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When you’re a gaming geek, there’s a high chance you’ll be in need of a powerful and sleek monitor.

Gaming monitors come in many sizes and builds, and it’s no secret there’re huge differences among many monitors.

For a perfect choice, you certainly need expert advice, and that’s why I’m here! With my list of the best monitor for fighting games, you’ll be better at your games with more excitement getting your way!

With my vast gaming experience spanning several years, I’ve used a ton of gaming monitors. From the best gaming monitor budget, buyers will love the best competitive gaming monitor, I’ve seen it all!

And it’ll be downright selfish if I don’t share this info with other enthusiasts. After all, the best fighting game monitor assures you’ll get a whole lot of fun! Let’s see the choices that’ll turn your game time around for good!

Best Editor Choice

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor - AW2518HIt’s certain that I should have a favorite among the best fighting game monitors. And if that’s been your guess, you’re right!

My top pick is the Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor. It’s got the perfect balance of clarity, response and refreshing speed for consistent, excellent gaming. You’ll get 25” of solid display quality alongside a perfect widescreen display, AMD FreeSync and more.

All these and much more make this display the best fighting game screen for maximizing your gaming ease.

Best Monitor for Fighting Games review

1. Alienware New 27 Inch FHD IPS Monitor – Best Budget 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Alienware New AW2720HF 27 Inch The finest display should have above-standard features to ensure you get a fantastic display. If you’re in the market for the top stuff on a budget, then you’ve got to take a closer look at this display. It’s surely got everything you need for the perfect fighting game experience.

This monitor comes with a crisp display capability with its 240Hz refresh rate. You’ll not notice any form of blurriness or slow response when you’re onto your favorite games. And there’s much more to help you game better.

For the brightest displays, this monitor also comes fully HD ready. And to make your images crispier than your average monitor, a 1920 X 1080 resolution is what this screen sports. With all these exciting specs, there’s surely going to be an eventful time.

When you’ve got to have the right kind of vision, your gaming monitor needs the perfect screen size. And in this monitor, you’re provided with 27” of pure clarity. And if you’re convinced that the elements on your monitor are enough, there’s more!

It features very easy-to-use controls placed on your monitor’s right side. And if that’s not enough, then the Alien-FX lighting system will surely wow you! This lighting system creates ample illumination of your games for greater visibility.

This set also features AMD FreeSync to promote better visibility of your games without any hassles.  It’s also NVIDIA G-Sync compatible so you’ve got a multi-purpose function against screen tearing on your monitor.

This display features numerous interesting features. And the fact it’s got hybrid FreeSync/G-Sync compatibility, screen tearing won’t be experienced.

It’s got all you need for the finest experience when enjoying your fighting games, and there’s much more for you to enjoy!


  • Fast response rate
  • G-Sync and FreeSync compatible
  • Easy-to-use design
  • High-res display
  • Perfect color combination

  • Screen brightness may be tricky to reduce
  • Doesn’t come with a curved design
  • Dead pixels could be noticed in some units

2. Alienware New 27 Inch FHD IPS Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM 27” HDR Monitor, 1080P Full HD fighting gaming monitorFor an assured, more comfortable design from a monitor, check out this display. It’s got a lot of exciting elements to make you’re gaming sessions spot-on for satisfaction and quality.

There’s so much this monitor offers, and here’s the main stuff you need to know;

This set comes with a full HD ready build at 1920 X 1080. This ensures you get the perfect views at all times from your monitor.

For increased visibility and greater gaming response, your display comes with a motion blur prevention system. And it only takes a millisecond for this monitor to respond. You also get a refresh rate that outclasses a host of monitors at 280Hz.

With such specs on your monitor, you’ll be able to manage getting much clarity and seamless operation from your display.

There’s a ton of features that are truly amazing in this monitor. It comes with an eye care feature which ensures your screen doesn’t have any negative effect on your eyes. You can easily make use of this display as a projector with Dual HDMI fitted onto this screen.

You’re surely in for a whole lot if you make this display your choice. It boasts a lot of helpful features and the brisk response rate adds to the fun you’ll get!

It also possesses a very detailed HD screen for maximal enjoyment of your fighting games whenever you please!


  • Extremely fast refresh rate
  • HD compatible
  • G-Sync compatible
  • HDMI ready
  • Shadow boost

  • Color issues could prop up after long term use
  • Features may wear out easily
  • Fragile warranty cover

3. ASUS VG248QE 24″ Full HD – 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor

There’re lots of exciting features in this display, and they’re all placed there to give you the best gaming experience possible.

This unit comes with a very rapid 144Hz refresh rate. At such speeds, there’ll be no chance of blurry or dead screens. Also, it comes with every compliance standard passed, so you don’t need to worry about your monitor not being safe for use.

You also get a 1920 X 1080 resolution with this display. With this, your games will come up much clearer than you previously expected.

You’ve got two stereo speakers to boost the sounds you’ll get from your monitor. Also, you’ve assured easier operation of your display with a swivel control, height adjustment and much more!

It’s a decent monitor with a lot of exciting specs. It’s perfect for getting a complete gaming experience.


  • High response rate
  • Easy adjustability
  • HD ready
  • Speakers included
  • Height adjustment and swivel control

  • Setup could be tricky
  • Deadening picture quality after long term use
  • Speakers could fail after some time

4. MSI Optix MAG24C 24 inch Curved Gaming Monitor

If you’ve been drooling over screeds with top quality and a ton of exciting specs, here’s a fantastic choice for you!

This monitor comes with a fast refresh rate of 144Hz. And to make it easier to get the clearest displays, it comes with a 1920 X 1080 resolution screen. And the screen is designed with a 1780 anti-glare screen to make viewing much easier.

You can easily fit this monitor on a wall or its arm with the 75mm X 75mm VESA outlay. Also, the 24” screen size is perfect for gaming and can rival the best 32″ gaming monitor when it comes to clarity and response.

This display’s got some of the strongest GAMUT features and retains a multi-color screen for easier and more fun-filled viewing.

It’s got a lot of top-class features to get you the best fighting game experience. Also, it’s got all you need to boost your screen’s anti-tear potential with AMD FreeSync compatibility.


  • Sleek design
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Anti-tear screen
  • High definition
  • Brisk response time

  • Brightness could be challenging for some users
  • Dead pixels could be noticed
  • Colors could get dull after long term use

5. LG 34GL750-B 34 –  G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor

For gamers with a need for a large gaming monitor, you’ve got to take a close look at this! Let’s see a lot of exciting specs that’ll surely convince you;

Widescreen gaming monitors have a lot of good stuff, and that’s why your eyes will be fed with large images from its 21:9 widescreen.

For super clear HD, this display comes with a 2560 X 1080 resolution for that extra-clear, life-like picture quality every time. Also, it comes with a seriously fast refresh rate at 144Hz.

If you’ve been longing for a very large screen, this unit’s 34” display ensures you take a look at everything you want much bigger. You’d also get an adjustable stand to fit this screen right to your eye level.

You’ll also get motion blur prevention tech in this display to make your fighting games very enjoyable and smooth.

This display has all the features you need and much more. It packs many features that ensures your games will be more fluid with much greater visibility.


  • Widescreen monitor
  • High definition display
  • Motion blur prevention
  • Adaptive Sync tech
  • Adjustable stand

  • Resolution may be a bit low for some users
  • Customer service could be an issue
  • Repair efforts may be underwhelming


For an excellent gaming experience, it’s best you take a look at these specs from a fine gaming monitor. It’ll boost your games with so much fascinating elements and keep you playing for longer;

This display comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and ensures the gaming experience you get is swift and smooth. Also, it comes with a full high definition screen to ensure the finest displays.

At 1ms, this monitor has the most powerful response rate. And it’s got an IPS view for increased visibility.

It comes with a 27” display for a greater view of your games. Also, you’ll get an adjustable height stand for swift movement of your monitor’s screen.

This monitor packs numerous exciting specs and is a suitable product for gamers. Also, it’s got numerous other helpful features to boost your gaming experience.


  • Fast response rate
  • Decent monitor size
  • Quick refreshing speed
  • Smooth high definition screen
  • Adjustable stand

  • Screen resolution could get blurred over time
  • Brightness may be tricky to reduce
  • Not-so-great customer service

7. Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor

For gamers who need numerous gaming bonuses from their monitor, it’s a good option to check out the features of this display.

It comes with a QHD resolution at 2560 X 1440. With such a display resolution, you’ll be able to see everything much clearer on this screen.

This screen has a 16:9 viewing capacity for better, widescreen viewing. For the swiftest response times, your display comes with responses within 1ms. You’ll also get a seriously fast 155Hz refresh rate with this monitor.

This monitor comes with a 27 inch display for better viewing capability. It also comes with an HDMI 2.0 port and USB for easier connectivity. You’ll also get an adjustable stand for better positioning of your monitor.

This display’s got a lot of features to boost your game time effortlessly. Also, it’s got decent specs to provide you more than enough value for money.


  • High-speed response rate
  • Large screen display
  • Easier connectivity
  • Swift positioning
  • QHD compatible

  • Screen bleeding could be possible over time
  • Could be damaged during shipping
  • Solid colors could enhance screen tearing

8. AOC G2590FX 25″ Framless Gaming Monitor

For a faster and more responsive gaming experience, you need a top gaming monitor. If that’s what you’re in the market for, here’re the top specs from this fascinating display;

It’s got a top class 144Hz refresh rate to ensure you get a swift view whenever you use your screen. Also, it comes with a full HD display at 1920 X 1080 pixels. For increased picture quality, this screen also comes with a 1ms response time.

Your display features a multi-port screen for connecting a range of displays as you’d get a VGA/HDMI and Display Port from this monitor.

You can also get this monitor in two colors to fit your game room. And its frameless design further adds to this display’s beauty.

This monitor has a lot of good stuff on offer. It boasts the right amount of quality to increase your game time’s satisfaction. It’s perfect for fighting games and any other software you might fancy.


  • Adaptive Sync tech
  • High quality resolution
  • Multi-port compatibility
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Low blue screen mode

  • Brightness is a bit high
  • Tricky settings
  • Dulled colors before calibration


You’ve seen the top choices for a fighting game monitor. All these will ensure you get the perfect experience whenever you make use of your PC/console.

Pick a product you fancy, and enjoy all those games you’ve always wanted in crisp, high-quality colors.

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