6 Best Monitor For Reading Documents: Step by Step Guide

6 Best Monitor For Reading Documents (2021) Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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The search for the best monitor for reading documents can be very complicated when you do not know what to look for. You may have a demanding writing job that will require you to look at your monitor for several hours during the day.

Can you imagine if you would be looking at the document that you are typing and everything is not clear? You probably need to have a monitor that will lessen the tiredness that your eyes may feel.

What will happen when you keep on using the wrong monitor? These are some of the possible things that may occur:

  • Your eyesight may not be as clear as they used to be.
  • The harsh light of the monitor will tire your eyes out more.
  • It will be harder for you to read certain documents that would require reading.

You always have the option to search for the best monitor for reading, what are the things that you should consider?

Buying Guide for Best Computer Monitors for Work

There are different computer monitors that you can find right now so finding the best one may take a bit of time. If you have the time, then make use of your time well. You are bound to find the computer monitor that will work best for your needs.

Monitor Type

There are different panel technologies that are available right now. Choosing just one can be a bit complicated. The budget version is the TN or the Twisted Nematic LCD. There are some people who would choose this because of its price. Still, it is wise to know more details about the various panel types to guide you in making the best choice.

Do you know that there are different monitor types available right now? Some are more common than others. The common ones are the following:

  • VA (Vertical Alignment)
  • IPS (In-Plane Switching)
  • TN (Twisted Nematic)

You will have the option to choose which one you will get. They all have their own pros and cons to consider. The clearer the screen of the monitor especially when reading texts, the better.

TN (Twisted Nematic)

TN is still the most widely used panel type right now. People would choose it not only because of its price but also because of the excellent response times of this type of monitor. This is one monitor that is more appropriate than gaming though as compared to reading.

You can choose this panel if you know that you would be playing more games than reading documents. If you plan on having a panel to write and read, the other panel types may be more appropriate.

VA (Vertical Alignment)

This is considered to be the mid-range panel type that you can get. They will offer great color and the viewing angles will already be great. Yet, when compared to IPS, the response time will still be a bit slower. The high contrast ratio is one of the reasons why people may want to choose this. There are just instances when color shifts may happen while this is being used.

IPS (In Plane Switching)

This will not be the most expensive monitor type for nothing. This is not the most affordable gaming monitor that you can find but most people would still choose this. The fact that it can be amazing for gaming means that it can also be amazing to use for work-related purposes.

Some people would choose IPS gaming monitor specifically over all the other monitor types but if you find it too expensive for your purpose, the other two types can work great as well.


Can you imagine if you need to use a monitor that has a very small size? No matter how much you adjust the font size of the document, you would not be able to read the text as clearly as you would like. You may be asking yourself, “What size monitor should I get?” it will also depend on how large your desk is and how much space you have. Contemplate on the size that you want before making the best choice.


Can you imagine if the resolution of the monitor that you are using is very low? It will be enough to make you decrease your eyesight within months. Always check the resolution of the computer monitors that you are considering before making a purchase.


How much are you willing to spend on the computer monitor? Most people would wish that they will have unlimited money for the things that they want. Yet, most people know that they have to make purchases depending on their budget. Do not worry if you do not have a large amount of money to spare. There are a lot of great monitors that do not cost a lot of money.

Best Monitor for Reading Text Review

You have already learned some details about finding the best computer monitor that will be perfect for reading text documents. Finding various products online may confuse you but these are a few of the products that may be worth your while.

Daesung E-Ink Paperlike 3 HD Front – Light and Touch 13.3” Monitor

Dasung E-Ink Paperlike 3 HD Front best monitor for reading documentsThis is an auxiliary computer that will have the power to protect your eyes. One of the most notable things about this is the E-Ink technology. If in case you are not familiar with this, this can display the text similar to how the text would look like on paper. There are still so many features that can be offered by this computer monitor.

There was a time when E-Ink used to be something that is only available to E-book readers but this has obviously changed. The monitor offers this feature and this alone can already make this your best choice as one of the best monitors for your eyes. This comes with a 13.3” screen that will be big enough to browse, type, code, and so much more. If the time comes that you would like to extend your screen, you can just connect it to another monitor with the use of your USB cable. This is a lightweight monitor that you can take with you wherever you would choose to go.

This is one of the best computer monitors that you can get if you are suffering from poor eyesight. It can also be effective if you know that your eyes get strained easily. It is not for gamers but for those who would need to look at their laptops for a long time, this would work.

  • Great for people with sensitive eyes.
  • This is effective in alleviating the strain caused by looking at computer screens too long.
  • Effective for coding and reading.
  • Size is perfect for travel.
  • Amazing for readers and writers.
  • The response time is not very fast for videos.
  • Some shadowing may take place from time to time.
  • Blue light filter drastically changes the appearance of the screen.

Dell S Series Led-Lit Monitor 32″ Black

Dell S Series Led-Lit Monitor 32" Black best reading monitor Do you want to enjoy crisp and clear images when you are looking at your computer monitor? This is just one of the things that this computer monitor can offer and more. The wide viewing angle of the monitor will allow you to have more options when you are adjusting your monitor.

You know that you would like to have a monitor that will allow you to view your documents better. This monitor can offer more than that. It can also offer superior sound so that you will be able to enjoy listening to your favorite songs while you work. It will be a great way to relax while working. This can also be mounted on the wall. This can help you maximize the space that you have. The ComfortView feature will help reduce the blue light that may start to hurt your eyes.

This is one of the monitors that you may want if you want to have a bigger monitor as compared to your laptop monitor while reading documents. This can work with different Mac laptops and Windows laptops too.

  • This comes with a lot of features that you can work with.
  • The good price is undeniable.
  • This can also be used for gaming.
  • Can be plugged in and connected to different laptop models.
  • Screen size is great.
  • The sounds can be muffled in high volumes.
  • Stand is a bit hard to remove.
  • Picture boundaries require to be set up from time to time.


BenQ 24 Inch 1080P Monitor monitor for reading documentsThere are different reasons why you may want to have a rather large computer monitor. You may just want to be updated with the various things that you browse online. It is also likely that you would like to have a monitor that will allow you to view various documents with ease. This is one of the monitors that should be considered soon.

This comes with a dynamic ratio of 12M:1 which can make this very clear. This is also known to be flicker-free. Whether you are reading or browsing, or you would like to play your computer games, you know that this will be perfect for your needs. There are different pre-set modes that are available that you can use. It would depend on how you would like to use the monitor. This is a standard movie game mode, reading mode, and eco mode. It will depend on you which one will work best.

This is one of the gaming monitors that can make even picky customers happy. It has different modes that will fit the various things that you plan to do with the computer monitor. The price is great too for everything that it can offer.

  • This is thin and lightweight.
  • The monitor seems to be constructed well.
  • Resolution of this monitor is better as compared to others.
  • Can be mounted easily.
  • The cost of this monitor is low.
  • You will need speakers to use this.
  • Some find the customer service of this company to be not very helpful.
  • People have received damaged products.

LG 27UK850-W 27″ 4K UHD IPS Monitor with HDR10

LG 27UK850-W 27″ 4K UHD best monitor for reading textAre you searching for a monitor upgrade? If you answer yes, then this is one of the best monitors for you to check. The colors are very accurate even when you have to view your monitor from an off-angle. Get to know more about the best value computer monitor that you can find.

The USB-C type connectivity is one of the reasons why this can be your option. You can easily connect it to different devices. This is also compatible with HDR10 which means that you can expect high-quality graphics if you would choose to use this while playing different games. The virtually borderless display will definitely offer a unique experience that you have not found in other computer monitors. The effect is having a sleek monitor that you would love to use.

This is one of the monitors that you can consider to have not only when you want to have the best monitor for long hours of reading some text and documents. The monitor can be very useful for playing games too.

  • This works well with other USB C ports and gadgets.
  • The color of the panel is just fantastic.
  • The text is very crisp.
  • This can look great no matter where you would place it.
  • Can be considered to be an all-in-one monitor.
  • Customer service of the company is a bit off.
  • There are instances when the monitor is not repairable anymore.
  • The color temperature does not seem to be uniform throughout the panel.

Acer CB272 bmiprx 27 inches Full HD IPS Zero Frame Monitor

Acer CB272 bmiprx 27 inches best monitor for reading documentsThe search for the best monitors for reading text can be confusing at times. This is one of the monitors that you will notice not only because of its appearance. It also has a lot of features that will make you want to work or play your favorite games easily.

The zero frame design is probably one of the first things that you will notice about this. It will allow you to maximize the images that you will see on-screen at all times. Whether you are trying to monitor your stocks, browse online, and so much more, you will have more space to view the details.

The Acer BlueLightShield will make sure that it will reduce eye strain. You can do your different tasks longer without worrying about your eyes because of this feature. It also comes with Flickerless technologies that will help lessen eye fatigue. The adjustable stand of this monitor will help you find the perfect angle no matter where you would like to view it.

The big-screen display is already enough to make this outstanding. The fact that it comes with a lot of other features can make this even more appealing to different people. This can be used for working or for gaming which makes it a versatile monitor to have.

  • This is a solid monitor.
  • The color temperature can be adjusted depending on your needs.
  • The monitor is thin and lightweight.
  • This comes with a very useful stand.
  • The features can make it amazing for its price.
  • Some say that it still has the tendency to flicker from time to time.
  • There are people who do not like the way that this looks.
  • Others have received a defective item and do not know how to return it.

HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor

HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch best computer monitors for workWho does not want to have a computer monitor that can be viewed from different angles, right? This is one gaming monitor that will come with a clean and contemporary design. It can look perfect in any room that you would choose to place this on. Is this the right monitor for you?

This has a 3-sided micro-edge design that will make sure that you can view this properly from any angle that you would choose. It makes use of IPS panel technology so you can expect that the colors are going to be more vibrant as compared to other monitors.

The sleek design will make you want to place this on top of your computer table immediately. It will not take up too much space but the screen size will already be enough for you to read documents clearly. The anti-glare panel can be highly effective when you want to read when the sun is shining brightly.

There might be a lot of monitors that you can find right now but you need the best computer monitors for work. This is one of the monitors that you can use not only for work but also for playing some of your favorite games without any trouble.

  • Switch between VGA and HDMI outputs easily.
  • The monitor is still sharp and clear even in weird angles.
  • The monitor looks great.
  • Display is very crisp and vibrant.
  • The installation is not very hard.
  • A lot of people have reported that this does not last.
  • Customer service is not very good.
  • The warranty is often not honored.


It is obvious that any of the monitors that are mentioned above can be perfect for the purpose that you want. You need to protect your eyes especially when you have to work in front of your affordable gaming monitor for a long time. All of the monitors will come with various features, pros, and cons that will help you make the best decision. Which among the monitors would you like to get soon? The choice will be up to you.


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