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If you are a gamer, it’s impossible for you to enjoy your game without a quality headset. The lack of a fine headset makes the game seem dull and spiritless. Right?

No doubt, you need a set of headphones that’s compatible with your gaming platform and capable of enhancing your gaming experience.

However, due to the fact that the market is saturated, it’s really difficult to find a quality headset at an affordable price.

That’s why in this post, we’ll talk about the features that you need to take into account before getting a pair of headphones.

So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

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Gaming Platform

The first thing that you need to consider is which platform you are going to use the headset for.

A lot of headphones are compatible with only one kind of platform. That could be a problem if the headset you bought turns out to be incompatible with your gaming consol.

The ideal scenario is that the headset will work with every platform. That way, if you ever change from PS4 to Xbox or vice-versa, then you won’t have to buy a new device.

The bottom line is; before you invest your money into a new headset, you should first make sure that your gaming platform is supported by the device.

Quality of Sound

This is perhaps the most important aspect of a gaming headset. If you can’t hear all the sound properly, then there’s no point in buying a new pair of headphones.

That’s why you need to make sure that the sound quality of the headset is up to the standard.

Granted, headsets with better sound quality are usually damn expensive. But once you see them perform, you’ll realize that they are worth the money.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the device must incorporate the noise cancellation feature, without which you won’t be able to enjoy the game properly.

So, in this case my advice is, get a headset with great sound quality even if it costs you a few extra bucks.

Quality of the Microphone

Nowadays, most of the games can be played as a team. It’s great for user experience as it helps you to enjoy the game better.

In these games, you often have to communicate with other team members through the microphone. However, if the microphone turns to be faulty, then you’ll have difficulties relaying your commands. That could ruin your entire gaming experience.

Suppose you are playing PUBG but is unable to communicate with other members due to the problematic microphone. In this case, both you and your team members suffer, and the chances of your team surviving will get drastically reduced.

So, get a headset that has a great microphone and comes with the noise cancellation feature.

Build Quality

Gaming headsets aren’t cheap. Good ones can cost you hundreds of dollars. For that amount of money, you can expect the device to last years.

However, not all gaming headsets are durable and can get broken easily.

If the device gets broken easily, then it’s a huge monetary loss for you. For that reason, you need to buy a headset that’s built well and can withstand falls. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the service of the headset for years to come.

Comfort Level

In case you aren’t comfortable with the headphones, then you won’t be able to concentrate on the game properly. Also, your ears will start hurting if the headphones aren’t well-cushioned.

To play games for long periods, you must buy headphones that are comfortable to wear.

That’s why make sure the quality of the material is good and lightweight. Light materials will prevent the device from getting heavy. Lighter headsets are easier and more comfortable to use.

You’ll notice that there are several sizes for the headset. Make sure that you buy the largest one as it is ideal for the most comfortable experience.

But wouldn’t that make the headset susceptible to surrounding sounds?

Not at all. These headsets are designed to block out the noise.


Should you buy wireless or wired headsets for a complete gaming experience?

Now that’s an interesting question. Unfortunately, there’s no concrete answer to this question. Because both types of headset have their own sets of advantage and disadvantages.

For example, wired headsets have no hassle of getting charged. However, they can get in your way while playing games. On top of that, if you pull them too strongly during a moment of excitement, it could cause the console to fall on the ground. And that could result in a broken gaming console.

On the other hand, wireless headsets have no such issues. But you need to keep them charged regularly.

In the end, all boils down to personal preference. So, it’s up to you to decide which kind of headset you like.


You’ll find both expensive and cheap gaming handset on the market.

But which one you should go for?

That mainly depends on the amount of money you are willing to invest in a pair of headphones.

If you aren’t restrained by a fixed budget, then you should buy a high-end gaming headset. Expensive headsets often come with some premium features which make them impossible to resist.

However, if you are working within a budget, then you need to find a middle ground between the overall quality of the device and the price tag.

Nonetheless, no need to lose heart since quality headphones can be found in affordable prices. You just have to look in the right places.

Final Word

Purchasing a game headset is a substantially big investment. That’s why it’s important to consider the features before making a decision.

I have put a lot of effort into writing this post so that you can find the right gaming headset using the information from this article.

If the information provided in this post has been of some help to you, then I would consider my efforts successful.

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