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Playing games without good sound quality is a poor experience. It is necessary to cut off from the distractions or noisy sounds around us to enjoy the game entirely. Gaming headsets got us covered here. But, the problem is that some people spend a lot of money and end up buying inferior quality products. It is necessary to know features first before starting looking for a pc gaming headset. It will let you know what specifications you want precisely. Let’s dig in.



Playing with an uncomfortable headset is a nightmare for gamers. So, the first thing you should see is how headphones fit. Bad quality headphones seem fine in the beginning. They are available at far lower rates than expensive ones, but they get heated within an hour. Sweat and friction build up over time, and then even minor discomfort feels pretty awful.

You may think that the headphone’s weight did not matter. Remember, wearing comparatively heavy headphones for a long time can give you neck pain. The band should only impose slight pressure on the grip. Too much pressure can become the cause of aching ears.

Build Quality

Before investing money, make sure that headphones are built with durable material. Headphones made up of metal wireframes are best in this regard as they are sturdy.

Suspension Headband

Feel comfy with the headphones by looking for ones with a suspension headband. Clamping force more than a specific limit can ruin your gaming experience. You could adjust it with the help of adjustable suspension headbands.

Noise Isolation or Noise Cancellation

Noise Isolation or Noise Cancellation

The primary purpose of a gaming headset is to let you enjoy the games sound fully without external distractions. There are two types of gaming headsets – noise isolating and noise canceling. Isolating headphones are utterly dependent on hardware. It means to cancel the noise passively through an effective seal. Contrarily, noise-canceling headphones detect the outside sound, filter it out, and cancel its effect.

Headphones with thickly padded cups designs with a comfortable seal and active noise cancellation are best because their hardware and software both work together to deliver excellent sound.

Mic Quality

How are you going to communicate with your team while playing competitive games? Yes, you need to speak, and a good quality mic to communicate clearly. Gaming headphones mics usually do not perform well in the bass range of the frequency spectrum.

So, the voice of people with deep voices sounds slightly off. Do not expect these microphones to have a recording quality mic but shop for one with a good mic quality. We recommend you to buy one with a retractable mic, it will let you attach it when needed and not become a distraction otherwise.

360-degree Soundscape

360-degree Soundscape

Surround Sound – 360-degree soundscape, makes the sound feel like real life. For example: when someone opens the door of the room from our right side, then we get to know the direction because of the more dominance of sound from the direction where the action is performed. In the headsets offering this feature, multiple speakers cover your ears. If your opponent is coming from the back, then you will feel the sound of its footprints from the speaker that is attached with backside motion.


Headphone’s wires become annoying sometimes while playing. Their annoying interaction does not let us play games smoothly. So, it is time to go wireless to focus entirely on the game. You should buy one with a long battery life that would not drain within a few hours.

Supports all Platforms

We do not think that you would like to buy different headphones for different platforms. So, buy one which supports every platform, including PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox, and all other devices. Gaming headsets with both a USB and a 3.5 mm jack supports almost all devices.

Light Up

It is not a feature that plays a role in sound quality, but it could be significant for you if you have a certain taste for your belongings. Fancy schmancy LED lights make the headset look more attractive. You could consider buying a headset that lights up with different neon colors.

Decent Appearance

Suppose you bought a headset with amazing features but a strange appearance. Now, will this thing let you focus on the game in public? Probably not. You will not feel comfortable and maybe your friends’ laughter would piss you off. So, it is always better to go for a decent design than to look like an alien while gaming.

We had enlisted 10 parameters, which will help you in buying a decent gaming headset. If you keep these 10 things in mind, then you will find one according to your needs and taste.

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