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Do you love the glory of playing games at a high refresh rate? Then, you probably have bought a 1080p monitor.

So, what now?

Well, now, you will need a graphics card, which should not only be decent but also the best bang for your bucks!

Thus, here, in this write-up, we’ll be going through a wide variety of options and make our selection of the best GPU for 1080p 144Hz.

Are you ready for it?

Then, without making any further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

Best Editor Pick

XFX RX 5700 Xt Thicc III Ultra 8GB

Best GPU for 1080p 144Hz XFX RX 5700 XtIf you ask us, there is no such thing as the best GPU for 1080p 144Hz. On the one hand, a few of them can be ideal for a single aspect, while, conversely, the remaining others can cater to you in other aspects. Hence, choosing the best one among them becomes very difficult, to say the least.

However, if you are looking for some personal opinion, then, in our case, it would be XFX RX 5700 XT. But why did we pick it? Well, for starters, it one of the only affordable GPUs available out there that can help you to enjoy 4K gaming without any lag or stutters. Moreover, with it, you can also change game settings without having to stop playing.

Best GPU for 1080p 144Hz Product Review

So, as we have already told you about our choice, let’s take a peek into some other options that can be helpful for you in this aspect. Here’s our review of the best GPU for 1080p 144Hz gaming!

MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Super

MSI GeForce GTX 1650 Super best 1080 gpu Let’s start our journey off with one of the most affordable products on this list, MSI GTX 1650 Super. Released in the earlier half of 2019, this excellent GPU follows the same Turing architecture, which makes it look more sleek and compact. The size of the graphics card lingers around 6.2-inch, which is perfect for almost any system.

But that’s just for the starters. We have a lot more to tell you about it.

The GTX 1650 Super comes with two fans, which are incredibly proficient in their working field. So, no matter how many hours you are playing for, the GPU won’t heat up that quickly. The base version has a 4GB of GDDR6 memory. So, you can play almost all the older as well as newer games with it.

The Game-ready Drivers of GTX 1650 Super is pretty decent as well. You can adjust it as per your requirements and play games on it without experiencing any latency at all. Moreover, NVIDIA also tends to update its drivers almost at least once in two months and optimizes them for providing the users with a better gaming experience.

But, there’s a catch.

If you are trying to play a high-end game, such as Battlefield V, in Ultra Graphics mode, you might experience a little bit lag on 1080p resolution. Besides this, some frame drop issues may also occur. So, playing at a High Graphics mode will be perfect for it.



XFX RX 5600 XT Thicc II PRO best 1080 graphic card 144 hzAs we have already talked about one of the offerings of NVIDIA, now let’s focus on one of its rivals, Radeon. Even if you look back a few years ago, NVIDIA was ruling the market of GPUs. However, upon entering, Radeon changed everything almost instantly. So, here, we will be talking about one of the best items of the brand, the RX 5600 XT.

Developed by XFX, the RX 5600 XT features the coveted RDNA architecture, which was invented only for gaming purposes. Unlike a few other NVIDIA products, this one can enable you to play VR games as well. Integrated with the LiquidVR technology, the GPU offers you nothing but low latency and stutter-free gaming experience altogether.

But wait, there’s more.

Unlike GTX 1650 Super, this one does not really get frequent updates, but it definitely gets substantial ones when needed. The recent GPU update allows its users to stream their gameplay on 1080p resolution in a smooth and subtle manner. Moreover, with it, you can also make some tweaks on your graphics settings while playing the game.

And, the bottom line?

Like most other high-end GPUs of Radeon, this product supports both DisplayPort 1.4w/DSC and HDMI 2.0b for more compatibility and gameplay.

Due to these reasons, most people consider RX 5600 XT to be the best GPU for 1080p 144Hz ultra.


EVGA 06G-P4-1068-KR GeForce GTX 1660 Super Sc Ultra Gaming, 6GB GDDR6, Dual Fan, Metal Backplate

GTX 1660 Super Sc Ultra Gaming best gaming card for 1440 Yes, you’ve understood it absolutely correctly! In essence, GTX 1660 Super is an upgraded version of GTX 1650 Super. However, in this case, NVIDIA has uplifted both the quality and overall performance to a massive extent. So, we are pretty sure that it will blow your mind.

For starters, unlike 1650 Super, the base variant of 1660 Super comes with a 6GB memory, which makes it almost perfect for high-end gaming. Besides, it also features an upgraded Turing architecture, which quick, powerful, and incredibly immersive. So, with it on your system, you can feel a new world of realism and experience altogether.

But hey, we’re not done with it.

Widely recognized as one of the best GPU for 1080p 144Hz, 1660 Super also comes with two huge fans. They are quite efficient and take care of the heating issues of the model quite perfectly. While, on the other hand, the metal backplate improves the model’s overall durability and helps it last for a prolonged period.

But, there is a simple hitch to it.

As you can already understand, the GTX 1660 Super is a compelling GPU system. So, it does require a substantial amount of power to work in a proper manner. Therefore, if you really want to implement the product on your system, we would ask you to opt for a minimum of 450W power supply.


XFX RX 5700 Xt Thicc III Ultra 8GB

best gaming graphic card under 400 The XFX RX 5700 XT is probably one of the most affordable and efficient GPU on this list. Some of you may also think it to be a little bit over-the-top for 1080p gaming. But, trust us, it does not work like that. When you are playing at Ultra Graphical mode on 1080p resolution while streaming, any GPU would feel a huge amount of pressure. This, in turn, can cause a laggy experience.

Anyways, let’s get back to our main topic.

A two-piece power connector powers the graphics card as well as its blower. In essence, it is quite proficient and works almost perfectly in any condition. The I/O panel of the model is quite spacious. So, it will not get heated up that easily. However, to be sure about it, Radeon has also added three powerful fans with their product.

With its noteworthy capabilities and features, the 5700 XT does only support 1080p but also 2K and 4K gaming. So, if you are or want to be a professional Twitch gamer, then this model should be perfect for you. Moreover, the model also features all the latest display connections. So, it will surely be compatible with both the older as well as, the newer generation monitors.

The only thing that might stop you from buying this GPU is its price. However, trust us, the price tag of the model is definitely worth it. But, if you just can’t afford it, then the RX 5600 XT can be a perfect option for you.



ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2070 SUPERAre you looking for a premium option to satisfy your thirst for gaming? Well, then Asus 2070 Super should be your go-to option. Featuring a highly-advanced Turing infrastructure, the chipset can comfortably support high-end gaming without inflicting any latency or laggy issues at all. Besides, it is also extremely fast. So, you won’t encounter any frame drop issues as well.

Widely considered as the best GPU for 1080p 240Hz, the RTX 2070 Super supports up to four monitors as well as a VR headset. So, if you are into the virtual-reality games, then this model should definitely be perfect for you. Also, with it, you can play in a maximum resolution of 7680×4320 pixels.

But what does that mean to you?

Well, it simply means that you can play your games at a whooping 4K resolution. To take care of the latency issues, which usually occur during live streaming, NVIDIA has also implemented the Max Contact Technology with it. There is an Auto-Extreme feature available in it as well, to cater to the heating issues almost instantly.

Last but not least, the 2070 Super also features an Aura Sync RGB lighting technology, which clarifies the colors of a gaming environment by quite a mile.  So, while playing in a 1080p monitor, you would almost feel like you are currently inside of the gaming universe.


MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB GDRR6

GeForce RTX 2060 SuperUnlike the previous AMD option, the RTX 2060 Super provides its users with the real-time ray tracing module. It is also a lot less expensive than the former. So, in this aspect, 2060 Super is a lot better than an expensive AMD option.

In addition, the overall performance related capability of the model is quite top-notch. With it, you can play on a 1440p 144Hz monitor without worrying about anything. For example, even if you are playing a high-end game like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, you can comfortably get around 70-80FPS.

But, there is a small issue.

If you have set the graphics on Ultra mode and kept a few other apps on while streaming, then you may experience a little bit of FPS drops here and there.

And the good news?

To take care of the heating issues, the model features the ‘same old same old’ dual fan design. However, they are pretty efficient in their field of work. So, your GPU won’t get heated up that easily.

The model is quite excellent in terms of design as well. The whole outline of the GPU is clean, well-constructed, and durable. The overall coloring is pretty minimalistic. But, the quirky appearance of the fans makes it look almost futuristic.

To keep the annoying-looking RGB out-of-sight, NVIDIA has hidden it under the fans. What else could you ask from a graphics card?


XFX RX 5500 XT Thicc II Pro 8GB GDDR6

Since its inception, Radeon has been offering high-end GPUs at an affordable price. However, to date, the RX 5500 is probably their best budget graphics card yet. The base variant of the model comes with a massive 8GB memory, which is perfect for playing high-end games at 1080p resolution.

It is pretty fast and can achieve a clock speed of up to 1845MHz without batting an eye about it. The overall speed of the memory is 14GHz. Hence, you would not receive any stutters or latency while streaming your gameplay online. As if that wasn’t enough, XFX has also used copper material to build the GPU and implemented the Memory Heatsink feature in it. So, it does not get heated up that easily as well. However, if you have been playing games for hours, then we can’t make any promises.

One of the best things about RX 5500 XT is that it can cater to up to four different monitors as well as a VR headset. So, if you have built a full-fledged gaming setup in your room and want an affordable model to hook you up with it, then this GPU would be the ideal option for you.


What are the Differences Between 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz?

Whether you are a pro gamer or just entering the world of gaming, you probably have already heard about the monitor-related terms – 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz. But what are they really? Well, in essence, the term Hz generally describes the refresh rate of a monitor.

Yes, you’ve understood it right.

The better the Hz, the more frequent will be its refreshing speed. So, if you do buy a monitor of higher Hz, you can play the games with a superior FPS and clarity. Moreover, the laggy issues, which mainly happen while playing competitive games, also won’t occur.

So, as you can see, the main difference between the 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz monitors is only the refresh rate. However, while choosing between any of them, you would also have to keep GPU’s quality in mind.

But why should you do so?

Well, for starters, if your graphics card can only cater to 60FPS for a game, then there is no reason to buy a 144Hz or 240Hz monitor. It will seemingly cause lags due to the faster refresh rate of your monitor.

Thus, make sure to keep these in your mind while buying a monitor. Frankly speaking, the best thing that you can do in this aspect is to replace your GPU as well. If you are going for a higher refresh rate, we suggest you go for any of the premium range graphics cards.


In this section, we will be clearing out some of the common questions that you might have in your mind. So, let’s do it.

Is a 144Hz good for gaming?

A: Yes, it definitely is. If you are a professional gamer and trying out for a national or international level tournament, then a 144Hz will be the perfect place to start for you. Nonetheless, make sure to buy a high-end graphics card with it as well. Otherwise, you will not get to relish the taste of high-quality gaming in any way.

Why does the refresh rate matter in gaming?

A: Well, if you are playing an offline game, then the refresh rate won’t matter much. However, in case of an online game, where every second count, the Hz of your monitor would matter pretty massively. So, if you are quite into the popular multi-player games like League of Legends or DOTA 2 or Fortnite, then it would be better for you to opt for a high refresh rate monitor.

What would be the best GPU for a 1080p 144Hz monitor?

A: There are a plethora of GPU options available in the market that can cater to your gaming needs and requirements while you are using a 144Hz monitor. However, if you want to max everything up and have a picture-perfect gaming experience, we recommend you go for the Radeon RX 5700. It, sometimes, gets heated up quickly, but it’s still the best option available out there.

Would GTX 1650 Super be a good option for 1080p gaming?

A: In essence, it would probably be the most affordable option for you in this case. However, unfortunately, you can’t play a few newly-released games on Ultra-mode graphics with it. If you have set the resolution to 1080p, then you may also experience a little bit laggy while playing. Sometimes, the game might crash down as well. So, for a smooth high-end gaming experience, make sure to opt for something more premium.


So, this is where we are going to conclude our list of the best GPU for 1080p 144Hz. We hope that we could help you with all our knowledge. However, before we go, we would like to tell you again that each of the GPUs here is unique in their own circle. So, make sure to evaluate their features properly before making any decisions. Happy gaming to you!


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