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Every avid gamer understands the need and importance of a good gaming keyboard. The keyboards are almost as important as the game itself. Getting a good gaming keyboard has to be one of the things at the top of a gamer’s list. A good gaming keyboard could mean the difference between kicking ass in a game and losing to an opponent. Because the commands for the game are sent in through the command keys on the keyboard, the keyboard plays a vital role in gaming.

What is a gaming keyboard?

A gaming keyboard is improved or evolved keyboard that comes with certain tools that give a gamer maximum satisfaction and efficiency when he plays. Its evolution could be expressed in the presence of special keys and or in the multipurpose characteristic of normal keys.

Things people consider when getting a gaming keyboard

Every gamer has a preference for what type of keyboard they want based on a lot of factors. From the feel of the keys to the switches used, people pick keyboards based on their comfort and efficiency of the keys. Here are some of the things people look out for.

The feel of the keyboard

The feel of the keys on a gaming keyboard is one of the factors that most gamers consider before buying a gaming keyboard because it is important that a gamer feels comfortable with his keyboard which is as good as an extension of his hands. There are two main categories when it comes to the keys in a gaming keyboard. One of them is the mechanical key while the other is a membrane based key.

The mechanical key of a gaming keyboard has several features and one of such features is the clicky sound that accompanied each press of a key on the keyboard. This is because of the set up inside the system. It is undoubtedly not good for fast paced games as the clicky effect tends to make the command a bit slow. The membrane key or rubber dome key is a type of key on gaming keyboards. It is the direct opposite of the mechanical key. What makes the membrane key stand out is the silence with which it is operated and as a result, the response time for commands keyed into this keyboard is faster.

Type of Switch

There is more to the preference in gaming keyboards than the mechanical or membrane keyboard type. Most people typically go for the mechanical keyboard type and within that group is a whole lot of subcategories that are determined by the switches used to make them. Almost all gamers including the newbies have heard of the Cherry MX when it comes to gaming keyboard types. The Cherry MX keyboards were usually categorized by the color that came with the name. This color provided the Backlighting of the keyboard as well as an idea of the type of switch that it was built with.

Easy to use Macro keys

Most computer games may require you to make a command using a combination of two or more keys. In this case, a gaming keyboard with macro keys would make a good choice. The macro keys can be used to program another key to carry out a particular instruction in one click rather than the series of clicks it would have taken to perform the same action. This saves the gamer some time and increases his efficiency.

Smart keyboards

Gaming keyboards are by far one of the most advanced keyboards out there and as time goes by, the newer gaming keyboards coming out are more and more advanced. One of the new features of the newer gaming keyboards is the smart feature. The smart keyboards that have this feature come with an LCD system that lets the gamer know what is going on in the Pc and in his game. Things like the gamers stats and maps can be accessed with this feature. Off the game though, the smart feature lets you know how to get more value from your PC. These factors and more are things that every gamer considers before deciding to buy a gaming keyboard for themselves.

Best 5 gaming keyboards

With all of these features described above, it can be hard to decide what type of gaming keyboard to buy especially if you’re new to the world of gaming. Don’t feel overwhelmed if you do not understand while the different switches come with different colors or why each color keyboard is very different from the other. We’ve all been there and I hope that this article would help you in your choices eventually. This article contains the top 5 gaming keyboards you can get.

The gaming keyboards, their features, their pros, and cons are outlined in this article to give you a wider range of information so that you can make the best choice possible.

Razer Cynosa Chroma – a very satisfying tactile feel


It comes with a water resistant design that keeps the keyboard safe.
The keyboard comes with a wide range of backlights.
Carries out as much as ten commands at the same time with the anti-ghosting feature.
The keyboard has a limited number of anti-ghosting keys.
It does not come with a USB port.

Built with soft cushiony keys, the Razer Chroma gaming keyboard provides you with a very satisfying tactile feel as you play. The keys of the keyboard are a dream come true with all of the wonderful Backlighting that makes it glow up.

Features and Benefits

  • Key recording sequences :The keyboard comes with a 10 key rollover technology where the keys you pressed would be registered and can be replaced by simply using a single key to duplicate the same moves.
  • Personalized keyboard and gaming experience: The Razer Chroma is introducing the new Razer Synapse which gives you the chance to personalize your keyboard by tweaking a couple things on it such as assigning macro keys.
  • A wide range of bright colors for personalizing your keyboard: The Razer Chroma keyboard comes with a wide spectrum of colors numbering up to 16.8 million colors. Personalize your keyboard today with the different colors available to you.
  • Programmable keys with automatic macro recording feature: The Razer Chroma keyboard comes with a Programmable feature that lets you record keys on the fly. Using this feature, you can record a series of complex moves with the fully programmable keys.

The Razer Chroma keyboard is a good gaming keyboard with lots of awesome features that are built to give you a better gaming experience and a deeper love for gaming.

Logitech G213 – a water resistant & slim body


The G213 prodigy keyboard is a high performance keyboard created to suit all gamers. With water resistant, slim and durable features, the G213 prodigy is the gaming keyboard to have.

Features and Benefits

  • The keyboard adapts to your playing style and speed: The G213 is a keyboard with a difference. It is designed to adapt to its player’s style and pace of play. It is built to give gamers a sense of camaraderie with their keyboards.
  • A wide range of bright colors : The G213 Logitech keyboard comes with a wide range of colors up to 16.8 million different shades. Give your keyboard its own style by assigning colors to the five different color zones.
  • Durability and long term usage: Durability is one of the important factors considered when designing the Logitech G213 keyboard and to that effect, the anti-spillage feature was added. The anti-spillage feature is inbuilt to protect you from accidents.

The G213 prodigy Logitech keyboard is a quality gaming keyboard with good gaming features that are guaranteed to give you the best gaming experience you have ever had.



With its multiple features built to ensure the gamer has the best possible gaming experience, this keyboard is the best choice to make for a gaming keyboard. Here are some of its outstanding features.

  • Ergonomic Design Semi Mechanical Keyboard: This keyboard is designed to not only give the gamer an out of the world gaming experience, it is also designed to give the user maximum safety and ease with its ergonomic features.
  • Special water resistant technology: This gaming keyboard is a keyboard with a difference. Every feature it comes with has been designed to beat the competition. It’s water resistant technology is by far the most advanced of the other gaming keyboards.
  • Stable data transmitting feature: From the braided wire included to prevent wear and tear to the gold plated USB port to the anti-interference magnet ring, every single part of this keyboard is built for comfort, efficiency, and maximum satisfaction.
  • Has the feel of a professional gaming keyboard: This gaming keyboard simulates the feel of a professional keyboard to give you maximum satisfaction and comfort. It is especially good with games like Call of duty and World of Warcraft.

This gaming keyboard is the best with the extra special features it is designed with. The keyboard would make a worthwhile expenditure, one you would not regret buying.

TeckNet Gryphon – most efficient gaming experience


This TeckNet Gryphon LED Illuminated Programmable Gaming Keyboard is a good gaming keyboard designed to give you the most efficient gaming experience. It comes with a lot of awesome features.

  • Adaptable LED Backlighting: This feature ensures that the gamer has a wonderful gaming experience even in a dark room as the illumination of the Backlighting makes the keys visible.
  • Programmable keys and anti-ghosting features : The keyboard comes with 10 Programmable keys which can easily record the key sequences with the macro key while still playing. So with this feature, you can use many keys without skipping a key.
  • Water resistant design: The keyboard also comes with a water resistant feature to protect your investment against the consequences of a liquid spillage accident.
  • Switch Mode: The keyboard comes with a switch mode feature that lets you navigate between the game and desktop while still playing your game even if you mistakenly touch a wrong key.

The TeckNet Gryphon keyboard is a wonderful gaming keyboard that would revolutionize the way you play games forever. Purchase it today and enjoy the gaming experience more than you have ever done before.


FLAGPOWER Rainbow –  a special ergonomic


The flagpower rainbow LED Backlit gaming keyboard is a new water resistant keyboard with lots of new age features that change the feeling of gaming. It has the following features.

  • Easy access to media controls: The keyboard has a one touch media key access that makes it easy for you to access and control your media whenever you want to.
  • Wrist friendly ergonomic design: The flagpower rainbow LED Backlit gaming keyboard comes with a special ergonomic wrist design that lets you rest your wrists while playing and prevents long term damage.
  • Water resistant technology : The flagpower keyboard comes with four drainage holes to prevent any backlash from water spillage accidents.Other features include like 19 key anti-ghosting technology removable keycaps and durable design.
  • Long lasting and durable: This keyboard was built with durability in mind and its body is made with a strong material that is resistant to bumps, and scratching.

The flagpower rainbow keyboard is designed to be comfortable for the gamer as well as tricked out to make sure that he has an unforgettable gaming experience.

Final Verdict

Gaming is most enjoyed when it is played with a good gaming keyboard that offers all the features of comfort and practicality. It is difficult to find a good gaming keyboard that can find a balance between those two important aspects. The five gaming keyboards above have managed that feat and would be great additions to your gaming console. With any of the above discussed gaming keyboards, gaming becomes more than just a game.


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