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For video game lovers something new is cooking and scheduled to be launched on the 20th of April 2018. A new action-filled adventure video game for the play station 4 game consoles directed by Cory Barlog and written by Richard Gaubert, Cory Barlog, and Mathew Sophos is still being developed and worked on by the Santa Monica studios and is set for publication by Sony entertainment. This will be the eighth piece in the god of war game series which has been based on the Greek myths, but the new game will be based on the Norse myths. In the new series, Kratos is featured playing the main character and has a son Atreus who he mentors and protects while taming the anger that has driven him for years.

The plot of the game

Years have gone by since Kratos had his revenge on the Olympian gods after surviving his final battle with his father Zeus. Kratos finds himself living in the world of the Norse gods with his young son Atreus. The land is known to be dangerous and occupied by many savage monsters and fierce warriors. Kratos must swallow his pride and tame his anger in order to teach his son survival tactics required to live in such as dangerous land and start acting like a father. Since the Norse gods are taking necessary measures to eliminate Kratos due to the fact that he destroyed Olympus and has no choice but to wage war against them. After staying with his father Atreus knows him better and also about his dark and complicated past and there is a struggle within him whether to follow the ways of his father Kratos of curve his own path and future.

Features of the new game

The game has been modified and rebuilt completely with one significant feature being that Kratos is no longer using his blades that are double chained which was his previous signature because he lost them during the end of the season three series. In place of the blades, Kratos uses a mysterious axe known as the leviathan axe which is said to be magical and has the following uses

  • The axe can be thrown at the enemy and be summoned back to Kratos’ hand.
  • The axe can also be charged to release explosions of energy that can destroy many enemies who are in close proximity.
  • The axe has heavy and light attacks in which the heavy attack mode throes the enemies into the air.
  • The axe can be thrown at various objects to cause an explosion that will destroy the enemies.

Another new feature that Kratos uses in the game is a shield which serves the purpose of protecting Kratos from attacks and is seen as armor on the left arm of Kratos and can also use to charge at the enemy when launching attacks.

The new game does not use the normal cinematic camera featured in the previous series but uses the free over the shoulder camera and during the play of the game, Atreus who is the son of Kratos can assist the player with the rules of the game. The god of war also features elements such as points earned due to knowledge in archery, the ability to switch to Spartan rage when in battle. Like the previous games, the ability to rage consists of a meter that fills up during battle and when activated Kratos uses hand attacks without weapons to mercilessly destroy his enemies.

When required to cross mass water bodies a boat is provided for the players as opposed to the previous versions which a player was able to swim across. There are also resources for the player to build a new armor or upgrade the currently existing one. Players can also access chests in the game with a component known as hack silver which ca be used to create new items.God-of-War-2018-Shot

Although during the entire game the player features as Kratos, there is a button that is designed to also control Atreus the son of Kratos passively and it depends on the game’s context. Over the entire game, Atreus assists in solving puzzles, exploring and traversing different areas and also during combat.

God of war: A call from the wilds

To assist in the promotion of the god of war game Sony entered into a partnership with Facebook through its messenger app to develop the game call from the wilds which can be played by the web and was released on February 2018 thus making the game to be easily downloaded.

With the new and attractive features of the fourth god of war series this game is likely to be exciting and worth playing it again and again.

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