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So are you a die hearted game lover? Do you spend long hours playing games on your ps4 or Xbox? If you want to go deeper to the game then a good gaming headset can be your best weapon. But it’s kind of complicated to pick the right headset according to your comfort. So we have listed all the top best ps4 headset under 50 according to your needs. The best thing is this is all balanced headset to create a good gaming momentum as well. For becoming a good online gamer you need to have the best gaming setups. Best gaming Headset is also an important part of your gaming setup.

You may easily think that why gaming headset? Why not choosing headphones? Yes, this question coming to your head is quite logical. The main difference is the output of both devices. You can’t hear loudspeaker voice in a headphone. Cause it has it’s own barrier.

But in Headset it can easily blow your ears. Another great difference is the microphone of the headset. Which is another support for game lovers? Hence only one way to find out the greatness of having the best gaming headset in your collection. We will give you all the information that is important for the users. So we are starting with –

Knowing what people want and the need for the best headset we have reviewed the best ones for you. Our experts have played more than 100 hours to know the quality of these headsets. But sadly it’s not possible to pick all the best headset in a single review. We are not saying that this is the only great headset for the ultimate gaming experience. But yes, you can easily count on this specific model.

Each of them has their specialty. Besides this, we have picked some of the top PS4 gamers to get their gaming experience while using this headset. If you are up for the best headset for ps4 then here is a stop for you. To give you the best budget gaming headset ps4 we have checked the verified customer reviews and picked the best one for you.

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A Quick look on Top 3 Playstation Headset

After reviewing over 137 gaming headset we learned that every headset is different its features and capability. Some have great sound quality some have awesome durability. On the other hand, some can’t give you good noise cancellation support. And the most important thing is comfort. Some of the headsets have long hour support for you. So here is our top 3 headset which is reliable for a long year use.

First is Logitech G430 headset. This is one of the best models of Logitech so far in these price ranges. We all know Logitech gives the best accessories to gamers. So you can easily count on them.

Next is the SADES SA-807 ps4 headset with a mic. This model is best for casual gamers and comes with a highly sensitive microphone feature. Besides this, it’s comfortable enough for long time use.

And finally, Recon 50P is the ultimate pick in the list. It’s lightweight and comfortable with multi-platform support. It gives overall balanced support to a gamer. The noise cancellation sensor works properly for the intense gaming moment. Sound quality gives great support in action games. So what do you need more than these?

We have listed these three models according to the buyer’s need and reviews. But yes, everyone has their own choice of opinion and taste. So for more options to pick the right headset, you need to go through our review properly.

So let get started –

Top 10 Best Ps4 Headset Under 50

Logitech G430 7.1 DTS Headphone

Longer cable support
Surrounding Sound capability
Sturdy structure and colorful ear pads
Customizable Mic positioning & easy to flip down
The mic is Comfortable with Cozy pads to support
The software has some bug issues.
Noise cancellation mode troubles some time
Mute Button and volume adjustment button is way too far Down

The G430 is one of the very few models where you will get the best gaming experience. Besides this, it’s one of the best budget gaming headsets for ps4 in the market. If you are a hardcore gamer and sits in front of the monitor for hours than you can definitely choose this one.

The smart ear padding gives a very flexible comfort for the gamers. Moreover, you will not feel any kind of pressure in your ear while wearing this headset. Which is a major demand for most of the buyers? Another awesome feature is the swiveling ear cups. This feature makes it different from many other headsets in the market. The sound quality of this headset is amazing. The quality of the microphone is another best part of this headset.

I will not say much about the material. But I think there some lacking in choosing the material of this headset. They could make it better. Another thing I have to add that if you want to get the best experience using this product you have to download Logitech software. They have some specific software for better sound quality. So don’t forget to download and install them on your desktop or laptop. The best part of this headset is decent sound quality. Even if you are playing games like RB or Counter-Strike. You can hear the footsteps.


CORSAIR HS50 - Stereo Gaming Headset

CORSAIR HS50  Stereo Gaming Headset

Affordable price range
Mic has On/Off buttons
Strong metal frame for more durability
Detachable microphone in case you don’t need it
Unidirectional noise reduction gives clear sound in gaming
Non-removable ear pads
Ear cups are not fully soundproof
You can’t Rotate the mic to fold it
Sometimes people face problem while using it in Xbox

Now we are going to talk about a premium built quality headset for real-time gamers. Corsair HS50 is one of the best multi-platform compatible headsets in this list. You can use this for Xbox, Desktop, PS4, and Nintendo and for mobile devices as well.

Another thing is the controlling of this headset. You can easily access the volume level and mute button beside your ears. So here’s the catch, first, you are getting the high-quality sound out from this headset. Second, if you are tensed regarding its comfort quality then don’t worry it will not let you down. And they are also providing a certified microphone and audio drivers to their clients.

After getting reviews from many gamers we can say that it can easily become the best headset for the call of duty PS4 Users. Another thing that we like is the reviews of their customers. They have mentioned that its best for durability and longtime users. Last is the quality of the cord is also very strong and durable.

And you will also enjoy noise reduction unidirectional microphone service. Which is really helpful for online gamers.One thing that I didn’t like that No sidetone feature available and Sometimes people face problem while using it in Xbox.


SADES SA-807d Multi-Platform New Xbox one PS4 Gaming Headset

SADES SA-807d Multi-Platform New Xbox one PS4 Gaming Headset

Inline Mute Option
Great voice Quality
Clear Sound Quality
Noise isolation quality is good enough
Super Durable and flexible for long hour use
Sometimes mic don’t stay in a static position
You can’t adjust the headband for too small size
Typically sometimes you will get echo sound from the mic

SADES SA-807 is an affordable great PlayStation headset in the market. And you will find incredible color scheme here. It also comes with the best budget price range in this specification. If you are a casual gamer and looking for a great gaming headset for your Ps4, Xbox or PC then you’re searching is over.

The durability, strength, and performance are up to the mark of this headset. You can easily twist and bend this headset without cracking it. Its super flexible body structure gives great comfort to gamers. For Budget gamers, it’s a great choice to go with.

What we didn’t like is, you will get a very high sensitive microphone which can be hard to control. As it detects many other background noises. But in this model, they have used neodymium magnetic speakers for crystal clear sound, which is good for any other device you will find. This headset supports multiple platforms like Xbox.PS4, Nintendo As well.


ECOOPRO Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One, PC

 ECOOPRO Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One, PC

Solid Built-in Quality
Comes with 6-month warranty
Good amount of noise cancellation
Ear Pads are not fully soundproof
A USB cable is needed to power the LED

Ecoopro Stereo is a high-grade ps4 headset with microphone. You can also name it high precision gaming headset for it’s better quality and soft design. This product is best for the low budget gamers. Using this headset you will enter the real world of gaming atmosphere. The sound of its speaker will take you to another world of gaming.

The noise reduction mic reduces all the unnecessary background noise and gives the best output at the other end. The volume and mute button are close enough to support you while playing intensive games. You can quickly adjust the volume and if you want you can also mute the sound instantly.

Another great feature is it supports in multiple platforms. Like PS4, Xbox, PC, Laptop etc. It comes with an ergonomic cool design as well as a professional look for the gamers. It also works in both 32 bit and 64-bit operating system.

Micolindun Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Mic Stereo

Micolindun Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Mic Stereo Surround

Flexible 7 clear microphone
Good bass effect and clear sound
Comes with multiple plug and accessories
Fits Perfectly on the head & best for a long hour use
You can’t take off the mic from the headset
Less noise cancellation if there is too much noise in the background
It’s a too large and heavy body for long hour gaming but still, it’s quite strong enough for long-lasting use

Micolindun V3 gaming headset gives excellent compatibility with the best gaming sound experience. The design of this headset is fully ergonomic for the gamers. The Unique Led light gives it a fancy gaming look for the gamers. Moreover, its lightweight body, soft ear foam cushion, and great loudspeaker make it unique in our list. The in-line volume adjustment button and one press mute button for the mic can be helpful for anyone. You can also adjust the mic according to your suitable position.

The omnidirectional body is a great relief for long term use. Again if you’re a pro online gamer then you will be needing a noise cancellation mic. Micolindun didn’t disappoint us with that either. Supports all the major platforms like PS4, XBOX, PSP, Mobile devices, IPad and Nintendo as well. It comes with 4 pins 3.5 mm jack and a USB cable. You need to use the USB cable only for the LED light

WILLNORN K2 Gaming Headset with Mic Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones

WILLNORN K2 Gaming Headset with Mic Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones

Flexible mic structure
Static sound performance
Soft headband reduces head pain
Loud sound and strong bass support
No feedback or reverb of mic sound
Decent for non-professional gamers
Sometimes Noise reduction is not satisfying
To power the led you need to use USB cables

The Willnorn K2 is a high precision gaming headset, giving you 50mm magnetic driver for the best sound quality you have ever had. The strong bass will take you to a different gaming environment. Another thing is, Sensitivity & precision capability of the drivers are more to give you. If you are concerned about the comfort level of this headset than I will be happy to let you know that the headband of this headset gives extra comfort to the gamers.

Next is the ear cups, it’s also an important element for a good headset. If the ear cups are not comfortable enough then you won’t be able to use them for long hours. The fantastic multi-device compatibility is another great feature of this headset.

So now you can use this headset with Xbox, PC, Nintendo, Laptop, PS4, tablet, and mobile devices as well. You just need to use an adapter to integrate it with different device and consoles. This product comes with a 24-month warranty. Hence, we are not finished yet, one more feature is the cool led feature of this headset which gives an ergonomic look to this console.


Nintendo Switch, PC, Selieve Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones

Nintendo Switch PC, Selieve Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones

Lightweight body
Braided strong & longer cable
Good amount of air flow support
Noise cancellation mic
You can Adjust the mic in a different angle
A bit large for children head size
Sometimes it picks lots of background noises
For older version Xbox need an extra adapter

This headset is designed according to the engineering concept so you will enjoy a good amount of air flow while using it for a long period of time. Selieve gaming headset gives you universal sound quality and strong performance in intense gaming moments. The surrounding subwoofer and super quality sound give an extra advantage to the gamers. The high precision magnets give crystal clear sound and the subwoofer provides strong bass to the listener. Another this is the noise isolation microphone of this headset. It’s mic can transmit high communication signals and deliver a clear message to your teammates. You can adjust the mic angle for your comfort.

This headset is giving you a superior lather material headbands with good air blow ear cups. The glaring Led light gives an ergonomic look to this headset, but to enjoy this led light effect you need to plug it using a USB cable. Besides this, the volume control button and one click mute button is a great feature which makes it one of the best ps4 headsets under 50 in our list. The high tensile cable cord with anti-winding features gives extra durability to this headset. Hence for making your gaming setup more attractive you need to have one of this for sure. Lastly, This headset is compatible with all sorts of devices like ps4, Xbox, PlayStation, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Pc, Nintendo, etc.


ONIKUMA Stereo Gaming Headset PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, 7.1 Surround Sound

ONIKUMA Stereo Gaming Headset PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, 7.1 Surround Sound

Super noise canceling feature
Lightweight & Ergonomic Design
Widely works on different devices
Uncomfortable for a long hour use
You can’t remove the USB cable from the cord

So at the end of our list, we have an Onikuma gaming headset. Here they have maximized the sound clarity and the technology produces the best clear sound of your games. This mic gives you the option to adjust it in a various angle which increases your flexibility more. The Excellent 50mm magnetic speaker gives you clear and better performance comparing other low-grade headsets. They have used enhancing technology which makes the performance better and stronger. The intelligent vibration gives you a dynamic environment of gaming moments.

Besides this, it works on various devices like Nintendo, Windows, Mac OS, Android devices, PS4, PS, and Xbox as well. The super-strong cord provides a great advance for the durability of this model.

You can also bend the headband so it’s flexible enough to fit in any size of the head. Moreover, the led Light logo gives a very cool look to this headset. Another thing is the volume control switch and mute button which is in line with the cord.


Things to Consider before Buying a Headset

If you don’t have a decent audio player and a good quality microphone then you won’t be able to communicate with your fellow teammates. For VOIP communication noise cancellation mic is one of the most preferable things that you need to consider most. Then another thing is the comfort level of that headset. How expensive your headset is and how much good the sound quality of it will not matter at all if you can’t wear it for long hours. Some headset gives pain on the head and gives pressure on your forehead as it’s tight to wear them. So be careful when you are choosing them.

So let’s know some of the common quality for a good gaming headset –


For your consideration, this is one of the most important parts of a headset. If you buy a cheap gaming headset than sometimes the dimension of those headsets creates problems. As we all know cheaper devices break easily and with the headset, it occurs frequently. As you’re going to drop the headset from hand or it might be tight to wear and you’re going to forcefully use them. This type of issue occurs because of the bad build quality of the product. Another thing is the size of the headphones. If the size is small than the cushions will press on your ears. It hurts badly. And you won’t be able to use it for long hours. So be wise while you are choosing the product.

Extension Cable

The extension cable is sometimes very good to have and sometimes it creates lots of damages. Like you might be stuck with the cord in the darkroom and end up damaging the product. So it is very important to know how far your gaming station is? And If it is too short you might not be able to enjoy your moments with pleasure.

So before buying any headset, you need to make sure the distance from your PlayStation to the place you are going to sit. Besides this, if the distance is too long then you can always go for Bluetooth control gaming headset. But yes, they might need to increase your budget for that. As it’s not possible to give you everything in a low budget. So think twice before buying anything.


Weight is another thing to consider before buying and a good gaming headset. As you are going to wear them for hours. It’s going to hurt your ears and head if the weight is too much then your capabilities. Some of the headsets will feel like its lightweight and comfortable but after you use it continuously for 6/7 hours it will start hurting you. I don’t think you want something that will destroy your gaming moments. So if you are a regular gamer than choose something which you can wear all day. Because comfort is the must when you are playing a game.


This is another major part of the gaming headset. If your device doesn’t support multi-platform than you have to purchase another one for your PC, another one for your mobile devices. SO it is wise to choose something compatible with all sorts of platforms and devices. In our list, we have selected only those headset which is supported by all kinds of platforms. So you can go use them in all your devices. Again most of the headsets don’t support old version Xbox. So you might need to purchase an adapter to use it for your Xbox.


No one will want to use a headset that is not comfortable enough to wear for several hours? After using the headsets for several hours still how much comfortable are they to use is a major factor of consideration. So pick the best one which will give you comfort for several hours of use.

Another thing is the size of the adjustment of the headband. If you can’t adjust the size than you won’t be able to fit it on your head. Another thing is the material that has been used in the cushion of your ear cups. Check them properly as well. Cause these are the main features that will help to pick the best ps4 headset under 50.


Another important point is durability which can’t be neglected. If you are looking for a cheap gaming headset then durability is a fact. As we all know most of the cheap headset are not strong enough for long term use. So before choosing any headset, you need to confirm whether these models have long-lasting durability or not?

For this reason, we have checked almost 1000 customer reviews and also analyzed all the headsets material properly. So that this can be reliable and durable for the buyers,

Microphone Sensitivity

This is one of the major factors why a gamer chooses a headset over the headphone. If you are an online RPG gamer than every sound is important for your next move. Here, communication is the main factor in your success. Success doesn’t come that easily. You have to work harder and harder, Try to choose that headset which can be adjusted according to your suitable position. And before buying it don’t forget to check the noise isolation mode carefully.

Volume in Line control

Of course, controlling volume is another factor here. It helps you to adjust the sound environment for your comfort level. Try to find a volume control mode and mic mute button in-line options. Cause sometimes it gives a good amount of support while playing games.

Setup Instructions of PS4 Headset

Everyone doesn’t need to know all the things like a user guide or how to set up your headset in PS4. Like most other gaming consoles ps4 has its very own gaming setup process. If you don’t integrate it according to their guideline than you will not able to connect your headset properly. Again there are some headsets which will connect without these setting. But still, for better sound quality you must need to set this according to their instruction manuals.

So Some of you might not know how to setup your PS4 headset. Because of this some of us face problems while integrating the new headset with the PS4. So follow the instructions given below to set up your PS4 headset.

[youtube youtubeurl=”dvRX_s4bTKo” ][/youtube]

Step One: First you need to make sure that you have the latest version OS in your PS4. If you don’t have one then upgrade it now. Before that check your internet connection as well. If you don’t have an optical fiber line than change it today. To update your operating system first go to the dynamic menu option then click on the settings after then click on the software update button. Now download and install it on your PS4.

Step Two: Second you need to connect it with PS4 and then again go to the dynamic menu option and then click on the settings. After that, you will see the sound & screen button click on that. Then go to Output setting and select primary output port to digital output port.

Step Three: Now again go back to the audio output option and select your output for headphones. Another thing is select chat audio option doesn’t go for all device support as sometimes it affects the quality of the sound. We have seen that sometimes because you haven’t chosen an output for the headset it doesn’t support your ps4. And you can’t hear a voice through your headset. So must select the output for the headset to avoid these types of issue.

Step Four: Again go the main menu of audio setting then change the audio format to priority and select linear PCM to the Default option. When you are selecting the audio format to the priority it gives more attention to the output of your headset. You will realize the difference after doing these from today.

Ok, now you have done with the setting. Enjoy your gaming.

Final Verdict

The Gaming headset is not all about the money and quality, its all about the feature and comfort that you need to take you’re gaming into the next level. We have reviewed all this headset carefully to give all the good and bad things that you need to know before buying them.

So just decide why you need this headset? Which specifications are the main aspect of your gaming? What do you need more to have the best gaming experience? To our concern quality is the best that we can give to you.

Read our review carefully and choose the perfect one for your collection today. Enjoy your gaming moments with a new dimension of gaming with the best ps4 headset under 50. What you need is all here just grab your one today. Happy gaming guys.

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