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Without a right-fitting headset, it could be challenging to get that gaming ease and immersion you seek. Several headsets are out there. But not all of these headphones fit gamers with big heads. Selecting top gaming headsets for big heads is what you need!

To get quality sound from a big-head headset, you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled.

And that’s not all!

Aside from getting a collection of top headphones, more relevant facts are necessary. Access to essential info on these headphones makes getting an excellent choice more natural.

So, if you’re keen on getting quality headphones, this piece has all you need. There’ll be no need to search for answers through headphones for big heads Reddit forums anymore. All the facts sure to gear you towards an excellent choice are within reach.

Select the Xbox or cheap ps4 headset best suited to your needs. And at the amazing price these headsets sell for, it won’t be surprising to get multiple orders without hassle!

Best Editor Pick

Best Editor Pick:

HyperX Cloud Alpha S 

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S comes with 7.1 surround sound for enhanced audio boost and improved ambiance.

Also, the padded aluminum frame on this over-ear headphone makes it a perfect fit for several head sizes.

And when you’ve got to communicate in-game, the noise-canceling mic on this headset guarantees maxed-out connectivity.

Multi-tasking gamers will also find the game-chat balancing feature on this headphone an outstanding spec. Making the most from hands-free calls and immersive games has never been so easy.

Excellent audio boost is sure from the bass to adjust sliders featured on this over-ear headset. There’s a lot more it’s got on offer, and you get the full package at an amazing price!

Top Eight Gaming Headsets for Big Heads

HyperX Cloud Alpha S – Best for Gaming and Calls

Gaming Headsets for Big HeadsIf you’re keen on unbridled immersion and audio boost from the best gaming headsets for big heads, check this out. And the adjustability on this headset ensures it’ll fit several head sizes without hassle.

The 7.1 surround sound on this headphone secures outstanding bass and treble boost for increased audibility. Several gaming scenes get excellent rendering from this addition.

Also, it comes with dual-chamber 50mm drivers for increased audio support. Getting extra-rich sounds to your ears has never been so easy.

When you’ve got to get more game time, the breathable leatherette on this headset guarantees superb airflow.

And it also comes with a durable aluminum frame to guarantee enhanced adjustability and longevity.

Communicating in-game has never been so easy.

A noise-canceling mic features on this headset for excellent voice support with minimal interference.

There’s an excellent set of specs on this gaming headset that guarantees significant immersion potential. Everything you need for an outstanding gaming experience is within your reach.


  • Padded headband

  • The noise-canceling mic is detachable for custom listening ease

  • Bass boost headset

  • Wide frequency response range

  • Memory foam earcups aid a comfortable listening experience

  • Virtual surround audio supports ambient sounds


  • The mic may not work in some defective choices

  • The flexible headband may not fit some wearers

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 – Best Battery-Powered Headset

Gaming Headsets for Big HeadsIf you’re looking for a battery-powered headset, this is where your search needs to kick-off! A massive collection of features ensures you get the audio support your gaming needs.

The 40hr playtime from this headset ensures you get the unbridled immersion that’s been elusive.

And with a 3.5mm jack, you’re sure of an exceptional linkup with devices for increased audio support.

Bluetooth 5.0 on this headset fosters brilliant wireless connectivity with increased comfort.  The 49.2ft operating range also makes sure you get audio from your connected devices without interference.

Also, two 40mm drivers boost audio support to your ears without hassle.

Noise-canceling foam features on this headset to assure increased shut out and focused sound quality.

And the voice pickup enhancement also makes this headset second to none for a massive sound boost.

USB charging makes getting this headset functional a sure breeze.

Lovers of thick sounds will also fancy this headset’s Bass-Up Tech feature for richer audio quality.

Aside from its non-breathable cup support, this over ear headphones for big heads packs a punch when it comes to brilliant audio enhancement. It’s also one of the less-expensive options you can rely on for maximum gaming ease.


  • Comfortable headband

  • High impedance range

  • Full-range drivers for ambient audio supply

  • Wide frequency response range

  • Massive Bluetooth linkup distance

  • 95dB volume sensitivity


  • No charge-listen compatibility

  • There’s no support for breathable earcups

SteelSeries Arctis 3 – Top Gaming Headset for Several Consoles

Gaming Headsets for Big HeadsGetting the right headset of big heads is more comfortable with what this unit provides. An excellent set of features ensure you get the immersion from several gaming titles and maximum entertainment.

A 3.5mm jack on this gaming headset makes sure you get an easier linkup to several devices.

48dB mic sensitivity also assures an outstanding spec for improved voice clarity. And with the massive 20 – 22000Hz frequency response range this unit assures, you’re sure of eventful audio experiences without hassle.

The 98dB headphone sensitivity improves audio enhancement across several bands. With its 2200ohm mic and 32ohm headphone impedance, excellent immersion is sure every time!

Gaming enthusiasts with an urgent need for expandable headbands will find this headset handy. It also comes with a sturdy polymer casing that guarantees longevity and more value for money.

With an excellent spec sheet on this gaming headset, it becomes a lot easier to get an outstanding audio boost.


  • Supports durable drivers for better audio quality

  • Wide response range for excellent sound neatness

  • High headphone sensitivity enhances audio boost

  • Durable polymer casing

  • Detachable 3.5mm wire for continued sound enhancement

  • Headband is expandable to suit several head sizes


  • Surround sound may malfunction in some defective options

  • Set up may be tricky for first-time users

Razer Kraken Tournament – Top Remote-Controlled Headset

Gaming Headsets for Big HeadsExceptional audio quality has never been so cheap to come across. With an outstanding collection of features and enhanced durability, this headset is what your gaming needs.

50mm drivers on this headset guarantee enhanced immersion and massive sound boost. Also, the USB connector on this headset improves connectivity without hassle.

Analog volume controls boost setup and customization ease. And with the inline remote controls, brilliant immersion isn’t tricky to achieve.

Gel-infused cushions support excellent long-hour gaming without discomfort and the noise-canceling mic boosts sound clarity.

Gamers also get an exciting operation boost with the built-in mute switch this headset features.

Obtaining maxed-out listening ease is more comfortable with this gaming headset. Its impressive feature collection assures an immersive, less-hassling gaming experience every time!


  • Features a retractable mic for easier operation

  • Omnidirectional sound support

  • Game-chat balance

  • Comprehensive audio control system

  • Supports a USB connector for power linkup

  • Cushions are more comfortable for long-hour gaming


  • A bit weighty than other choices

  • Pricier

EKSA 7.1 USB Gaming Headset – Budget PS4 Gaming Headset for Surround Sound

Aside from having top-rated drivers in headsets, this budget option comes with an excellent set of massive specs. Achieving that long-awaited immersion becomes more natural than you ever imagined!

With a duo of 50mm magnetic neodymium drivers, this headset assures an immense sound boost for massive immersion.

The 7.22ft cable on this headset also ensures a greater connection potential to several devices. Also, an impressive 20 – 20000Hz response range promotes immense clarity across several intensities.

And the 120º noise-canceling mic ensures increased voice clarity without hassle.

A noise-canceling mic features on this gaming headset to assure significant sound quality and limited interference.

And the RGB LED light promotes an ambient experience for several gaming environments.

The single-touch volume control is truly exceptional and guarantees massive operating comfort. Also, quality protein foam muffs on this headset make long-hour gaming a lot more comfortable.

Storage ease gets a further boost with the carrying pouch featured on this headphone.

If you’ve got extra cash to spare, this gaming headset is an exceptional choice you’ve got to consider. And with its excellent adjustability, several big heads are sure of a perfect, hassle-free fit!


  • Surround sound increases ambient audio quality

  • Long USB cable enhances immersion and long-hour gaming

  • Wide driver diameter for the significant sound boost


  • Expensive

  • Earcups aren’t omnidirectional

HyperX Cloud II – Top-Rated Adjustable Gaming Headset with Detachable Mic

Outstanding adjustability isn’t tricky to achieve with everything from this headset. And with its massive drivers and much more, getting an excellent sound boost becomes more natural than ever before!

Two 53mm drivers ensure wearers get the required sound boost for an excellent gaming experience.

7.1 surround sound also enhances band quality on this headphone for immersive clarity.

A massive 15 – 25000Hz response range on this unit also guarantees better clarity and audibility through several channels.

A durable aluminum frame features on this earset to boost longevity and adjustability ease.

Memory foam and leatherette earcups also ensure you get the most comfortable listening experience every time!

A detachable mic on this piece also boosts calling ease. And with the closed earcup design, you’ll get a full audio experience without hassle.

A padded headband and noise-canceling build also guarantee enhanced operating ease.

Exceptional sound support is sure with what this gaming headset provides. Making the most from gaming sessions has never been so easy!


  • Noise-canceling mic is detachable

  • Supports enhanced surround sound

  • Wide response range for significant audio quality

  • Universal compatibility


  • Pricey

  • Shorts may occur close to the jack

NUBWO Gaming Headsets – Premium Multi-Console/PC Headset

The exceptional compatibility of this headset to several devices makes it a brilliant choice for multi-platform gaming.

2 X 50mm drivers on this headset guarantee immense operating comfort and a better sound boost. Also, a 3.5mm jack on this piece along with an immense inline audio control spikes usage ease.

Leatherette earcups ensure outstanding, long-hour support for several gaming sessions. Getting more immersion has never been so comfortable.

Also, the noise-canceling microphone also assures significant support for maximum clarity in-game.

Universal compatibility is sure from this headset. If you can get past its non-support for Xbox One without an adapter, it’s excellent for massive sound boost.


  • Universal compatibility

  • Supports soft leather cups for excellent immersion and long-hour gaming

  • Comes with wide drivers for enhances audio boost

  • Has a 3.5mm jack for an increased linkup with several devices


  • Audio boost may not be massive enough for some users

  • Requires an adapter for excellent functioning on Xbox One

RUNMUS Gaming Headset – Top-Rated, Low-Price Gaming Headset

If you’re on a tight budget, this gaming headset is a top choice you’ve got to consider. All its excellent features make sure you get outstanding immersion for an amazing price!

An outstanding 3.5mm plug makes the most of your headset’s connectivity potential. And with the dual 50mm neodymium drivers, you’re sure of increased immersion without the hassle.

Also, a 160º noise-canceling microphone makes getting your voice across a lot more comfortable. Lovers of massive audio boost also get the most from this unit’s 105dB volume sensitivity.

RGB LED lights on this headset create an engaging experience sure to envelope many gamers. And with its all-directional voice pickup, a smoother voice control becomes easier to manage.

There’s a lot from this over-ear headphone, and it comes with an excellent price sure to wow you.

Securing an excellent, immersive experience has never been so easy. With its all-direction audio pickup and lots more, this cheap gaming headset offers top-class entertainment.


  • Budget price

  • Over-ear cups are easier to fit on several heads

  • Twelve-month warranty

  • Omnidirectional voice pickup


  • Needs an adapter to function on Xbox One console

  • RGB lights won’t function without a USB connection

How to Buy Gaming Headset

Check out specs

Consider the spec sheet of your preferred gaming headset before making your final decision. Take a closer look at the earcups quality, driver dimension, microphone, and lots more.

Comparing essential facts on these features ensures you get the headset tailored to your needs.

Confirm quality

Bad batches could ruin an excellent headset. That’s why you’ve got to take a close look at comments from recent buyers. Customer reviews will tell how durable and consistent your preferred headset will be. And you’ll go into the investment with greater confidence than usual.

Consider the budget

Gaming headsets come in a vast range of prices. Take a close look at the headsets within your budget before opting to place an order.

Gaming Headset vs Headphones

Dynamic audio support

Several sounds feature in many gaming titles. With these in mind, gaming headset makers focus on a dynamic design for significant immersion. The volume sensitivity and other built-in features on best wireless headphones for big heads are of premium quality.

Noise-canceling potential

Unlike a few headphones were a select few feature noise-canceling functions, best headphones for big heads offer the full package. Numerous external sounds get shut out with the immense quality these sets have to offer.


What headsets do pro gamers use in 2020?

  • Anker Soundcore Life Q20 – Long battery life
  • EKSA 7.1 USB Gaming Headset – Cheapest for significant surround sound
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha S – Enhanced support for gaming and calls
  • HyperX Cloud II – Adjustable with a detachable microphone
  • NUBWO Gaming Headsets – Works on many PCs and consoles
  • Razer Kraken Tournament – Excellent operation ease
  • RUNMUS Gaming Headset – Pocket-friendly price
  • SteelSeries Arctis 3 – Compatible with many consoles

What is the best gaming headset under 100?

  • Anker Soundcore Life Q20
  • Razer Kraken Tournament
  • EKSA 7.1 USB Gaming Headset
  • HyperX Cloud II

What is the most durable gaming headset?

  • HyperX Cloud Alpha S
  • Razer Kraken Tournament
  • NUBWO Gaming Headsets


Getting top-rated gaming headsets for big heads has never been so easy. With all the essential details and top-class options, there’s nothing stopping you from attaining exceptional immersion!

And several of these options come at amazing prices sure to fit your budget without hassle!

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