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RESPAWN by OFM is an assortment of top of the line dashing style gaming chair with footrest intended for office use or by gamers. The RESPAWN-110 arrangement is a leaning back gaming chair that worked in light of ergonomic solace. With an extendable footstool, formed fragmented cushioning, a high back, in addition to the customizable headrest and lumbar help, this chair gives elite solace whether utilized during extraordinary gaming sessions or long workdays in the workplace.

Extra highlights incorporate seat tallness modification, cushioned armrests, and 360-degree swivel. Locate the ideal situation with a lean back between 90-130 degrees with tilt strain change and endless locking positions in addition to armrests that rotate with the chair as it leans back. Softhread Leather and differentiating shading upholstery complete the cutting edge, excellent look, and feel. This strong gaming chair has a 275-pound weight limit and is supported by our RESPAWN by OFM Limited Lifetime guarantee.

respawn 110 gaming chair review

Best Budget Respawn Gaming Chair RSP s110 Review

Specification of Respawn Gaming Chair RSP s110

You’re a gamer first, you shouldn’t need to spend the expense of an ultra wide screen to get an ergonomic gaming chair. The RESPAWN 110 conveys solace and cost reserve funds in a single bundle.

  • Racecar-style gaming chair gives extravagance and solace
  • Great for exceptional gaming sessions or long workdays
  • Segmented cushioned intended to give profoundly formed help when and where you need it most
  • Ergonomic chair is outfitted with extendable ottoman for position support
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar help cushions
  • Padded armrests give all-around comfort
  • 4D flexibility
  • Find your ideal situation by raising or bringing down your chair
  • Reclines between 90 – 130 degrees
  • Infinite locking positions
  • Soft, cushioned armrests turn with the chair as it leans back
  • Full 360 degrees of swivel revolution empower dynamic development
  • Premium configuration upholstered in pleather in strong, differentiating hues
  • Professional look
  • 275-lb. weight limit concerning dependable use
  • Respawn by OFM Limited Lifetime guarantee
  • Dedicated, all year delegate support

Feature of Respawn Gaming Chair RSP s110

  • GAMIFIED SEATING: A racecar-style gaming chair that gives extravagance and solace, regardless of whether it’s utilized for extreme gaming sessions and moving to the highest point of the leader boards, or long workdays.
  • ERGONOMIC COMFORT: With portioned cushioned intended to give profoundly molded help when and where you need it most, this ergonomic chair is additionally furnished with an extendable hassock for position support. Flexible headrest and lumbar help pads, just as cushioned armrests give all-around comfort.
  • 4D ADJUSTABILITY: Find your ideal situation by raising or bringing down your chair and leaning back between 90 – 155 degrees with tilt pressure change and vast locking positions. Delicate, cushioned armrests rotate with the chair as it leans back. Full 360 degrees of swivel turn empower dynamic development.
  • PREMIUM MAKE: Upholstered in pleather in striking, differentiating hues, however, keeps up an expert look, this gamer chair can likewise be utilized as an office chair. Gaming chair incorporates a 275-pound weight limit with regards to dependable use.
  • WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK: Sit back and loosen up realizing this computer game chair is upheld by the RESPAWN by OFM Limited Lifetime guarantee and devoted, all year delegate support.
  • PROFESSIONAL LOOK: Available in an assortment of present-day shading blends, this Respawn-110 hustling style gaming chair carries an expert look to your space. The splendid differentiating shading plans offer a perfect answer for home office or dormitory use, while the more repressed tones offer a savvy alternative for office use.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Boasting steel tube outline development, this Respawn-110 hustling style gaming chair conveys enduring use. A 275-lb. weight limit gives the quality expected to withstand regular use.

Comfort and Ergonomy of Respawn Gaming Chair RSP s110

  • The Arms move WITH the chair as it leans back!!!
  • VERY agreeable. Medium solidness. astounding help
  • Lumbar backing and headrest.
  • Most bases are starfish unbending, this one overlaps up its legs like a daddy longlegs creepy crawly for delivery. Sweet!
  • Leg rest comes in convenient when laying back sitting in front of the Tv or simply resting.
  • The shape looks un-stationary, similar to the base could find workable pace legs and perambulate like a mirelurk.
  • The back leans back to whatever position you like and you flip the switch to secure it in that position. This might be vertical, level or in the middle.
  • The armrest is obviously better than the stature flexible around like wet noddles.
  • The air lifter doesn’t hang when plopped down.
  • The pads are a pleasant touch and when utilizing the lower one you would get zero back agony.

Build Quality 

RESPAWN gaming chairs are a minimal effort expansion to your gaming munitions stockpile with a major result in comfort. Whenever you are investing huge lumps of energy in a situated position it turns out to be progressively imperative to focus on the nature of your chair.

Why? Since the situated position, regardless of whether your stance is great, puts a strain on your back and neck muscles and just deteriorates as you slump. RESPAWN gaming chairs center around the ergonomics imperative to gamers. The kinds of highlight modifications and materials utilized factor into the all-out solace of the seat.

RESPAWN gaming chairs are ergonomic. A portion of the common things thought of when you hear the term ergonomic are work areas, chairs, screens, consoles, and your PC mouse. The relationship of these things to one another, for every client, wipes out strain and uneasiness. RESPAWN was made by a furniture organization with 20+ long periods of experience making ergonomically disapproved of furniture.


Has a constrained lifetime guarantee which is ensured forever and RESPAWN offers nonstop client assistance to help settle any issues that may emerge.

  • It additionally accompanies a footstool, which implies you can extend your legs easily without leaving the chair.
  • As a general weight limit of as much as 275 pounds, albeit a few people weighing as much as 300 pounds report that the chair has held up for them and they are altogether getting a charge out of it.
  • The 4D movability empowers the gamer to explore different avenues regarding a wide range points to locate the most ideal position.
  • Made from probably the most elevated evaluation materials in the business, the pleather can endure pretty much anything you need to toss at it.
  • The race vehicle style configuration empowers the gamer mentally to completely submerge in the game condition.
  • Completely customizable backrest, seating position, and armrests that move as the chair lean back so you can locate the ideal position.


  • The armrests can’t be balanced, yet they do move as the chair leans back.
  • It is upholstered with pleather and if not utilized appropriately, the paste can fall off
  • The entire seat can’t be tilted back. Just the seatback leans back.
  • Leather cleaner required to dispose of the solid smell once the chair is unpacked.

FAQ’s about Respawn Gaming Chair RSP s110

Is this Gaming Chair-Available in Different Colors?

This Respawn-110 dashing style gaming chair is accessible in an assortment of shading mixes to coordinate your stylistic layout and individual feeling of style.

Are the wheels plastic or Rubber?

The wheels of the chair are made of PVC, and they do secure.

Do the wheels lock? Would you be able to expel them?

The wheels don’t bolt however you can expel the haggles a lot of stationary skims. The floats keep the chair stationary, keeping the chair from moving around while gaming.

What is the Weight Capacity of this Chair?

With a 275-lb. weight limit, this Respawn-110 gaming chair with footrest conveys solid help.

What are the armrests that range from the floor?

The tallness of the armrest in the chair’s most reduced position is 25.75 inches, and in the full raised position it is 28.75 inches.

What is the seat tallness?

The seat stature ranges from 19.25 inches – 22.50 inches.

Does this Chair Work Well as an Office Chair?

A flexible plan and a lot of implicit solace highlights make this Respawn-110 hustling style chair perfect for use in an office or at home.

Last Verdict

The top features of the Respawn 110 are solace and customizability. As we said while presenting this Respawm 110 gaming chair review, what you need as a genuine gamer is a chair that empowers you to inundate yourself in-game condition for quite a long time. The RESPAWN 110 gaming chair is a superb gaming chair for individuals everything being equal and all sizes.

It has a decent and solid most extreme weight limit of 275 pounds. With all its shading choices and customizable highlights, we are sure you will discover one to accommodate your home’s stylistic layout that will give the required gaming solace you are searching for. There aren’t normally such a large number of RESPAWN 110 gaming chairs accessible for procurement, so we prescribe that you watch out for the stock levels and plan in like manner so you don’t pass up on a brilliant chance.

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