desk for Home Office, Black Glass Contemporary Reclaimed Look


Walker Edison AZ51B29 – The Best for Style

Beautiful design with glass table-top
Sturdy & dependable steel construction
Handy & spacious L shape design
The glass wobbles on the glass frame
The keyboard tray is pretty small and awkward to use

If you want a flawless dual computer monitor setup, your best option would be the Walker Edison AZ51B29 desk. Its size, overall design, and high-quality construction place it up there with the best desks you’ll find.

The advantage of getting this desk is that you will get an L-setup possibility where you can easily install two monitors and all your peripherals comfortable.

It has a 51-inches width and 51-inches in-depth with an L design. Here, you can place two monitors side-by-side or one on each extreme depending on your needs. The desk also comes with useful stands for the CPU and the keyboard, adding great handiness to its build.

But what will excite you is the magnificent material quality of this desk. With glass and steel in its entirety – you will have not only a reliable product but also one of the most elegant and stylish.

The tempered glass is polished, beveled, and shiny. It stands out among its competitors without letting fragility come into mind. And with the steel frame and powder coating, you can expect a highly reliable experience.

Despite its fantastic design and high-quality build, this desk still costs less than its competitors. And only for that, this is more than an excellent option to go for.

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped


Flexpro Power Electric Standing Desk – The Best for Convenience

High-quality rugged steel construction and wooden top
Reliable & secure M-style attaching mechanism
The spacious and handy design is unbeatable
The assembly process can be confusing
 Installing in a corner will leave ample hollow space in the angle

If you are someone who prefers a dual monitor corner desk over a standing or a standard model, then the Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped model will meet your desires.

The L-shaped corner design allows you to place the desk in all kinds of places without any problem. It is very space-saving and helps to achieve tons of space on top so you can put two monitors and all your peripherals comfortably.

What truly sets this one apart from its competitors is the high-quality build, using rugged steel in the frame and a solid wooden tabletop that stands several years of use without problems. It is wholly scratch-resistant and avoids stains despite its bright color.

A build quirk that makes more reliable than its alternatives is the M-style buckle mechanism, it makes sure that every piece is connected sturdily at all times. It is so strong it can support up to 450 pounds of weight – so you can imagine how much it can do.

And of course, this comes with a pretty wide design that fits all kinds of hardware. It even includes a practical CPU tray to place below. It will merely improve everything standard designs, and standing desks could offer – and you will be entirely satisfied.



Flexpro Power Electric Standing Desk – The Best for Standing

Simple but sleek design matches any décor & style
Durable & reliable build with steel frame & MDF surfaces
Exceptionally convenient power-lift height adjustment mechanism
It only supports 50 pounds before it starts to wobble
You can’t adjust/retract the keyboard tray

A simple design but with tons of functionality, the Flexpro Power Electric Standing is easily the best desk for dual monitors that you can get.

We think it’s the best choice out there for many things, but at the star, it comes to the electric height-adjustment mechanism. You’ll only have to touch a button, and it will make your standing desk into a sitting desk without any problem.

It is pretty wide & large still, so you can place all kinds of peripherals and accessories over – from two large monitors to your other devices and more. The surfaces and frames are incredibly reliable as well, boasting a stainless steel frame and MDF tabletop and drawer.

To make it even better, it delivers functional hooks on the sides that you can use to add more cable management to the design. It will make your installation and assembly a total piece of cake.

And of course, it comes fully assembled from the factory – so you will only have to place it in your favorite base, and that’s it. When it comes to getting a dual-monitor desk that you won’t regret buying, the FlexPro Power Lift is probably the best one to go for.


Buying Guide – How to Pick a Perfect gaming computer desk for multiple monitors

Taking a look at the highest-quality options won’t immediately give you all you need to know to pick the right one. You’ll have to learn as much as you can first. That’s why we bring you the key factors to think about:

Types of Desks

There are two main types you can go for when it comes to fitting two monitors at the same time. You should go for the one that best meets your requirements:

Standard Desks

This is like any other office desk you will find. Some look like tables, others like simple wooden desks, and so on.

Standard desks are pretty useful when you don’t need much more than just enough space to host two monitors, and that’s it. If you aren’t looking for any additional quirk – then a standard desk will do the job. Some of them even come with height adjustments so you can make them work however you prefer.

An excellent example of a standard desk is the DlandHome X-Large – it offers a colossal tabletop but with modest frame design. It stands out for its reliability over anything else.

Standing Desks

For those who need a little taller setup, then the standing desk will work like a gem. These are often placed over other desks, tables or boxes to give a taller experience.

Standing desks are ideal for those who want a higher installation for their monitors, but it’s also useful for those who have a small piece or table, and they want to add some tallness to it. Most standing desks also offer height adjustments and the like, so they can be pretty handy too.

The Best Choice Products Standing Tabletop Desk Workstation is a perfect example of a standing desk. It offers enough versatility for different levels of comfort without letting convenience behind.

Frame & Tabletop

You’ll want a sturdy and ergonomic computer desk that helps to achieve a handier and more comfortable experience. And for that, we recommend considering both the design and the build of the whole piece.

The first thing you should get sure that’s well-made is the table-top. This part will hold the monitors and any other peripheral you have, sometimes including keyboard, mouse, headphones, and speakers. For that, we recommend anything from MDF to Melamine, solid woods, and tempered glass.

The Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped is an excellent example of how a wooden tabletop can be an excellent addition, both for its looks and overall design.

For the frame, on the other hand, you should go for the sturdiest materials and build possible. You should focus on something like steel or aluminum. We recommend heavy-duty steel over anything else as it tends to last longer and provide a way sturdier build than other options.

Putting the frame and the table-top together should be large enough to host the two monitors comfortable and without any wobbling. Of course, all desks will perform differently depending on your needs and how many items you place over.

A general rule to follow is to think of the thickest and strongest frames if you’re using several peripherals apart from the monitors, like prominent speakers. The HON BL Laminate Credenza Shell is an excellent example of sturdiness and lots of space.

But if you’re using just small monitors and you’re placing the keyboard and mouse on a tray – then you can go for something sleeker but more fragile. The Walker Edison AZ51B29 is probably the best delicate desk with tempered glass that still offers excellent results.

Holders & Trays

Most dual-monitor desks also come with their own set of holders and trays for different devices and accessories.

For example, some of them like the Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk does it perfectly well by adding a smartphone charging station on top of the tabletop alongside a game holder and a cup holder below. It even comes with a hook for headsets.

The most useful of all extra features is always the keyboard & mouse tray. This way, you can place your peripherals much more comfortably and use them without problems. An excellent example is the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36, with a pretty giant ray that adds lots of convenience to its design.

Height Adjustment

Now it’s time to learn about height adjustment. This is what helps the desk to meet specific user’s needs. This is an essential feature to have, but most standard desks do not have. You will mostly find it on standing desks.

Whatever you end up going for, it’s essential to know the different limits according to your needs. But even more important is knowing the type of height-adjustment system you’re getting.

There are two to consider:

Standard Adjustment

The standard adjustment system is the most common of all. It is based on a system that you only need to move up or down, and that’s it. You may need to loosen up some bolts or handles to move it. This is usually a locking mechanism that helps to make the whole process more secure for your hardware.

As an example, we have the Fezibo Standing Desk Converter. It is a desk that moves pretty smoothly by just squeezing some handles that unlock the dual monitor arm and lets it go up or down accordingly. This adds tons of convenience to the piece.

Electric Adjustment

This is far more convenient than any standard mechanism for height adjustment. Here you’ll only need to push a button or release a lock, and the tabletop or shelf will move by itself depending on your needs.

An exceptional example of this is the Flexpro Power Electric Standing Desk. It converts from a standing desk to a sitting desk with just the touch of a button – making it a pretty handy choice for those who look for versatility.

Assembly & Installation

Then it comes the time where you need to assemble the piece. Or just not do so. Yes, it all depends. Some models come with their own sets of screws and screwdrivers that you can use to assemble the whole piece. A few models can take a lot of time to assemble, especially the ones with several holders and extra trays or functions.

But others are a total piece of cake. You may not even do any type of installation as they come fully assembled. The ApexDesk EDR-3612 is one of those that doesn’t need any installation. You just need to place the desk on a base, and it will be ready to start using.

How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer

This is a common question most people have. But it is a piece of cake.

Typically, you only need a USB dual monitor adapter, and that’s it. Make sure to connect both monitors to the adapter from the CPU, and they should start transmitting quality imagery on their screen.

But if you are going for the best experience possible, we recommend an HDMI adapter for dual monitor. It will deliver a way better quality than any USB adapter that increases your overall enjoyment of the dual-monitor setup.

What Do You Need To Run Dual Monitors?

Once you learn how to connect dual monitors to a computer, you will be able to set-up any kind of equipment with dual screens at any time. But of course, apart from the adapter and the monitors, you’ll need the right desk, connectors, cables, and energy.


Space is essential to run both monitors; otherwise, you won’t have anywhere to place them.

We recommend those that come with cable-management holes. These can be pretty useful to prevent the usual tangling that most people tend to experience. This will make your experience way better in the long run, especially if you are someone who’s continually switching hardware.

Apart from that, make sure to have enough stability depending on the size & weight of the monitors. If you’re using very large monitors of about 32-inches, then you’ll need a big and stable desk.

Connections & Cables

Another important aspect to think about is the connection availability. Most monitors go directly on the HDMI, VGA or DVI connectors of the CPU or graphic cards. We recommend having these connectors so you can hook up the monitors. Having all the cables of enough length is also an essential factor.


Remember that powering two monitors also consumes more energy than using one – so try to have a powerful voltage regulator at hand. Finally, you’ll only have to connect the monitors and that’s it. You’ll have a dual-monitor setup ready to be used.

Best Dual Monitor Computer Desk – FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Use Laptops Or All-In-One Desktops On These Desks?
It all depends. As long as the device stays at the right height and is not a problem for you to use, then yes – you can use any device you want. But usually, we recommend using standard or large types of desks for laptops and desktops.
Is There Any Maintenance Or Care For Dual Screen Desks?
No, you just need to keep them clean and try not to scuff, hit, or scratch the surface. Do this, and you’ll have a more durable product.
Can I Use A Dual-Monitor Desk With Any Kind Of Computer Setup?
Yes, whether you want a dual monitor setup Windows 10 or Linux, one of these desks will come like a gem. You simply need to make sure that the monitors and peripherals fit.
How Long Does It Take To Assemble And Set-Up A Dual-Monitor PC?
The right desk with efficient cable management and with a modest number of hardware pieces may let you assemble and set the whole computer in just 1 hour or less. For the most complex desks and the highest amount of hardware, you may need to spend up to 2 hours or more.
Can I Use High-Resolution Monitors Of Over 32-Inches On These Desks?
If you are going for only one 32-inches or larger monitor, you can. But if you are going for two 32-inches monitors, you may need something like an L-shape desk or a multiple-monitor design instead.

Final Verdict

Now that you are familiar with the highest-quality desks out there, how to pick the best one, and aware of the best way to set up dual monitors on the deskit is time you choose the best one.

This won’t be easy. There are hundreds of things to consider as you know by now – but it’s possible as long as you take our advice and reviews into account.

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