Why are Herman Miller Chairs so Expensive?

Why are Herman Miller Chairs so Expensive?

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Are you currently searching for a Herman Miller chair and can’t digest why they’ve all got a massive price tag? Why are Herman Miller chairs so Expensive? Well, there’re several reasons why.

The Herman Miller brand has been in furniture manufacturing for several decades. Over this time, it has grown to become one of the world’s best furniture giants.

Getting a Herman Miller chair costs a lot more based on the quality, detailing, and exceptional features they provide. But to get a clearer picture, we’ll get to see detailed facts as to why Herman Miller chairs cost a lot more than others.

Keep reading to acquire essential info that’ll provide you an excellent choice for ergonomic, industry-leading chair support.

Reasons Why Herman Miller Chairs Cost More

Improved Adjustability

In terms of durability, Herman Miller chairs tend to give you a higher adjustment level for better posturing. It has several adjustable parts. Since users may likely spend most of their time in these chairs, excellent adjustability is essential.

These chairs have adjustable features capable of improving sitting posture and better spine health. Sometimes the height is a reason for this adjustment.

Advanced body support

Herman Miller chairs limit the chances of body pain by assuring excellent support for long-hour sitting.

Increased mobility

Higher mobility potential is assured by Herman Miller chairs, which significantly trumps up its price.

You wouldn’t want to be going up and down, as this chair comes with wheels, and more so it can swivel too. With the feature of the wheel, you are sure to move around your office comfortably while sitting.

Material quality

Herman Miller makes use of four materials when getting upholstery onto their chairs: fabric, PU or PVC leather, and mesh.

Mesh Herman Miller chairs come with durable, tightly-wrapped designs that create sturdy, hassle-free support. And Herman Miller mesh chairs remain an industry-standard.

Also, Herman Miller adopts properly-treated, durable, and long-lasting PVC or PU leather for some choice chairs. Expect unrivaled comfort from Herman Miller PU or PVC chairs.

The same quality is adhered to when designing fabric-covered Herman Miller chairs.

All these choices make Herman Miller chairs an excellent choice for sitters, but comes at a higher price.

Durable frame

When it comes to durability, the nature and quality of the material play a massive role. Herman Miller chairs are customized in such a way that durability is a sure thing.

Unmatched back support

Sometimes most people find it difficult to sit on their office chair for a long time. Herman Miller chairs are well-designed to get the adequate adjustment for maximum back support. You get to sit and rest your back and head in a comfy fashion.

Hand support

Herman Miller chairs have massive hand support features to allow you better rest. These handles are also made with leather that supports your hands after some moment of work.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is assured from several Herman Miller chairs. These chairs tend to support the lower back area and provide excellent backrest while working.

With this support pad in place, you got your spine covered as it’s perfectly positioned. Rather than getting a no-good, sometimes inferior black gaming chair, consider a Herman Miller for lower back support.

Headrest support

Herman Miller chairs deliver unrivaled headrest support that comfortably eclipses other brands.


Unlike other brands, Herman Miller chairs make use of durable, dense polymers and metals in designing their chairs.

It won’t be odd to find a Herman Miller chairs with rounded, well-ground steel base for an exceptional, sturdy finish. And when these chairs come made with caster wheels, you should expect them to last for several years on end.

Such durable support comes at a price and makes Herman Miller chairs the most expensive in stores right now.


Most Herman Miller chairs come with shape-retention foam capable of assuring excellent support. These paddings are made with cutting-edge tech that supports you for long-hour work or gaming.

In some cases where these chairs don’t feature entire upholstery builds, they come mostly in highly-durable polymers. This quality features increase what you normally have to pay for an office chair.


Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Expensive office chairs come with high-end features, extensive detailing, and quality paddings. With such high-quality additions, you’d not be in the wrong for spending more to attain comfort.

These chairs come with an ergonomic design that’ll guarantee you value for money in the long run.

Are Herman Miller chairs good for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, there should be a high level of comfort and relaxation in playing games. That’s why getting any Herman Miller chair for gaming won’t be a wrong choice.

Are Herman Miller chairs worth it?

Herman Miller chairs are excellent furniture with all the exceptional, industry-topping features they provide.

There’s more confidence when making use of Herman Miller furniture, making it well worth the price.

How can I tell if my Herman Miller chair is real?

There’re several ways to determine if your Herman Miller chair is real;

  • Company label is usually placed underneath its seat frame
  • Buying directly from the Herman Miller site assures you a standard product
  • A quality Herman Miller chair must come with a company-backed warranty

How long does a Herman Miller chair last?

Herman Miller chairs are guaranteed to last for 12-years at the very least. In the area of durability, Herman Miller chairs are considered first-rate and industry standard.

How much does a Herman Miller chair cost?

A new Herman Miller Chair could go for $782. Used Herman Miller chairs proven to be first-rate can be sold at $749 or less.

Final Word

Herman Miller remains an industry leader when it comes to assuring top-notch ergonomic support. With all these chairs provide, you’re sure not to ask Why are Herman Miller Chairs so expensive anymore.

Getting any of these chairs will undoubtedly make you sit better, and get that comfort and durability that’s been elusive.

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