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In the last few years, gaming has become one of the popular forms of entertainment. If you’re into professional gaming then creating a perfect gaming setup is an essential task to do. Unlike casual gamers, you need more than just a monitor and PC. Having the right types of equipment can enhance your gaming experience. To give you an idea, here are some important peripherals you must include in your gaming setup to enjoy the gaming adventure even more.

1. Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is the most important part of gaming peripherals because it lets you control your gameplay. You can use any mouse for a gaming setup, however, a gaming mouse can provide you better gaming control and customizing features.

Gaming mouse today comes with more advanced features such as additional buttons for players to adjust speed and sensitivity. As there is various gaming mouse available in the market so it’s important to know what features you need. A right gaming mouse can offer you tactic feel, media buttons and macro keys that you want.

2. Portable Hard Drive

Portable Hard Drive

If you have many games that you want to store on your computer, then having a good hard drive is always recommended. We all know that gaming requires a lot of storage space for games, so an external hard drive is probably the best solution for extra space.

Portable hard drives these days offer massive storage capacity than before and are extremely easy to use without the need for file formatting. With an external hard drive, you can install games on multiple computers. However, it’s advisable to choose a portable hard drive that is compatible with your operating system.

3. Webcam and Mic

The webcam and microphone are the important equipment for streamers who are just starting out. It’s important to choose these tools as carefully as a professional gamer. A good webcam allows you to record your gaming to show your viewers and followers. If you’re serious to make a living from gaming, then you should invest in a professional webcam that can produce sharp images and high-resolution.

It’s okay to save some money on a webcam, but a good mic is an absolute must. Though almost every webcam offers a built-in microphone. But, we recommend you to make some efforts and buy a separate mic. For this, you don’t need to go for the most expensive product, a budget option can do your job better.

4. MousePad


We’re not discussing casual mousepad that you get at office or school PCs we are talking about a gaming-grade mousepad. The high-end gaming sessions require revolves around twitch reactions and pinpoint cursor accuracy. One misclick could lose your entire game. It means investing in the right gaming mousepad can provide consistent stability and precision to boost your performance.

A gaming mousepad offers a variety of added features and facilitates quick and accurate during those gaming sessions when you need to shoot an enemy sneaking up behind you.

5. Gaming Controller

Gaming Controller

Another important item to consider is the gaming controller. Whether you’re a PC gamer or a laptop gamer, there are some games that play much better than on a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard. If you mostly want to play games on your PC, then we recommend you to use wired controllers instead of the wireless. This is because wired controllers are more portable and easy to handle.

If you’ve decided to buy a wired gaming controller then make sure it has a long USB cable and vibration feedback. There are plenty of wired and wireless options for gaming controllers that range from $20 to above $200, based on design, features, and customization options.

6. Gaming Headset


Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets are very important for a PC gamer. If you are into professional gaming, then you should invest in top range headsets to enjoy gaming at its best. You must invest in a device that can block white noise so you can focus more on your gameplay. Before buying, you should also determine the platform you play.

Headsets with a 3.5mm jack are almost always suitable for all consoles and your PC. The other thing you have to ask yourself is should you go with wired or wireless. Most people prefer wireless because they are flexible. However, you have to charge it from time to time ensuring that the battery won’t get down while gaming.

7. Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

As a gamer, you have to spend most of your time in front of your PC or gaming console in a chair. Choosing the right wide gaming chair can enhance your gaming experience and take it to a new level. There are thousands of options available for good cheap gaming chairs that are not only more comfortable, but it also lasts long as a big box store chair.

You can get a high-quality gaming chair in a $100 range that offers an ergonomic design, lumber supports, footrest, headrest cushions, and a lot more features.

Final Words

These are the seven essential things every gamer should consider for their gaming setup. So, if you want to enjoy the gaming sessions, you should invest in these items.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, if you have other items in your mind that should be added to this list, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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