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Games and the olden days bring forth nostalgia like no other. Today we have a multitude of gaming experiences, a range that only keeps building and growing. The problem, however, is it is also catering to a specific group of people.

It includes those with a pre-existing knowledge base of these games and a good connection with technology that translates to being ‘tech-savvy’. The more specific it gets, the more the general population seems to be distant from it.

There will always be a charm about old school games that brings some memories into our minds and smiles in our faces—spending a day in the arcade until this date remains one of the purest forms of joys to not only children around the world but also youth and adults alike.

There is something about hearing the chatter around these rooms that makes anyone fit in the mix and return happy and content.

Similarly, some games last a lifetime and the one that easily tops most of our lists in this category is the Super Mario brothers. It continues to be one of the greatest games made and serves so many memories to almost everyone who played.

Two leading factors for Super Mario to be one of the best games-

Now, here are the top two reasons according to me that this game stands out. The #1 reason being this game is in the simplest term is groundbreaking. In the best way of speaking, it inspired many other games and continues to stand as its own.

Not being a part of the aforementioned tech-savvy crowd and gamers crowd, and to be an old school game and lover of arcade games, Super Mario has a place in both these populations. It stands its own and that in itself is enough. Very few things can be described so, and if this game can be, no other term fits. The #2 reason being the new approach the game took.

Defying the traditional games of having a set of scores to beat and contesting about the next high rating, this game went above and beyond in this respect. It included exploration that was driven by the motivation to do something new. As humans, we live our lives with certain motivational factors, and out of curiosity for the unknown and new leads.

This curiosity drives our behaviour further toward exploration and continuation. Super Mario Brothers as a game savoured our motivational desire to the best and optimal use with its adventurous take on the gaming scenario.

How Super Mario revolutionized the gaming industry-

Moving on, there was a time in the gaming industry when things did not look so good. The revenue did not help as it was anything but a success. Now imagine this trend followed and today there was no video game in the world and we just carried on our lives so?

Yes, it is as terrible as it sounds. Now, this took on a whole different course with certain adjustments and one significant factor included in these adjustments was this game. To exaggerate, yes, the current video gaming scenario owes its ongoing success to the old school introductions. Thus, a big #3 reason for this game being one of the best is because it is one the saviours of the gaming industry. It is like an individual child in the gba roms industry.

Super Mario’s Easter egg trend-

Surely most of us have seen or at least heard of videos that debunk the Easter eggs in movies, series, music videos and such. It can be traced to the Super Mario Brothers as well! Following a certain hidden trajectory helped in opening up a whole new world or at least tiny little multiple worlds. This guarantees the user to keep going.

This #4 reason speaks for itself. In today’s world, all we seem to do is all work and no play, talking about Super Mario sparks something inside all of us. It was these tiny things in the game that made it so special for so many of us.

Mario never disappointed, did he? Here’s how.

Now let’s focus on Mario for a minute here. He is not our ordinary-looking person and at the same time, strangely but extremely interestingly, is such an ordinary man. He is a man who does not need any introductions and is there, ever ready for the next adventure. He is our ideal self.

All he does is leaps forward and keeps going through whatever is thrown his way. He stops to contemplate once in a while, but he never stops going forward with the smile on his face. In the most subtle form, the #5 reason for Super Mario to be one of the best games is because of Mario himself is ever-present and ever ready.

The way characters have spin-offs, Mario continues to be reused in creative ways that not everyone knows well but knows that he is there. The #6 reason for this game has transcended into a level that multiple others have drawn inspiration from it.

Others came and went, but Super Mario stays on.

Finally, the #7 reason is that despite all the new heavily loaded games with their intellect and expert involvements, Mario remains to be. Super Mario is a name attached to almost every child of the older generation and is a name reminiscent of almost all the adults of the present generation.

Gaming scenario stepped up from Super Mario-

Gaming has stepped up to be this whole new space of its own. A space composed of gamers that have their certain charm and this charm is appealing and at the same time could be intimidating to some. The general population, people who are not members of this space, could not go along with them very often.

The distance between the two keeps growing with more games being released and more games being updated to become more exclusive. Super Mario remains one of the few gems in this gaming space that both sides seem to attach and hold memories. It remains to present-day a special game, and Mario remains a special character that will never fade.


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