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Playing games online or with friends is a task that more or less every one of us would like to do. But if you’re a little more serious about online gaming, you might look forward to a personal router for gaming online!

Yeah, we’re pointing out at the device that creates smooth, distortion/lagging free gaming experience at its best. And it’s called a gaming router.

However, as long as gaming routers are concerned, there is both good and bad news. The good news is, there are many globally reputed brands producing A1-grade best cheap ac router and the bad news as there are tons of scammy products as well in the market.

Don’t give it up yet. We’ve noted down 5 of the most actionable tips to get the best let’s get going-

5 Quick Tips for Buying the Best Gaming Router

Quick Tips for Buying the Best Gaming Router

Tips 1 of 5: Go for A Dual-banded Router

As you know, there are both single-band and dual-band router available in the market. Single-band routers are able to provide a frequency of 2.4GHz, where dual-band ones can be as high as 5GHz.

Once you get a dual-band router for yourself, you can switch between these two moods. Also, 5GHz of frequency is less likely to create interruptions or leggings.

Therefore, for gaming, we recommend you to go with a dual-band 5GHz router.

Tips 2 of 5: Look for Routers with Multiple Antenna

Speed is everything that matters when it comes to a gaming wifi router. And one of the deciding factors behind your router’s speed is the number of antennae.

With a single antenna, the router will be able to transmit a single stream of data, and with multiple antennas, the number of the stream increases accordingly.

Tips 3 of 5: Make Sure to Have USB Sharing Ports

It might sound odd and you may wonder about why on earth a gaming router needs a USB port. Well, technically you can connect to devices wirelessly, but having a USB port will benefit you in these many ways-

  • To use it as a device console or serial-over-USB.
  • To update the device’s configuration, firmware or other similar information.
  • It can be used as a media storage device as well.

So, if you can manage to find a router that comes with an extra USB port (apart from all of the other regular ports), that’s definitely a plus.

Tips 4 of 5: Ensure Fast Wifi Connection with Mu-Mimo Technology

MU-MIMO stands for multi-user, multiple-input, and multiple-output. When it comes to creating an environment where a number of players will connect and access a system, Mu-MIMO technology can be a great tool!

Why do we say that?

Well, the working policy of this technology is about ‘first come, first serve’ basis. When multiple users access the same network at the same time, the number of requests that are needed to be processed is high. Eventually, congestion takes place and results in lag and malfunction in the network.

So, having a router with MU-MIMO technology embedded in it is definitely a plus for the overall gaming experience.

Tips 5 of 5: Make Sure that Your Router Supports Secure WPA2

When it comes to networking devices like routers, there are many security algorithms that we are used to using. Among popular algorithms, we have-

  1. WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy).
  2. WPA(Wifi Protected Access).
  3. WPA2(Wifi Protected Access 2).

These were the 3 primary algorithms that are available with the devices across the market. But when it comes to gaming router, we would particularly recommend you to stick with the WPA2 technology.

Because other security algorithms like WEP standard is easy to attack, where WPA2 is almost 5 times secure. For anyone who’s trying to intrude in the system, can find the network security identity key so easily in systems like WEP. Where there is multi-layer protection for the WPA2 algorithm.

Bottom Line

Apart from these 5 factors, there are tons of other important aspects that you should keep in mind. But these 5 are the game-changer. Good luck to your next purchase of best gaming router!

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