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14 Best Gaming Chairs For Big Guys (2018) Exclusive

12 Best Gaming Chairs For Big Guys in 2018 Reviewed and Rated

F or the tall slightly bigger gamers, finding the right best gaming chairs for big guys can prove challenging. Well, you are not the only one. Most people have found out the hard way that a gaming chair for 400lbs users is that easy. This could mean disaster for your gaming needs. Every gamer, especially the ones who hit it hard requires a comfortable chair.

Besides, an ideal chair goes a long way to ensuring your health among others. Better yet, some chairs come with outstanding features that can transform your gaming experience. From unique audio experience to massage and much more, you can always expect more from some of these chairs.

And to top it all up, you cannot afford to miss the sheer comfort that these chairs have to offer. The only problem is that finding such chairs don’t always come without some toil. Not to worry; we have the solution handy for you.

We sourced the internet for the best picks in town. After checking from endless cheap gaming chair options around, we checked into the leading professional opinions. In our spin around the industry, we looked into some of the leading materials used in building the top heavy duty gaming chair.

As you will find out in this review, there are far more aspects that come to play as well. Then we turned to the users themselves and peeped deep into their reviews to understand their experience.

Overall, we concluded that these chairs had been tried and tested. Well, why take it for our word? Here are the leading such chairs. To find out the top options, keep reading as we guide you through the best picks on the market. However, before stepping right in, make sure to stop by and check out the things you need to look out for in the best gaming chair for tall person.

Best Gaming Chairs For Big Guys COMPARISON TABLE

Factors to consider in heavy duty gaming chair

Shopping for your best gaming chairs might prove challenging. But the real chore is keeping your eyes fixed on several crucial aspects. These factors will go a long way to enhancing your gaming experience.

However, most importantly, you need to get how to choose a gaming chair that can guarantee better health. So, what Gaming chair for 400lbs is right for you? Find out next.

Durability: Just how far your chair can go on the long haul is crucial. Remember, you will need to sit on it, lie in it, brush your back against it and do a lot more, all for hours on end. And as you would expect, the chair is subjected to more strain for the big guys. As such, you need a chair that doesn’t seem to weaken or get out of shape fast.

Performance: This aspect also proves crucial to look into. It could mean the difference between outstanding gaming and a waste of your time. Here, you will need to look into the smoothness, silent operation and most other functions alike.

Comfort: Aha! The support, it comes in quite handy especially if you are gaming for hours on end. The support that any gaming chair has to offer is crucial. To understand how comfortable your chair is, look into several aspects. From the material used to the design of the chair, or any additional features, you need to keep all these under watch.

Quality: You might like to get a good gaming chair on budget. But you cannot afford to miss finding the right bang for your buck. Factor in the value for the price, and you will need to weigh the pros against the cost. But still, look into the performance of every single bit of the best gaming chair.

Health issues: Another thing to consider in selecting the best gaming chair is how it can shape your health. When gaming, your posture is crucial, and poor positions could prove to sever to big gamers. With the chairs blamed on most on neck issues, back pains, wrist issues, and such, careful selection proves essential. As such, you need a gaming chair for big guys with the right materials and perfect ergonomics.

Ease of assembly and use: The construction and use of your Gaming chair for 400lbs should be as easy too. After all, no one wants a gaming chair that takes hours to put together. Worst yet, having a chair that can’t prove easy to use also means it is not the one for you.

Make your choice!

Once you have understood what it takes to find the wide gaming chair for your needs, it’s time to decide. The good news is; you have a whole lot of options for your choice. Well, you can select from the best Gaming chair for big guys. Keep reading!

Vertagear S-Line SL4000 Racing Series Gaming ChairVertgearS-Line SL4000 Gaming Chair

An ideal headrest cushion and lumbar support cushion for additional comfort
The plastic armrests are adjustable in different ways; forward, rotate them or move them backward
A stylish design with ideal contouring of the seating
The chair doesn’t come with speakers for an audio experience
The build is not of much quality

If you are looking for a heavy-duty gaming chair for 400lbs, then this might well be it. But it not only stands out with its exceptional adjustability and comfort but for the many features, it comes with too.

Perhaps the first thing you will come to love about this chair is the high-density padding. These pillows offer ideal contouring for your backrest, ideal for die-hard gamers.

Another thing you will find quite exciting about this chair is the hornet-like design. The contours of the chair not only give it an aesthetic look but also offer an additional comfort too.

Besides, its tilt-tension wheel control design proves crucial too. It helps control the tension of your chair when moving forward and backward alike.

Moreover, the chair reclines to about 150 degrees. This design gives you an almost flat recline position that you can count on for comfort. The base is also broad enough at 14 inches. This construction ensures the chair sufficient balance and stability of the chair.

Despite the lack of the audio experience, this chair fits with the needs of the gaming chair 400 lbs. With the ideal comfort and contouring, you can expect this chair to offer many benefits for users.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 Audio Gaming Chair

An impressive 4.1 audio with inbuilt speakers for full audio immersion
It proves easy to store with its foldable arms
And with the speakers close, you don’t have to tune them up high to hear
You need audio to HDMI converter if you are to use it with a PS4
Might come with numerous wires and the set up could be hard to setup

For every hard gamer, an ideal chair could mean all the difference in comfort and efficiency. You might love it for the four-speaker technology that this speaker comes with, but you haven’t seen it all until you see the numerous features of this chair.

First up is the built-in radio with the wireless receiver. This includes a wireless transmitter that works with RCA outputs to offer you an unprecedented audio experience. Then there’s the high level of compatibility. From PSP Vita to PS2, PS3 and much more, you can use your chair with most other sources.
Besides, the chair comes with remarkable versatility. You can use it to listen to watch TV, listen to music, play video games and relax among many others.

Moreover, it comes with outstanding vibration motors sync. These further include bass tones that enhance a full body experience.

What’s more, the Bluetooth design and side control panel. This gives you control over bass level, the volume, and the input as well as output jacks.

If audio experience is what you are looking for, then this chair is for you. And there’s more that you can enjoy with your chair.

Andaseat Big and Tall Gaming Chair, High Back Computer Office Chair, Large Size Swivel Rocker Tilt E-sports Racing Chair, Backrest and Seat HeightAndaseat Big and Tall Gaming Chair

An ergonomic head, back as well as lumbar support for comfort
The heavy-duty performance with up to 264lbs
The thick sponge also offers high resilience and increased the permeability
The chair might feel like it has too much incline, with a feeling of toppling over on full incline

You can enjoy the double comfort that this best gaming chair for big guys has to offer. The support is not the only thing that this chair has, but much more as well. And it all comes down to its features.

One of the leading features of this chair is the multi-function 360-degree swivel. This offers additional tilt of the chair for easy use.

Besides, the chair comes with an outstanding full recline. With the ability to tilt between 90 and 160 degrees, you can stretch your chair as far as you wish.

It also offers high-security design. Thanks to the integrated metal frame, you can count on this chair for durability and safety. Then there’s the removable headrest pillow as well as the lumbar cushion. These offer additional comfort and support for your essential body sections as the neck and lumbar region.

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair Swivel Black PC Gaming Chair with Lumbar Massage Support and Retractible FootrestFicmax Ergonomic High-Back Chair

The chair features a heavy-duty broad standing base for maximum stability
Besides, the chair is quite capable of taking heavy duty, taking up to 300 pounds
It also comes with thicker foam padding as well as a top-quality PU covering
The metal surfaces might become easily scratched
Its plastic covers might also show signs of scratching

To find a perfect Ficmaz gaming chair, you will need to look for comfort and stylish options. And while this can be a difficult feat, the backrest support comes in handy. However, the numerous features that this chair comes with are what make it stand out.

The chair features large-size seat cushions. These offer a full chair back to give you utmost comfort.Besides, the chair comes with multiple angles. You can make the most out of 90 degrees, giving you options to enjoy the comfort of your chair. The chair further features 50 to 53-inch swivel. This design offers the opportunity to tune your chair to your preferred tilt. Another marvel of this chair is the USB lumbar massager. This effectively reduces any possible back fatigue even when you sit for long hours.

HAPPYGAME Racing Style Gaming Chair - Adjustable Tilt, Swivel and 2-D Arms Ergonomic High-back Leather Executive Computer Office Chair with Lumbar SupportHAPPYGAME Big and tall 400lb Gaming Chair

An integrated metal frame offers the much-needed support
Its smooth rolling casters provide a stable structure too
For better support, the wheels are lockable
The wheels are not the top quality, as you would expect in this high-quality chair
It might start squeaking after several days of use

If you are shopping for a durable and heavy duty gaming chair 350 lbs, then this one is for you. Not only does it boast outstanding adjustability in virtually any part, but also comes with numerous other impressive features alike.

One of the outstanding things is the ergonomic design racing style. This not only gives the chair an aesthetic look but goes a long way to enhance its comfort too.

Then the adjustability on virtually any part comes in handy too. This way, you can set any piece to fit your needs perfectly, from height to the type of your body.

Another thing that stands out is the padded headrest and lumber cushioning. This feature means the chair has your lumbar and the neck regions well supported.

Besides, you cannot afford to miss the heavy-duty leather material that this chair features too. This not only offers remarkable comfort but also delivers unparalleled durability. Regardless of the few downsides, this chair proves to be one of the gaming chair 400 lbs options on the market.

OPSEAT Master Series 2018 PC Gaming Chair Racing Seat Computer Gaming Desk Office Chair - Yellow
OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair

Adjustable height
Up to 12-degree tilt
4D armrests
One of the legs might become twisted
The chair might feel like it tilts far forward

When it comes to delivering ultimate comfort, this gaming chair for 400lbs never disappoints. And while you might count on its ergonomic design for this performance, the other features it comes with will blow you away.

First, it has up to 100% metal frame. This material gives you maximum support for stability and durability.

Besides, the heavy-duty base proves reliable too. With the ability to support up to 300lbs, you can count on this feature for quite a performance. Moreover, it comes with quality construction. The soft PU leather and top-quality stitching offer exceptional comfort that you can only find in luxury cars.

Most importantly, the breathable perforated leather is one thing you can’t overlook. This feature offers remarkable comfort and ease of use too. Well, this heavy duty gaming chair might have a fair share of side downs, but it comes with numerous benefits.

Anda Seat Viper Series Executive PVC Leather Gaming Chair,Large Size High-back Recliner Office Racing Chair

Anda Seat Viper Series Executive

Made of top quality material, with PVC leather and thick sponge
Explosion-proof gas spring for comfortable suspension
Lumbar support pillow for additional comfort
The load capacity is quite low at 330lbs

This chair is made for the big guys and has all it takes to get you covered. From the large size to the ideal frame for taking on heavy-duty performance, you can count on it for almost anything. And that’s not all yet, its array of features has yet another story to tell.

Among the leading features of this chair is the 360-degree swivel. This design offers the ease you need to reach virtually anything around you right for your gaming chair.

Then there’s the high-back design. This offers the chair’s unparalleled double comfort that proves essential for gamers who gun it for long hours.

Another impressive thing about it is the full recline with up to 90 to 160 degrees. You can thus set you recline where you want it without having to struggle to get the best out of it.

Moreover, the adjustable height feature comes in handy too. With this design on board, you can always set your chair to your preferred height to fit your needs.

You cannot afford to miss the integrated metal frame too. If you want a chair that can offer outstanding high-security performance, then this is the one.

On the bottom line, this chair promises to offer an unsurpassed cozy and stable support. If you are looking for a gaming chair for big guys, then this can be a great option to try.

DXRacer Tank Series DOH TS29 NB

DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB

Breathable polyurethane material
Cushion pads for support and comfort
Metal frame for solid support, up to 450 pounds
You might have to dig deeper into your pocket.

If you are setting out to bring comfort into your gaming room, DXRacer will get you there. It not only has everything necessary support, but also comes with a collection of aspects that put it right above the rest.

The first thing you’ll notice is the 4D arms. They offer the much-needed support for your shoulders and wrists. In terms of support, this chair takes care of more than just your shoulders and wrists. It also features an ideal, extra high backrest. This can be very crucial for both your spine and neck, which minimizes pain in those crucial body parts. It’s not called big and tall gaming chair for nothing, it has a whole lot to offer.

A reclining back also brings yet another much welcome addition to the collection of this chair’s impressive features. It will definitely be handy if you want to lie back and lazy around. But it is also crucial for comfort.

Above all, there’s the adjustable height. This works magic for virtually everyone. Even for the shorter guys, lowering it a bit to get to your size doesn’t hurt either.

Its footrests are something worth every bit as well. Alongside, it also comes with a flat base that offers an ideal platform for positioning your feet.

Although this chair will cost you pretty penny, the quality it offers is worth it. In wide and tall gaming chairs, you get what you pay for.

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back PU Leather Office Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style High

Supports up to 300lbs
Resilient to elasticity
Skin friendly, wear-resistant Pu leather
Quite wobbly sometimes
The possibility of joints breaking off

Coming in second is the Homall, also, with its fair share of exciting features. This ergonomic and executive chair packs in an extensive range of aspects that make it not only heavy duty but also durable.

First off, it is made of polyurethane. Both comfortable and durable, this material doesn’t differ significantly from leather. It has all that counts to serve you for the long haul.

It also packs in a solid base, as well as rolling wheels. Besides the fact that the wheels are quiet enough, they offer outstanding control. They are sure to take you around the room on your chair.

You can’t afford to miss the back and neck pillows too. You can always adjust these ones as you wish, according to your desired comfort and support. Even if it means removing it completely, you can still do that too.

A multi-function performance with up to 360-degrees, giving you all the flexibility you need. Not forgetting, its wheels are multi-directional too, so moving it around doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Overall, this chair proves to be a great pick for anyone seeking to get the best of both worlds. Despite the sturdy, durable construction, it doesn’t compromise the comfort.

GTRACING Gaming Racing Chair

GTRACING Gaming Racing Chair

A snap to install
Durable material and construction
Removable headrest and lumbar pillows
The wheels can break easily
Quite uncomfortable fins on the seat

Things are heating up, and with GTRACING on the list, you know it’s going to get even more interesting. This particular one rightfully managed to secure itself a place on this list, let’s see if it has anything to show for it.

To get started, the metal frame is something worth noting right off the bat. It not only offers you unrelenting support but also proves essential for durability.

Then there’s the leather material cover. This one is not only comfortable but also super easy to clean. Want to keep your chair clean at all times? Here comes your best option for a comfortable, ever-clean chair.

A 5-point base comes with robust casters for smooth rolling. Not forgetting, you can also incline it as you wish, thanks to its back and forth rocking capability. For the swivel, you can turn it all around to 360-degrees.

You don’t have to deal with neck and back pain that is well taken care of too. Thanks to an adjustable 90 degree to 170-degree backrest, you can set it as you want.

Looking for a wide gaming chair? Then you’ve got to try this one. With a wide sitting area and a tall back, it brings a whole new meaning to cozy.

Despite its fair share of downsides, this chair still ranks highly among the best big and tall gaming chair types. You can expect to get the value you pay for. We would recommend checking it out.

KILLABEE Big and Tall 440lb Memory Foam Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall 440lb Memory Foam Gaming Chair

Heavy-duty, high-quality material
Up to 360-degree swivel
Can support up to 44lbs
Arms can easily slip off the armrests
Difficult installation

Want a big and tall gaming chair? Well, KILLABEE has something worth checking. It has an array of aspects that you’ll find handy, and the construction is as exciting too.

The unique body-hugging design is one of the features that can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. This chair gives you a reason to game on.

Besides, it’s ergonomic enough to keep your muscles at ease. The high adjustability and super comfort offer an unbeatable sitting position depending on your needs.

Thanks to a 60-degree swivel and 4D adjustment, it proves versatile enough to cater to people of different sizes. What’s more, it also comes with top-end gel foam cushioning for additional comfort and support.

Then there’s the construction. Built for heavy-duty use, this chair is one of the most robust types on the market. This boils down to the material, which includes fabric and memory foam, leather and metal frame. Moreover, it includes an explosion-proof gas spring, so comfort doesn’t come at the expense of your safety.

Regardless of the few downsides, we can’t deny that it has a lot for virtually any gamer out there. If you want an option that can take a bit of heavy lifting, then this one could be worth a hard look.

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair

USB electric massager
Adjustable height and reclining functionality
Top quality materials for sturdy and durable service.
Can start squeaking after months of use
Seat too narrow for some users

The KILLABEE gaming chair 350lbs wraps up our top heavy-duty gaming chairs list. And even if it comes in last, that doesn’t mean it is the least. It comes with a range of features that makes it one of the tops picks for any serious gamer.

Let’s get started with the comfort bit, where this chair packs in memory foam padding. This offers a much-necessary support and stability for core body parts. Better yet, these are both fade resistant, and cleaning them is a breeze.

Then there’s the security aspect, which involves a highly robust metal frame and explosion-proof gas spring. Built for heavy-duty gaming, they ensure you don’t trade in your safety.

The other aspects to fall for include an adjustable headrest as well as a lumbar cushion with massage capabilities. For ultimate back support, these aspects ensure you never have to struggle.

Its footrest also has something exciting to offer. First off, it’s retractable, so you can keep it out of the way when you are not using it. Then comes its 2D arms, supporting your arms and offering unprecedented comfort.

Final verdict

With any gaming chair for significant guy’s options, you can always do more when it comes to gaming. It all goes a long way when you have a chair that can guarantee comfort and safety of your health alike. Above all, finding a chair that offers the bang for the buck always remains to withstand.

The good thing is, you need not look further, and any of these chairs has something to offer that you can turn to. All you need do is select a gaming chair for 400lbs that suits your preference or needs. It is all a matter of what works best for you. The choice is all yours; gaming can’t be more fun than when you have the best gaming chair!

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