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Gaming is becoming an ever-increasing part of our lives, but having an advanced gaming pc nowadays is not enough, you are also required to how to set up a gaming desk to be just like the YouTube channel you watch.

Setting your gaming desk isn’t rocket science you know, all you need to do is collect the necessary items and boom! You’re good to go.

Not sure what to and what not to get for that god-tier gaming setup?

Let your worries sit for a while as I guide you pointing out all the little things about how to set up a gaming desk. Once you follow my list, you will attain all the knowledge to create the most potent, effective, and stylish gaming setup any pro gamer could ask for.

Essential Materials for the Setup

To step on the accelerator, let’s first learn about the things to get your hands on. Once you arrange all these as per your budget and convenience, you are good to go with just a few arrangement tips

Gaming Desk

The first component you will need to form your gaming setup is the duel computer desk itself. A gaming desk you will choose relies heavily on the kind of budget you have, the platforms you own, the kind of equipment you have, and the number of accessories you possess.

If the platform you own is simply home consoles like the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, you do not have to worry too much about the kind of desk you own. You will get everything you need from a desk big enough to hold a monitor, speakers and the consoles itself. The rest is up to your own choice of aesthetics.

However, let’s say you own a powerful PC, built to overclock your games to set even greater benchmarks. PCs like that boast multiple graphics cards, a strong heavy motherboard, a capable power supply, and a water cooling system to keep it from overheating.

PCs that pack that much power also packs a proportionate amount of weight. Accordingly, you need to get a desk that handles that kind of weight.

Now, the length of the gaming desk relies heavily on the amount of gear you have. Your monitor, sound system, mouse, mousepad, controller, and the CPU will not be the only components on your desk; you might even have a dedicated microphone for voice communication.

As such, you need to get a desk that can account for all of them. You must make sure your setup is both spacious whiles also being compact.

Although not as important, aesthetics is also a beloved part of creating your unique setup. So make sure you choose a desk that not only serves your functions, but also your aesthetic tastes.

Gaming Chair

If you play your games on a chair or a standard office chair, just stop. A proper gaming chair is what separates the casuals from the professionals. If you are someone who cares about gaming enough to eye on this wordy piece, you spend countless continuous hours in playing games.

If you play on a regular chair, you are bound to experience discomfort before you can get immersed in your gaming.

As such, you will want a chair that can provide all the comfort a proper gaming setup needs. What point is a perfect setup if you cannot even get comfortable? So, make sure you invest in a gaming chair to support your gaming binges.

There are some features and components you should watch out for when choosing your chair. The chair should have full lumbar support, adjustable handles, durability to handle weight and pressure, width and a comfy finish to provide the best comfort.


Of course, there can be no setup without a screen. That is much obvious. But when you choose a display, you have to make sure it is powerful enough to make efficient use of your PC.

There is no point in a 4K monitor if you can run games on 720p. So you should get a monitor accordingly unless you plan on building your PC further to be worthy of your display system.

Nowadays, a single display is a relic from the past. If you have the budget, you should invest in a multi-screen system. This increases your multitasking capabilities immensely.

It provides a wider view and can be angled to make a curved display setup. It may seem unnecessary to the average person, but you will never know the true magnificence of a multi screen setup until you try one for yourself.


If you ever viewed images of gaming setups and concepts, there is a single component that sets them aesthetically apart from others. That would be, their magnificent lighting.

Not only does good lighting set up perfectly compliment the brightness of the display and help make the images pop, but it also relaxes your eyes reducing stress and fatigue.

This is not to mention the sheer aesthetic appeal a lighting system can generate. The colors give you artistic freedom to express your creativity and add your flair and uniqueness to the setup. 

Cable Management

The biggest crutch of PC gaming is the immense amount of cables you have to manage. This can easily be avoided with appropriate cable managing. You do not want to pollute your view with a mess of wires, neither do you want cables getting in the way of your movement. So, make sure you manage your cables properly.

Arrangement Tips to Follow

Now that we have broken down the components you need, let us discuss its arrangement.

Make the Perfect Symmetry

If we want a proper setup, we have to arrange our setup accordingly. As we have mentioned before, you want your setup to be both compact and spaced at the same time.

If it is too spaced, it can seem unstructured, and if it is too compact, it can seem congested. Therefore, having a proper balance in the distance is paramount to the symmetry of your setup.

Keep your keyboard away from your monitor just enough to get a full view of the display. Keep the mouse and keyboard spaced sufficiently so that the keyboard cannot get in the way of your mouse.

Your sound systems symmetrically on both sides to ensure proper stereo feedback. If you have multiple monitors of various sizes, maintain a distance between each monitor. If you have multiple monitors of the same size, keep them tightly knit together.

By ensuring proper symmetry, you will not only improve your performance, but you will also find that your desk looks beautiful and organized, adding a hint of additional aesthetic appeal.

Ensure Color Coordination

Not all colors blend. This is a fact that is tragically not common knowledge to many gaming enthusiasts who build their setup. Although your choice in aesthetics is a subjective matter, it is a consensus among most gamers that minimalist color co-ordination is better suited for gaming setups.

Ultimately, it is your choice on how you want to color coordinate your setup, but make sure you have an idea of how you want your setup to look like before you start buying parts.

Choose the Right Location

Where you place your setup is also a significant part of building a great structure. You want an area that is convenient, has enough space and provides security. You should focus on a room close to the kitchen and a bathroom. The most common place to put your setup is your bedroom.

Keep the Focus on Utility

Suppose you have an active setup, and you want to spend more money on supplementary equipment. You must always remember that if you keep adding more and more equipment, you will begin receiving diminishing returns.

There is no point in buying a 4th monitor or a 6th keyboard. Always keep functionality as your focus.

Keep Things Convenient

Aesthetics is an important part of building your setup, but it is foolish to sacrifice convenience for aesthetics. Keep your setup adequately organized, your keyboards and mouse in positions that are the easiest for you.  Never forget the purpose of your setup; ease, comfort, pleasure, and convenience.


Ultimately, whether it’s an expensive gaming desk or an affordable gaming desk, how you arrange your setup is up to you. You make the decisions, you choose the colors, components, contents and everything else.

So, only you can make your setup fit for you. By following this list and gaining insight, you should be able to take educated steps to create the ultimate gaming desk.

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