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Though Nvidia GPU is an amazing processor, it has some problems. If  I were to be specific, driver problems. It can be a bit frustrating and ruin the entire experience.

But you have already gone through all these issues. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

You are here for the solution. And that I’m gonna offer, I promise.

Before We Get Our Feet Wet In The Solution Part

It’s more of an urge to get some quick bit of information including the reasons behind the driver-windows incompatibility.

These actually are two. One is that, incompatibility between your PC’s OS (operating system) and the driver.

Make sure that you are not trying to install a 64-bit driver in a 32-bit OS and also vice versa. To know about the OS of your pc, press windows key + R and then type ‘dxdiag’.

Upon entering, you will find ‘system’ tab or ‘display’ tab. Enter either one and you will find the information there.

The other reason behind the incompatibility is that, you might be having a wrong version of windows. See, the Nvidia driver is only supported from following versions:

  1. Version 1511 of Threshold 2
  2. Version 1607 of Anniversary
  3. Version 1703 of Fall Creators

And the builds that are supported are from 10586.

To know about your windows version and build, press the windows button along with “I” on keyboard. Then type ‘winver’ in the box and enter it. Two boxes will show up. First one comes with the version, whereas the other one shows the build.

There are a few other things to watch out for.

If you make sure that you have the right kind of expansion slot in your pc for its video card, you will have better chances to avoid any driver crashes.

There are quite a few graphics card slot types available in the market.

Pci-express x16 slot has got the most well reputation so far, followed by the AGP slot.

Here’s How You Can Fix Nvidia Driver Problem

Now, let’s cut to the chase and talk about how you can fix the driver problems. Below I have offered several different solutions to the driver problem. Try these solutions out one by one until one works for you.

Uninstall the Nvidia driver and download a new GeForce

Maybe, all you need to solve the problem is that you upgrade your GPU. Here’s how;

  1. Download a DDU (display driver uninstaller)
  2. Install DDU
  3. Open DDU from start menu
  4. Select Nvidia driver
  5. Select ‘clean and restart (highly recommended)’ option
  6. Find the download page of Nvidia by googling
  7. Select manual search option
  8. Select your graphic card type, series, and operating system (OS)

To know about them, press windows key + r and then type ‘dxdiag’.

Upon entering, you will find ‘system’ tab or ‘display’ tab. Enter either one and you will find the information there.

Now, speaking of graphic cards, you might want to upgrade into a standard graphic card that is latest, if you don’t have one. Because low profile graphic cards might refuse getting along with your driver.

  1. Select ‘Recommended/Certified’ Option
  2. Then search
  3. Download the first one Nvidia suggests you for that being the latest
  4. Restart your computer

Getting the Driver from Manufacturer

If you want the driver for your laptop, then it is better to download it from the manufacturer itself. For it has solved the problem for many laptop users.

Switch to A New Antivirus

It happens so often that the antivirus software in your pc is the culprit behind your driver problem. Though the Avast antivirus is accused mostly, it might be associated with others, too. So, uninstall the software and switch to another one to see if the problem is solved.

Stop the Driver from Being Updated & Keep the Old One

Weird as it sounds, you should give it a go, though. The reason is, sometimes, old drivers do the job perfectly whereas the new one messes things up. It is as simple as it gets. Please proceed according to the followings:

  • Press the key for Windows and S together. Then choose the ‘system’ button in the menu.
  • Choose advance system settings.
  • Then enter hardware tab followed by device installation settings.
  • Next, click on “no” and save changes.

Once you are done with disabling the update system, you can now install the Nvidia driver that never gave you a hard time.

Update the Windows

Is your Nvidia driver all over the place? Is it annoying you reminding you that it is too good to get along with your aged, poor windows?

Well, it is time, your windows got some updating done.

Steps For windows 10:

  • Hold on to Windows key + I. Settings will open.
  • Choose update and security next.
  • Then choose “check for updates.”
  • Now, accept the installations of every available updates it presents before you.
  • Wait patiently, as the computer is likely to restart quite a few times.

For Other Ones (Windows 8, 8.1, 7, and Vista):

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Select Windows Update button if you get it upfront. If it’s not there, select System and Security button. Then choose Windows Update button.
  • Updates that are available will show up. Allow them all to be installed. Please, also allow the recommended service packs.

Get Rid of Your iGPU

The graphics processing unit (GPU) might be causing you the trouble regarding the driver crash. In this case, you will have to let go off it.


  • When your computer gets on booting (power-on startup), you need to press ‘del’ to open BIOS (basic input output system). It could also be the F2 key.
  • Once you get in bios, find the integrated graphic card or find the iGPU of your pc and disable it right away.
  • Save the changes and restart your computer.

Download A GeForce Experience

If you let this application (GeForce experience) do the finding and downloading the right driver for you, it will see it done to the perfection.


  • Google GeForce
  • Download the application
  • Install the application
  • Connect your desktop’s monitor via Nvidia GPU
  • Get on with GeForce experience and update it, if asked
  • Select drivers tab, and choose ‘check for update’ option
  • Once the updates are enlisted, go for ‘custom install’ button and open the file of your driver
  • Then click on ‘perform clean install’ option
  • When the installation is finished, restart the computer

Edit Some Options in Nvidia Control Panel

According to some Nvidia driver users, the driver crash can be sorted out by making a few changes in the control panel of Nvidia.

Here’s how it is done:

  • Go to Nvidia control panel
  • Select manage 3D settings
  • Select maximum performance for the power settings
  • Turn the vertical sync off
  • Select apply; thus, the changes will be saved

Another Shortcut: By pressing windows key with S, find power options and select it. Then choose high performance.

Lower the Resolution of Screen

You can get it done in three quick steps:

  • Right click the mouse
  • Select display settings
  • Lower the resolution

Cleaning the Graphics Card

The final solution we have is to remove the graphics card form computer case and clean it carefully. Then, get it back to its place when clean.

Ta-da! Done.

So, here we are at the end of the Nvidia driver problem troubleshooting guide! With my little know-how of being a gamer and PC user for more than a couple of decades, I have tried to come up with everything I could get my hands on.

And, I sincerely hope, this has been helpful. Let me know further queries if you face any problem with these easy steps. Cheerio!

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