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Gaming is one of the most fun pastimes out there, but if you’re spending hours hunched over in front of a screen you’ll probably find that you’re less than comfortable. Neck pain, back strain, and even hand and wrist problems are very common among frequent gamers, so finding ways to stay comfortable during even the longest gaming session is vital.

Gamers often find that they experience pain and discomfort in several areas of their body. While many experience pain in their back and neck, some have pain in their hands and wrists and even more experience eye strain as a result of hours in front of a screen. Knowing how to avoid this problem is pretty important.

Five Ways To Stay Comfortable While Gaming

Here, we look at five ways you can stay comfortable while you enjoy your favorite video games. By following this expert advice, you should find that you can get even more enjoyment from your gaming experience.

1.Taking Breaks

Taking Breaks

While it can be very tempting to keep on playing for just a while longer, it’s pretty important to take regular breaks if you want to avoid stress and strain on your mental and physical state. You should try to stand up at least once every hour that you play and walk about for around 10 minutes.

This will help to boost your blood circulation and help you to refresh yourself. Remember that intense gaming puts lots of stress on the heart and nervous system, so pacing yourself is important. Also, remember to stretch before you start a long gaming session, and afterward too. Stretch every time you pause the game and this will reduce bodily tensions and reduce the pain you will be prone to experiencing during intensive gameplay.

2.Adjust Your Screen

Adjust Your Screen

If your screen is at the wrong height for you, you’ll probably find that you end up with neck pain from craning your neck up or bending it down to see the screen properly. You should start with your monitor properly centered and with it slightly tilting upwards, around an arm’s length away from you. Position your monitor so that the top of its viewing areas is located around 3” above your eye level. Also, dim any glaring lighting so your eyes won’t be strained.

3.Improve Your Posture

It’s tempting to hunch over or slump when you’re playing a video game, however good posture is the key to reduced pain and tension. If you are mindful of the proper alignment of your body, you’ll feel better. This will allow you to play for longer periods without pain.

Find a position that is neutral for you, keeping your feet placed flat on the floor and your thighs and knees level with the floor or just lower than your hips. Support your lumbar region to prevent back strain and keep your elbows and shoulders relaxed. Wrists, hands, and arms should be supported by an armrest, parallel and straight.

4. Use The Right Equipment

There are lots of accessories out there that can help to reduce the pain associated with long periods of gaming. Adjustable gaming desks, ergonomic gaming keyboards and controllers and adjustable monitor stands are all useful additions to your gaming room, helping you to stay comfortable.

5.The Right Gaming Chair

There are lots of different types of gaming chairs out there, however, all have been designed to improve. Gaming experience and to help you stay supported and comfortable even during long and intense sessions.

If you can be aware of the critical parts of your body which can be affected severely by the repetitive motions associated with gaming, you’ll be better placed to avoid the common problems which so many gamers experience.

Staying the right distance away from your screen will reduce eye strain while having the right gaming chair and accessories will ensure that you don’t develop back, wrist or neck pain while playing your favorite titles. Whether you love action, adventure or shoot-em-up, you’re sure to find that if you follow the expert tips suggested here, your gaming experience will be a lot more pleasurable and comfortable in the long run.

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