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If you’re a full-time gamer and you take your hobby seriously, you’re probably always looking for cooler and newer gaming headsets on the market.

One brand that specializes in gaming headsets is Astro Gaming. And one of their most popular products is Astro Gaming A50 wireless gaming headset.

They recently released the latest generation of this headset and today, I will review it to help passionate gamers decide if it’s worth the investment or not.

Many people question the quality of this headset. It costs $300 and tops the lists of the best headsets on the market. Is it really the best? Let’s find out together.

Hopefully, my Astro Gaming A50 Wireless gaming headset review can help you determine if this headset is right for you or not.


At first glance, Astro Gaming A50 wireless is bulky and huge. However, it still manages to be comfortable and delivers excellent audio power like no other headset on the market.

Every part of this headset is covered in foam-like soft cloth including the underside of the headband and earpieces. This is important for gamers who wear their headphones for hours.

I also noticed that this headset is heavy on the head but thanks to the gentle parts such as earpieces and headband, they’re still comfortable and easy to wear.

I almost forgot that I was wearing them while watching the last episode of Power not that long ago. You would have to wear this headset for long hours for it to become tiring.

They also fit perfectly unlike most of the headphones I have tested over the years. Yes, they might feel a bit weak if you recently used tighter headphones.

However, you will get used to them in no time.

The mic is also great. You will get a durable microphone. The feature I like about this microphone is that you can mute it and lock it in place by pointing it straight.

It’s convenient and neat but needs improvements. I personally appreciate a detachable microphone. I’m also a music lover so listening to music in public is impossible.

Setup and interface

I personally like that this headset can work with different gadgets perfectly.

As long as your toy has an optical port, this headset will work with it right away. Without an optical port, it can work with gadgets like MacBook by using a regular 1/8th-inch speaker cable.

Once you have everything plugged, connecting is effortless.

The Astro Gaming A50 wireless comes with a quick start guide. You can learn how to sync your headset with Xbox 360S, PC or PlayStation 3.

For most setups, the A50 uses optical and USB ports. Once you plug it into the ports, syncing is made by pushing a button on the transmitter and then your headset.

When switching between many consoles, all the unplugging and plugging can get irritating. The interface is simple. You can control the volume by scrolling a wheel on the right earpiece.

Audio quality and battery life

One of Astro Gaming A50 wireless headset’s strongest features is the sound quality. It’s strong enough to justify its high price. This headset delivers an all-around stellar sound.

It has impressive localization that will boost your games and take your gaming journey to the next level. It also provides great bass and power without any dropouts. 

However, what I like most about this headset is the 7.1 speaker setup. It’s perfect for watching movies in your home. This makes A50 one of the cheapest advanced headsets.

Gaming headsets can cost over $300 and still lack some of the features that this headset has to offer. It’s also important to mention the battery life of these gaming headphones.

They offer 12 hours per single charge. However, some users claim that sometimes they last only half the time advertised. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with this headset.

I contacted the company to ask about this issue and they gave me a reasonable explanation.

Apparently, different devices affect your headphones differently. Some devices drain the battery faster than others.

Wireless signal and stand

The A50 is a 5.8GHz device which makes it one of the greatest headsets in terms of signal reliability. This headset has a 35 feet Bluetooth range.

If your room is bigger than that, you should definitely purchase this headset. You will never experience a signal interruption despite the dimensions of the room and other wireless devices nearby.

I didn’t. In fact, I had to experiment with 2 walls between the receiver and my Astro Gaming A50 before the connection got slightly interrupted.

Another great feature that you will absolutely love about this headset is the stand. It comes with a plastic stand that the headphones hang from.

The stand requires easy assemblance. However, you have it ready in just moments. The stand is not that fancy but makes a useful accessory.


The Astro Gaming A50 is not budget-friendly. However, for the price, you will get everything you would expect from a high-quality, expensive gaming headset.

The headset provides high-quality sound, easy setup and interface, good battery life, and an impressive connection without any dropouts, and other excellent features.

Overall, this headset makes a reliable, stylish but costly buddy that will boost your gaming experience. You will get the headphones and the stand along with USB and optical cables.

The Astro Gaming A50 wireless comes with a quick start guide. You can learn how to sync your headset with Xbox 360S, PC or PlayStation 3.

The headset is made of matte durable plastic. The part that joins the earcups to the headband is created of aluminum which makes the headset comfortable and lightweight.

However, don’t allow the plastic construction to fool you into believing the headphones feel cheap. On the contrary, they feel sturdy and durable. The stand is also made of plastic.

It’s used to transmit the wireless signal and charge your Astro Gaming A50 wireless headset. Hopefully, my Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Gaming Headset review can help you make the right choice.

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