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The Nvidia Volta is a microchip that is being manufactured to be used in a variety of tech products. Its size can also reach up to 12 nanometers. It is a more efficient and powerful chip as compared to other previously manufactured micro-chips. This microchip card will particularly be used in GeForce graphics digital cards by the end of this year.

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High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Feature of Nvidia Volta

As far as the storage capacity of Nvidia Volta microchip card is concerned, it can encapsulate High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), which is pertinently useful for Virtual Reality (VR) games. The only issue related to such cards is that they are priced high. However, one should also consider the value they produce at the price which they are sold, which would imply that these microchips are quite more useful as compared to the cost they entail.


Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention here that the upcoming Nvidia Volta chip cards would entail the second generation of the High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) version, which would further give such chip cards an advantage in terms of higher memory over the other chip cards, particularly over the Pascal generation chip cards.

The HBM2 that is expected to be a part of the Nvidia Volta also equips the Nvidia Volta with higher memory capacity and more refined specs.This HBM2 feature of the Nvidia Volta will leave behind Hynix and Titan XP that entail 384-bit memory bus and 548 Giga bites memory space, respectively. The Nvidia Volta will have a bandwidth capacity of around 768 Gigabytes. The reason is that the Titan XP belongs to the Pascal generation chip cards, whereas the Nvidia belongs to a higher generation of microchip cards. Therefore, Nvidia Volta would be able to provide a higher bandwidth, in comparison to what the other chip cards entail.

The Performance of NvidiaVolta

The overall performance of the NvidiaVolta is quite better than the Pascal chips or other microarchitectures. It has an enhanced storage capacity combined with a more efficient functioning and utilization for tech parts. Thus, in terms of its performance and efficiency, it is an upgraded version of microchips for computers and video games. The performance is expected to go beyond that of the DX12. Furthermore, this chip card is the descendant and a relatively higher version of the Pascal generation graphics cards that have also provided us with the high-efficiency graphics cards such as the GTX 1080 Ti. As this card will be higher in efficiency than the other Pascal generation cards, therefore, it is expected that it will give a higher performance and efficiency in terms of its use as compared to the other graphics cards that have ever been produced.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Volta chip cards have already out-performed the previous generation chip cards of Pascal. The performance of the Volta chip cards is already 130% higher as compared to the performance of the Pascal cards. Therefore, a higher version of such high performing Volta chip cards will produce a higher performance that all other chip cards available in the market. Thus, the Volta Nvidia will be the one all the tech companies looking for adding it to their products.

The TSMC Lithography

Earlier on, before the launch of the Volta Graphics Processing Units (GPU), the 10-nanometer TSMC lithography was considered to be added to the Volta chips. However, later on, 12-nanometer TSMC’s lithography was added to it. All Volta chip cards, i.e. the Titan V, the Tesla V100, and GV 100 Quadro entail the 12 nanometer-sized TSMC lithography. The new upcoming Nvidia Volta will also entail the same 12-nanometer TSMC’s lithography in it. It is pertinent to mention here that the TSMC also manufactures the 16-nanometer nodes, but the one with 12-nanometer size is considered to have a higher efficiency and performance as compared to the other manufactured by the TSMC. This fact also directs towards the improved quality of functioning and high performance that would be a part of the upcoming Nvidia Volta.

Release Date of NvidiaVolta

The exact date of release has not been announced yet. However, it is expected that the NvidiaVolta will be released latest by the end of this year. Several tech news sources have also confirmed this speculation that the NvidiaVolta chip will be released after the mid of the ongoing 2018 year. Hence, most probably, it will be the Quarter-3 of the year 2018 in which the Nvidia Volta chip cards will be released. The reason behind the expected release of Volta Nvidia this year is that two chip cards of Volta have already been released. Therefore, the Volta Nvidia is also expected to be released soon in the market.

Furthermore, the TSMC that manufactures the 12 nanometer nodes for the Volta chip cards announced in the last quarter of the last year that they will be increasing their production volume. This announcement indicates towards an increase in the demand for the TSMC 12 nm nodes, which is perceived as most likely for the manufacturing of the upcoming Nvidia Volta. Thus, this is also one of the reasons that indicate towards the soon expected launch of the Nvidia Volta microchips in this year.

Price of Nvidia Volta

Some people consider that the Nvidia Volta would be priced quite high in a manner similar to the other products of Volta. However, until and unless the Nvidia Volta is released, one cannot make claims about its pricing. If we forecast its price, then we would need to take into account of the prices of other Volta chip cards such as


  • GTX 1150
  • GTX 1150 Ti
  • GTX 1160
  • GTX 1170
  • GTX 1180
  • GT 1130


which are priced in the range of $100 to $600. Thus, though not confirm, we can expect that the Nvidia Volta would be priced higher than the $600 threshold, because it is an upgraded and higher version as compared to the other Volta chip cards mentioned above.

At least, the Nvidia Volta would be priced higher than the prices of Pascal generation chip cards. Furthermore, with the addition of the second generation of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) into the Nvidia Volta chip cards, the prices are expected to be higher than ever. As far as the market trends are, they inform that the prices of the chip cards are flowing upwards. Particularly, whenever a new chip card of higher generation is introduced in the market, it is priced higher than the existing chip cards. Therefore, the expected price of the Nvidia Volta would be higher than the today’s existing chip cards, including the ones that are mentioned above.

Nvidia Volta Specs

The Nvidia Volta chip card entails several advanced specifications such as it has an HBM2 level storage memory type. It entails a 12 nanometers fabrication process, while it may also include a 250W TDP. The expected Tensor Core Count is 640. Furthermore, it can have a CUDA Core Count of 5376.

GPU Architecture: The origin of the Volta chip cards is seeded in the GPU Architecture technology. The GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, which is kind of a certain electronic circuit that has been created for deploying and amending the memory in order to quicken the formation of imageries in a buffer frame that is designed to generate the display as an output. Earlier on, when the Graphics Processing Units were first manufactured, they were perceived as to be utilized in the Maxwell Architecture that entailed a series of GTX-900 chip graphic cards. However, due to certain compatibility issues, the GPUs were not installed in them.

The Graphics Processing Units are just like a complete architecture as the circuit in it apparently looks like quite organized but also very complex. Such GPU Architectures are actually utilized in the smartphones, PCs, gaming devices and consoles, and in advanced computer systems. Thus, Nvidia Volta can also be used in similar electronic units, as it is expected that the Nvidia would release a new Graphics Processing Units (GPU) version this year.

The GPU Architecture of the Volta chips makes them as the best microchip cards. It is considered as the main reason behind the enhanced efficiency and performance of the Volta chips. The Architecture itself is like the main foundational structure of the Volta chip cards. Moreover, it will be also added to the upcoming Nvidia Volta. Hence, the presence of GPU Architecture has a lot of importance in the structure as well as the functioning of the Volta chip cards.

Artificial Intelligence: In the modern world, the enhanced importance of the AI is being perceived in the tech world. Therefore, a lot of tech companies are giving particular focus towards developing AI robots and machines that could aid the humans in their daily tasks that they perform in the factories, offices, homes, etc. Therefore, the expected growth in the AI world seems to be unavoidable. Within this scenario, the Nvidia Volta chip cards have been particularly added in several projects related to the Artificial Intelligence (AI). These cards are being utilized in the manufacturing of several AI products such as the robots and several other AI architecture machines. Furthermore, the upcoming Nvidia Volta would also aid the AI industry with an upgraded performance and efficiency in its chip model that would be encapsulated in the future AI products.

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It is pertinent to mention here that the Volta chip cards that are being utilized in the AI industry entail a newer Tensor design. However, the tech experts still believe that the utilization of the Volta chips in the AI industry whether with a newer design of the Volta chips would not result in making the performance of the AI products as such higher than what it could have been by employing the Pascal generation chip cards. So, the experts consider that the focus of the Nvidia Volta should be towards enhancing the gaming experience, rather than getting utilized in the AI machines.

Partnership with Microsoft

It is pertinent to mention here that in the recently held Game Developers Conference (GDC), the Microsoft Corporation and the Nvidia company have signed a partnership in which they will collaborate to bring an enhanced gaming experience to the users. For this purpose, they have particularly given attention to a pledge entailing bringing the real-time ray-tracing to the games that in 2018. This partnership is also an indication towards the expected enhancements in the quality of graphics that may take place in the architectures of games in 2018. Nvidia Volta will add into the RTX hardware that is a combination of the certain software and some algorithms of hardware; while, on the other hand, the Microsoft Corporation will work towards enhancing the performance of the software quality of the games.

In a nutshell, the Nvidia Volta microchip cards are an advanced generation of chip cards that are used in different tech products such as smartphones, computers, advanced embedded systems, gaming consoles, etc. The Nvidia Volta entails several high-level features, which make them as the best microchip cards in the market. The High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) is one of the prominent attributes of the Nvidia Volta cards, while the upcoming Nvidia Volta will have the second generation of the HBM. Thus, the new HBM2 Nvidia Volta chip cards would have a higher bandwidth than all other chip cards that are available in the market including those belonging to the Pascal generation or those that are the older or existing chip cards of Volta.

Furthermore, the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Architecture is also one of the main reasons for the successful performance and improved efficiency of the Nvidia Volta cards. The TSMC’s 12 nm lithography addition in the Nvidia Volta will also make the performance as suitable to the requirements of the electronic device in which it will be installed. Pertinently, the Volta chips are being used in the AI products, but the tech experts consider that they will not be going to increase the performance of the AI products as such significantly. Experts suggest that the Nvidia Volta should be destined for enhancing the gaming experience. Therefore, considering this demand, the Nvidia manufacturing company and the Microsoft Corporation have also signed a partnership to provide enhanced gaming experiences by improving the gaming consoles performance and efficiency for the games in 2018.

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