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League of Legends is an online PC game played all around the world, mainly in Europe, North America, Korea, and China.

Season 9 has been a great year for gamers and viewers, especially during the World Championships which gathered millions of people. The season 10 is coming soon, so the matchmaking rating is going to be reset for all LoL players.  Preseason allows them to prepare and train their skills for their next ranked games. We are going to see some tips gamers should use to improve their gameplay every season and then gain elo.

Choose the right gaming setup

Being good at the game isn’t always possible if you don’t have the correct environment to play. Indeed, your hardware has a direct impact on your result, especially when you are playing in a high elo where every detail matter. A powerful graphics card will be useful in a game like League of Legends because many animations appear at the same time during the fights.

Obviously, having comfortable and adjustable gaming, a performant gaming mouse and a keyboard is a bonus for all gamers who are playing competitively. Moreover, your internet connection is crucial when you are playing LoL because sometimes, your ingame mechanics can change the course of your game, so you are going to win more games with a low ping. Overall, your gaming setup is facilitating your game experience. Therefore, once your setup is read, you can only focus on your ingame skill.

Find LoL guide on the internet

To improve your knowledge about League of Legends, the community is active to help LoL players understand how the game works. This is easy to find tips to increase your elo on specific strategies or champions. There are many things to master in a difficult game like this. Understanding matchups and how to manage your wave, for example, are advanced techniques that create differences between casual and professional gamers.

Only high elo players are able to explain it so you should look for it unless you really want to discover it by yourself. But when you are starting League of Legends, reading guides is often better than just playing games without knowing what you are actually doing.

Stay updated about the changes

LoL is updated regularly which means that you need to look at what is new, deleted, buffed, or nerfed if you want to maximize your chance to win. In fact, the problem when you are not playing regularly is that you might see your heroe get statistically destroyed. That will force you to adapt and pick another one who will have other abilities.

The “meta” is the word that the players are using to define the most optimal way to play the game. This trend usually lasts for 2 or 3 weeks and is established by high elo players while they try to find new strategies for each update. The meta is evolving constantly and LoL players know that playing out of this meta is a huge losing factor because people who are playing within this meta are taking a considerable advantage. That’s a reason why you can read articles and watch videos on Youtube to see what is at the top tier and check win rates.

Understand how important the vision on the map is

Since the first season of League of Legends, warding has always been something the players are prioritizing in high elos, no matter which type of wards: normals, control or pink wards. Now, the items which have formerly given you many wards like sightstone don’t exist, so you need to constantly be careful and try to guess where the enemies are on the map. Indeed, this information will help you decide when you should push your waves, roam in the jungle or engage a fight around an objective.

Understand where you should put this vision down and placing it at the right location is key for your decision making when you are playing in the team. It’s going to help you dodge obvious ganks from their junglers and inform your team when you should contest a drake or not. A correct warding will make you communicate better with your teammates because you will gather much more information.

Those tips will maybe not instantly make you play well, but at least you can see the main things you should focus on if you want to achieve your goal and hit Diamond divisions or higher. It’s still something you need to think about in the long term. The complexity of League of Legends might not be easy to understand, but it’s becoming clearer if you gain experience in the game. Season 10 is still going to capture the world’s interest in the gaming field as Season 9 did during the last world championship.

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