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Right now, most of us have more time for gaming than ever before. After all, we can’t leave the house for any social or leisure activities and in many cases, people are not even working. So there has never been more opportunity to hone gaming skills or even try some new ones.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the best multiplayer first-person shooter video games out there at the moment. Two teams play against each other in multiple objective-based game mode rounds – the victorious team is simply the one who has won the most rounds. This updated version of the original Counter: Strike has new weapons, characters, and updated maps such as Train, Nuke, Dust, and others.

In order to gain competitive advantage (and keep it interesting), the game ‘drops’ certain accessories to its players. The more time you spend playing, the more drops you will receive but it is believed the amount is capped each week to 2 gun drops, 2-3 case drops, and 2 mission drops. You cannot actually influence the frequency of the drops or what is in them other than to play the game itself so our advice is to game as much as you can whilst you have the opportunity!

It’s always exciting to receive a drop and the best part is finding out what it is. They include:

  • Cases/capsules (usually there are 3-5 being rotated in the system at any one time)
  • Weapons – the skins from a certain collection
  • Missions (only with the Operation Breakout pass)
  • Graffiti
  • Souvenir packages

If you want to know more, there are websites which specialise for example you can read about cs go drops with Most of the drops will be generic but some are incredibly rare. Here, we take a look at the rarest drops you will receive on CS:GO…

Dragon Lore (Factory New Souvenir AWP) – these usually sell for about $35,000 (genuinely) so getting one in a drop is incredibly rare. Dragon Lore is the rarest yet most sought after skin in existence thanks to its pure gold appearance with dragon feature. Souvenirs of it are so rare that most players have never even seen one!

IBUYPOWER Holo Sticker (from Katowice 2014) – this is so expensive thanks to the fact you can only open it from one of the capsules that dropped during the Katowice 2014 tournament. The capsule itself now sells for $750 so it is no surprise to learn the sticker can cost as much as $12,000! Part of its appeal is because the IBUYPOWER team were all banned from competitive gaming of CS:GO after a match fixing accusation so it’s become an iconic piece to have!

Factory New StatTrak M4A4 Howl – another item steeped in scandal, this actually wasn’t all that rare to start with, it was just the rarest item in the crate. But thanks to the designer using some copyrighted artwork that needed to be withdrawn, the original ones that were opened and that are still in circulation carry a value of up to $4,000!

Have you ever been lucky enough to see one of these incredibly rare items? Maybe you’re even one of the lucky ones to own one?!

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