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A shout-out for all the video game freaks! The gaming era has been evolving since the last decade and has taken over our generation. War games have been an interest for all the gamers around the globe, whether it be the basic version of Call of Duty or even more intense ones. The tactical, operational, and strategic levels of the game, stimulate the aspects of warfare. Over a decade, there has been an immense change in the war games; whether it be graphics or mechanics.

Below are listed 15 best war games that have been evolving with the best of warfare aspects. So, gear yourself up and experience the war zone with weapons, massive explosives, and mindful strategies.

1.Call of Duty 2

 Best War Games Call of Duty

Call of Duty 2, lies at the top of the list when it comes to war games. It’s an action-thriller first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward. Surprisingly, the game has a plot running corresponding to the time and of World War II. The video game is the second installment of Call of Duty.

The graphics, battling firestorm sounds, and regenerating health system is undoubtedly a surreal addition to the features of the game. The sounds make you realize that the war zone is extensive and more substantial than you could ever imagine. The graphics give you the real feel of the war, and the health system makes you thrive for more experience. Cherish the moments of being a video gamer by getting your hands on this forever-alive game.

2.Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30

The first-person shooter video game, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is a Gearbox Software development. The game is the first version of Brothers in Arms, released in 2005. The game has been portraying the scenario of World War II, where strategy and tactics are just what matters. The story-driven war game makes you in charge of a team of soldiers, where you can play with your mind.

The AI is not much reliable in the game when it comes to the use of armor. The game gives you a realistic approach because the shooting system with an accurate aim is quite sensitive.

3. ARMA 2

 Best War Games non-Steam version of Arma 2

What could be a better video game with the aim of war, than an open-world, realistic military videogame? ARMA 2 is a development of Bohemia Interactive and is the second installment of ARMA: Armed Assault. The exciting feature of the game adds up the allowance of commands to the AI squad members, which enhances the real-time of the game.

The weapons give a realistic ballistic feel because of the machine guns, missiles, and launchers featured in ARMA 2. The battlefield in the game requires a smart strategy and combined teamwork effort to win it in the end.

4.Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2

The war game, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 depicts the historical war zone, which demands strategic gameplay with the AI-controlled allies. The game is a Swedish firm EA DICE production and is an installment of the series of Battlefield.

The plot of this game pictures on a snow-covered terrain of Russia to the villages of Ecuador, making it feel to have an overwhelming open-world action-adventure gameplay experience. The fights in the game are very near to look intensely realistic that has won both fans and critics’ hearts. The featured arsenal is utterly mindblowing, and this game deserves to be in the list of top 15 War Games 2019.

5.Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Medal of Honor Allied Assault

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault has been the game for our generation to realize how much state-of-the-art FPS games have evolved over the past decades. The classic horrified environment of World War II has been featured tremendously in the game. Published by Electronic Arts and declared as one of the best war games ever made. It is the third installment of the Medal of Honor series.

The installment features better visual experience and overall gameplay quality than the previous versions of the game. The game depicts different terrains where you must fight with your enemies in the most challenging ways. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a game entitled to those topnotch mission-based videogames journey teenagers used to enjoy when offline modes were popular back then.

6.Total War: Shogun 2

Shogun 2

The war game, Total War: Shogun 2 is a real-time tactics video game that has been created by The Creative Assembly. The game gives you the ability to control the battlefield acts. You can grip over the control over allies, which makes the war zone even more exciting.

The visual aids are enhanced along with control, moves, and tactical maneuvers on the battlefield, making Shogun 2 a major gamechanger over its predecessor. It’s one of the best videogames you’ll ever play, having such spell-bound surrounding baffled with stunning graphics. Incontestably, TW: Shogun 2 is one of the most addictive video games that you’ll ever get to play with your game geek friends.

7.Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

 Best War Games Red Alert 2

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is one of the real-time strategic based video games. The game has been setting a scenario of the war between the Allies and the Soviet Union.

The many-sided strategies you could carry around the battlefield defines your skills in the game. Since the game segments into two major world blocs you can go with, there are various national teams of both Allies and Soviets having standalone capacities to battle against their opponents. The experience of gameplay is breathtaking and ingenious on which Command & Conquer Videogame Series builds up.

Together with terrific visuals, expansive maps ‘selection, different terrains with adjustable weather conditions, C&C: RA2 alongside its various versions of the game make them the best RTS (Real-time Strategy) games of all time. A must-have if you love games related to the ‘Strategy’ genre.

8.Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes

This war game, Company of Heroes, is a development of Relic Entertainment, based on a real-time strategic aspect. You in charge of the American Armed Forces; this is where the strategy and tactics matter alongside battlefield basics and boost since you’re in a squad-to-battalion military crew, looking for the perfect shot against your enemies.

The visuals allow you to experience overpowering real-time damages and realistic explosives that occur during the war. We assure you; you would love to get your hands on this game and would keep it as an interesting relic to cherish its gameplay memories – The times when games like this get ancient to the future advance generation.

9. Panzer General

Panzer General

Panzer General is a production of Strategic Simulations in 1994 and is a computer-based video game. The operational-level game demands you to use the tactics to play stealthily and valiantly against your opponents that are very different from your team in many ways.

Every step in the game is devised through planning and step-to-step strategic commitment, or else you will lose it in a go. The resources, vehicles, weapons, and armory are all you have, along with other resources that will carry you through the rest of the PG gameplay. Panzer General is an excellent 2D graphics board game having 3D upgrades as well, thus, keeping up with the modern 21st-century strategy video games.

10.Unity of Command

Unity of Command (video game)

Recreating massive battles of movement in a turn-based video game is what qualifies Unity of Command in the list of best war games. The game allows you to use your strategy while you command the Wehrmacht forces and their allies in the battlefield during a critical war zone. Plan your move and attack with concentration and a back-up strategy. The game allows you to cherish the risk that you take in a real war.

11.Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts

The war game, Valiant Hearts: The Great War holds profound graphic-immersive virtues and stands out a position in the list of best war games ever. The story of the game depicts sacrifice, survival, and friendship that a battleground gives a German soldier.

The connection of four characters, i.e., showing a German, a Frenchman, an American and a Belgian on the battlefield, where it reflects that the strategy and combination of individuals as a team can help them to survive through a horrifying on-going war crisis.

12.This War of Mine

This War of Mine (Survival game)

This game is a war-survival video game developed by the Polish Game Development Company. The game demonstrates through the eyes of the civilians. A group of civilians is what you command to survive the war by finding shelter while the nations are at war.

How scary it can be for a civilian to witness the terrors of war, and do anything in their best possible way to survive the catastrophic damage. This game is indeed inspiring that stirs your mind to think about how safe, secure, and sheltered we’re in our comfort zones. Undoubtedly, some movies and games as well change one’s perspectives on lives to great empathic extents.

13.Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far

Close Combat (Computer game)

The game is not only about the war taking place on the battlefield. The strategy that leads to the end is what the game is all about. Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far is a real-time war game that depicts the era of World War II, developed by Atomic Games.

The game reflects heartbreaking consequences that take place because of the awe-inspiring yet life-shattering storyline you go through during the gameplay. Be well-equipped and prepared for the worst-case scenarios in the war game. Take your slightest of life-saving chances, and every step with a full strategic scheme and plan before your enemies get their hands on you.

14.IL-2 Sturmovik

IL-2 Sturmovik (Video game series)

IL-2 Sturmovik is a videogame series of WW2 flight-combat simulator games developed by Gaijin Entertainment, 1C Company, 777 Studios, and 1C: Maddox Games. The game changes the view of spectacular battlefronts, other than a battlefield; midair jet-to-jet battles come into play.

The game mainly focuses on the air battle of the Eastern Front. The players seated in airplanes and the combat flight fire-in-the-air flight takes place.

You can come up commands to set the battle at its best, and when you cross your strategy limits, you are in control to crash the airplane and end up the case. IL 2 Sturmovik is one of the best aerial combat battle games ever created.


DEFCON is a real-time strategy game

DEFCON is a real-time strategy game that depicts the Global Nuclear War. The game provides the players with a graphical map of the World along with nuclear and conventional weaponry and an aim to abolish the enemy.

You have to plan your attack strategically and hit your strikes with aim and focus. Your objective is to destroy the enemy’s population and thrive to save yours. The task is difficult, and your win-win situation strategy is all that matters in the end.

These war games have been the top games in their times and videogame history, and even till the date. If you’re a video game freak, then these are the games that you must try. The experience of playing these top 15 video games is nothing less than an outstanding once-in-a-lifetime gameplay experience. All I wish is, if, there had been an inspired videogame from one of Marvel superhero characters; surely I’d be playing the Civil War while wearing an exclusive Captain America Jacket. It’s neat, worthwhile genuine, and the right thing to buy with your money. Get yours now!

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