5 Best PS4 Puzzle Games As of 2019

5 Best PS4 Puzzle Games As of 2019

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Fights, races, and missions are all great ways to test your gaming skills. If you want to use your mind and face a true challenge, there is nothing better than puzzle games. With different logical conundrums, numerical exercises and creative puzzles, you can empower your mind to incredible levels. Take a look at the 5 best PS4 puzzle games and test your brainpower. It won’t be easy for the first time, but there is no reason why you can’t get in the hang of it. Good luck!


1. The Talos Principle 

Key features:

  • Interesting background and storyline based on ancient Greek mythology and philosophy
  • A unique interface that doesn’t allow using past examples of puzzles and games
  • More than 120 different puzzles
  • There is a myriad of different ways you can complete the puzzles, so the order is completely your choice

This collaboration between Croteam and Devolver Digital was one of the most highly anticipated games of 2014. Ever since it came out, The Talos Principle has been amassing perfect scores and rave reviews.

It’s one of the rare puzzle games where you can see an emphasis on the design, not just the puzzles themselves. Developers around the world should use the Talos Principle as an example of how puzzle games can also be enticing in terms of design.

If you love history, unique puzzles, along with mysticism and mythology, you are going to love this game. A design to behold, a history lesson-like setup and unique ideas are just the reasons you should play this game.


2. The Witness

Key features:

  • More than 500 hundred uniquely-designed puzzles that vary in difficulty, type, and placements
  • The game is designed to be challenging – meaning that there are no tips, tricks or anything else that prevents you from learning things the hard way
  • Different principles adhere to different puzzles
  • All the puzzles are a part of a unique, 3D open world

The game begins when you wake up on a mysterious island, with no knowledge about who you are, how did you get there and what is going on. From that point onwards, it is your duty to explore the world and gain some answers by solving the puzzles.

However, don’t be fooled by the beautiful and incredibly lifelike design of the scenery, objects and everything else. The Witness is one of the 5 best PS4 puzzle games, but it’s also one of the hardest.

With a trial and error principle being used, there is no way you can advance to the next puzzle or level without solving the previous one. How objects correspond – it’s up to you to understand and grasp what needs to be done.

Valiant Hearts The Great War

3. Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Key features:

  • A modern historical background, which is very unusual for many puzzle games
  • Follow 4 different stories as they cross paths and solve problems related to each of the 4 characters
  • A 2D setup, with an incredibly clean comic book-like design
  • Reenactments of many amazing battles and situations from WWI, through puzzles that gauge your imagination and make you work hard

Both developed and published by Ubisoft, this game is hailed as one of the 5 best PS4 puzzle games of all time by game fanatics and gaming blogs. If you place an emphasis on puzzles, you will fall in love with its design. Ubisoft has opted for a comic book-style design that emphasizes bright colors and contrasts.

Every puzzle is embedded into the story in a very subtle, but effective manner. If you like compelling stories and challenges, Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a game for you.


4. Unravel Two

Key features:

  • Both a single player and co-op mode bring along different puzzle, adjusting the difficulty
  • Different puzzles mostly related to movement, passing obstacles, but there are also numerical and logical conundrums you must solve
  • A perfect mix of action and puzzles
  • Great for playing with kids and other family members

Coldwood Interactive outdid themselves with this title. You get to play as one or two small creatures made of yarn, called Yarnies. The entire game is built around one main storyline, but there are also additional quests and challenge levels, designed to test your teamwork and mental capabilities.

Because of its family-friendly material and iconic design, it’s an ideal game for kids and parties alike. Another masterpiece by EA.


5. Limbo

Key features:

  • Pronounced elements of psychological horror movies
  • One of the best physics systems ever seen in puzzle games
  • Black and white tones, as a clear homage to film noir and other 20th-century art forms

Why should you play this game? If you love horror movies and engaging puzzles, this title will cause you to devote hours upon hours to it. The plot is pretty simple – you control a boy who has to look for his sister. Along the way, he encounters a myriad of hard puzzles.

This is one of the hardest puzzle-themed games and it brings you to the brink of madness with gruesome imagery and illogical sequences. Limbo is a masterpiece and Playdead outdid themselves.

Concluding thoughts on the 5 best PS4 puzzle games

This list contains some of the most legendary titles of recent years. We hope you enjoy each of them. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below and don’t hesitate to share your experiences with these games.


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