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N ot all types of headsets deserve the name headset. In fact, some types of headsets do not qualify to be called headsets due to their nature. That brings us to these amazing headsets in the market that is, the Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition. Since their introduction, Creative Sound BlasterX headsets have been giving gamers immersive sound which is sturdy. The headsets are easy to love due to their improved design.

 It is comfortable
 Has EQ features that are good for gaming
 Provide a high level of sound separation
 It is easy to assemble and use
 Give clear and accurate audio source representation

 It is less prominent
It is a bit hyped
BlassterX acoustic engine pro software is not free

What’s in the box?

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Initially, could buy the headphones in a plastic container which look like a pill. Creative Company – the producers of this headphones like changing things for the better. When you buy the tournament edition headsets they come in a thin plastic mold which fitted in a box. The box is small but it will accommodate accessories like a microphone which is detachable, 3.5mm cable for audio, a USD cable and a manual that will show you how to use it.


Generally, setting up the headset for use is very easy. You will only connect the 3.5mm audio cable to the inline remote then plug your headset into whatever sound system you like. It also has a USB cable which is used to connect to your PC. The USB works with a 24 bit digital to analog converter. The headset is good to use once you connect it to your PC. But if you will like to use all the digital features and applications that these headsets have, you can download BlassterX acoustic engine pro software. The software will enable you to configure your headphone and get what you like. The software comes in two different versions that have different applications. The BlassterX acoustic engine pro software can be acquired by buying while the lite version is free. The pro version has amazing feature but that does not mean that without the headsets are dead.

Features and design

The shape, color, and size of these headphones show you that the headset is ideal for gaming. The contrasting and well-mixed colors make it look amazing. The red X on the ear cup makes is look fantastic mostly when they glow while connected to the USB mode. The trimming red on black makes it likable by anybody.


In addition to above features, the BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition has the nicest finish that cannot be compared to any other headset on the market today. The matte finish which is combined with a soft leatherette padding makes them feel comfortable on your ears. The padding also makes the metal ear caps take their shape and remain comfortable.

Not all types of headphones come with this feature. The BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition is here to last for long. They have headbands which are strong and steel reinforced thus making them durable and sturdy at all times. They also have thick cables that are worn and tear resistant.

If you need headsets that you can use for a long time, these are the best in that. The thick layer of padding which is added to the band gives you a snug but flexible feel. The soft memory foam that forms parts of the headset help you wear them for long without sweating. The removable microphone makes these headphones flexible and simple to use any time you want. If you want to use the mic, you only fix them back and you are good to go. The headsets are also flexible thus you can move them to twist and change position without affecting their functionality.


For better working, the inline remote has an additional micro USB port that works with digital audio. It also has several buttons that like a volume controller thus letting you control the sound of your music. It also has a mute switch that you can be used to cancel sound when you are not using it. The multi-functioning button on the headset gives you a chance to stop, play or even end an incoming call. For amazing gaming experience, these headphones give an interface that can allow connection to several gaming devices like Xbox one and several others.


If you want to spend money on a good headset, Sound blassterX H7 tournament edition is good for that. The current headsets have upgraded drivers thus giving you high performance with accurate and clear sound.

Apart from being good for gaming, these headsets are well tuned and you can use them for watching your favorite movies. Their ability to produce superb sound with low noise makes them all good for your watching. They have the ability to distinguish between different sound and background music from your movie. The perfect sound isolation is done at the ear cups that come with a tilt driver design. All those features help in reducing the resonance that occurs between your ears and the ear cups. Due to the presence of the Acoustic engine software, you have the power to turn the scout mode on or even off. You can also change the EQ, and choose the game specifications that you like.

Sound quality

The sound quality of H7 tournament edition is highly distinguishable. The sounds that are produced can be set using the x-plus software thus and then loaded into the headset. The multipurpose button will help you regulate your volume. While using the headsets, you can hear still hear the surround sound thus making them good for multitasking. When playing a game, the sound produced by this headset can be distinguished.

So for the clear and crisp sound, the Creative Sound BlasterX will work for you

If the sound is coming from behind, sides or even above you will be able to note. That is only possible if you are using the BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition. You can also adjust the sound events and synchronize them with movement and position you can then adjust them accordingly and use them in future gaming activity.

The ability of these headphones to provide noise cancellation capability make them fantastic. No other headphone can produce the sound quality of this nature. The sound clarity and loudness will the give you the urge to use them on and on.

Final verdict

In conclusion, Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition is one of the best headsets that you can use for gaming activities and watching your best movie. With its superb sound performance, you will get a competitive sound quality that you need to enjoy your music too. It is affordable and the available for any buyers who want them. Once you buy them, you will be sure that you have durable gadgets that will stay for long. Due to their high-quality sound and presence of a microphone, you can use them for and an online interview. So if you are planning to buy the best headsets that will cater for your pocket but still remain durable for long, Creative Sound BlasterX headphones are the best for that.

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