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Since curved displays hit stores in 2014, curved vs flat monitor gaming has become a hotly-contested topic.

Selecting between a flat and bent frame becomes increasingly tricky for buyers based on recent advancements. And when it comes to upgrading your gaming displays, this debate always crops up.

So, what do you need for an excellent option among these display panel orientations? The right info of course!

With access to correct facts, it’s more natural to know features you need gaming monitors to have. Also, getting upgrades on your current panels will be a lot easier with essential facts.

Don’t know where to get the right info from? Don’t despair, as this piece has everything you need. All the info right here focuses on directing you towards a most-satisfying display choice.

So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for eye-popping facts about the two best displays out there right now.

Curved Monitors over Flat Displays

Bending magnitude

Just like cinema screens, curved monitors offer outstanding bending magnitude, or in the more common term – curvature.

Over the years, curved monitors have seen notable curvature changes for an even greater immersive experience. Here’s a look at how these monitors have bent over with time;


Most of the early curved monitor models feature a bending magnitude of 4000R. With this monitor, view angles got a significant boost for gaming and overall entertainment. And it’s this subtle curvature that initially warmed consumers to the curved display concept.


Released a little after 4000R monitors, 3000R monitors offer an enhanced angle for notable viewing enhancement.


Enhanced curvature is sure from 1800R monitors. These monitors offer brilliant immersion with a greater curve and focus. Viewers don’t have to scan much for a complete view of these screens.


Currently the curvature leader, 1500R monitors deliver greater view range potential for gamers. There’s little to no eye stress with these monitors. But should you choose 1500R monitors, be ready to break the bank.

Limited eye strain

Eye strain has been an issue for gamers over the years. That’s why curved TVs remain a top choice for gamers across skill levels.

With the angle of your TV bent in, eye strain isn’t an issue making several immersive gaming sessions more comfortable.

Lesser image distortion

Image distortion is an issue several gamers experience, particularly with low-res monitors. But with curved gaming monitors, this isn’t an issue. The angle on several curved monitors keeps images in the highest resolution for better viewing.

Similar viewing distance

Flat screens make it a lot stressful for gamers to maintain the same viewing distance during operation. Variable viewing distance could limit immersion and stunt gaming potential. But that’s not the case with curved monitors.

The aspect ratio of curved displays coupled with its design promotes better image quality across all points. These displays are unlike flat screens where a lot of eye movement is necessary for complete views.

Peripheral vision enhancement

Getting lifelike images becomes a lot easier through peripheral vision support from curved displays. These displays guarantee increased immersion and significant gaming comfort in the process.

Curvature matching

Curved displays offer eye-matching to stunt eye fatigue. With this innovative design, gamers can get more hours enjoying their favorite titles.

Enhanced field of view

The field of view several curved monitors offer remains superior to flat monitors. With this enhanced view field, eye comfort is easier to achieve.

Improved color consistency

Color variation is major issue gamers encounter, particularly when they use large flat screens. With flat displays, gamers may need to view several aspects of their titles at extreme angles. Viewing images at these points limit color consistency, and some hues may appear blurry.

But with curved displays, color inconsistency isn’t an issue. Angles across curved monitors remain the same through gaming sessions.

Flat Monitors over Curved Displays

Lower price

Flat-panel monitors sell for a considerably-lesser price than curved options. With the low price comes an option to purchase multiple displays for your game room.

Multi-screen support

Even though curved displays still offer multi-screen support, flat panels are great too. These panels offer a wider field of view, giving gamers more screen space and immersion potential.

Also, flat monitors offer better fitting potential than curved monitors when you’ve got limited desk room.

Head-to-Head: Which Panel Cuts It Better for Gaming?

When it comes to getting brilliant immersion and greater viewing comfort, curved monitors are much better.

But if you’re on a budget and need to fit several monitors in your game room, flat panels could be great.


Are curved monitors worth it?

Curved monitors are worth every penny. The immersion these monitors offer remains unprecedented. An ambient entertainment experience becomes possible due to curved monitor’s make up.

Are curved monitors better for gaming?

Monitors with enhanced curvature offer a better gaming experience in general. With the enveloping experience these monitors offer, immersion becomes easier to manage.

Does curved monitor make a difference?

Monitors with curved panels support increased immersion and allow minimal reflections, limiting eye strain.

Are gaming monitors worth it?

Gaming monitors are worth their money. These displays come with high refresh rates and synchronization technology. With these features, frames get rendered in smoother fashion than standard displays.

Are bigger monitors better for gaming?

Bigger monitors could be better for gaming, if you get the display with perfect specs. When selecting a bigger gaming monitor, opt for a wider refresh rate (120Hz above). Also, check out the monitor’s resolution and other frame rendering features.

What does the R in curved monitors stand for?

R in curved monitors refer to the radius of displays’ curve in millimeters

Final Word

With this info cache, getting an excellent choice when it concerns curved vs flat monitor gaming becomes comfortable.

Ensure your choice comes with the features required to get you the excellent immersion and fantastic experience you’ve always craved!

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