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Well, in modern times, teenagers are mostly addicted to playing games, wither in PC or Mobile. Spending too much time playing, sometimes they get frustrated for the lag that occurs while playing. But most of the teenagers like to play games on a PC more than playing in mobile.

So, they think of building a gaming machine. And then, they think of how much should they spend on their gaming PC. In this article, I will be helping you with how much money should you spend on your computer with an affordable budget. Stay tuned then.

Facts to Consider Before Building the PC

First of all, why do we think of building a gaming PC? It is when your existing machine does not fulfill your demand. The plan depends on how you like to see it.

  • Performance And Expenses Are Related Directly

Yes, before building your gaming PC, you must consider the performance first. Getting a solid machine does not require a premium budget. All you need to look up is not having accessories and hardware for their cutting-edge look.

  • Focus On The Hardware

We all know that hardware is the mechanism for your machine. It is considered for all the performance available, including frame rates, speed, response time and also running multiple screens simultaneously.

Yes, other equipment and software are also necessary, but they are just supportive. The capacity of hardware controls other accessories and software.

Items Needed to Build Your Gaming Machine

More or less, we all know what is required to build a PC. But again, I will remind you of the things you need for the PC.

Well, I mentioned earlier that hardware is the engine for your gaming machine. The required hardware for your complete gaming setup includes:

  • Motherboard
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Hard Disk
  • Video card / Graphics Card / Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • Casing
  • Casing fans.
  • Power supply
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)
  • Others
  • Monitor
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • Gaming Mouse
  • Gaming Headset

Let’s now discuss the hardware and their use:

  1. Motherboard


This is the first part that you will choose and also an essential part of a computer system. It helps you to determine the other hardware parts you like to use. This is named motherboard because it is attached to all other components, which include sound cards, LAN cards, hard drives, video cards.

A motherboard supplies electric connections to other components helping the system to communicate. One of the most crucial parts of a circuit board is the chipset supported by the microprocessor.

It usually sends power to the processor, which means it needs to have enough ability to run the processor.

Modern time motherboard includes:

  • Slots in which more than one microprocessor is included.
  • Memory slots where the system’s main memory is installed also known as RAM.
  • A chipset shapes an interface between the primary memory, CPU’s front-side bus, and secondary buses.
  • Nonvolatile memory chips which are popular by the name ROM.
  • A clock generator producing the system signal to accompany the other components.
  • Power connectors.
  • SATA connectors for hard drives.

The motherboard you choose is based on the other components, but it is the starting point.

  1. Processor (CPU)

It is the other most important part of your PC. It controls all data transactions on the PC. While choosing the CPU, you should look after the gigahertz (GHz). The processor will be fast enough if only they have a higher GHz. If you think of overclocking then this is crucial.

In words, what is overclocking? It is speeding up the cycles of the CPU to make data transactions even faster. It also helps in looking for an actual heat sink in the CPU so that the rise in the temperatures do not affect in the system health.

The processor you choose should always be well-matched with your motherboard.

  1. RAM (Memory)

What is the need for a RAM? We all think kind of know what is it but maybe not what it does. It gives your processor and graphics card the exact measure to perform.ram

The higher the gigabyte, the faster the system speed will be and have higher frame rates with flawless sensibility. No matter what is your budget, increasing the RAM is an essential part of building a gaming PC.

  1. Storage

There are two types of drives you can choose for your gaming PC. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). Using an HDD gives you more storage space. Whereas the SSD allows efficient bootup and better file transfer times.

Be mindful that SSD will cost you more than an HDD, so you will have to spare some more cash if you plan on buying an SSD equal to the storage space of an HDD.

To boost the speed of your processor, my recommendation will be to have at least a 250GB SSD, plus an 1TB HDD for added storage advantage.

  1. Video Card (GPU)

If you are expecting more from your PC with higher performance, using a GPU is ideal then. This is used to give smoother performance increasing the speed while you are gaming and giving you the perfect vision.

While buying a graphics card, compare it with the others that are cheaper. You then can have a good graphics card with less amount.

  1. Casing And Case Fans

The casing you choose should have enough room for airflow and case fans so that the temperatures do not have the chance to rise. The case fans are needed to pass out the heat from inside so that the mechanism inside has an extended life.

  1. Power Supply

Power Supply

Choosing a power supply with the exact energy it needs to provide in your rig is a vital part. If you have higher voltages, then you should adjust your system cooling and airflow inside.

Spending On The Gaming PC

Most of us look for a mid-range gaming PC to build. Capable of playing anything on high settings with 1080p and 60fps. But how much is it going to cost and what performance will you get?

The definition of mid-range defers from people to people. For me, the mid-range is around $600 – $900. This will help you in playing games with better resolution and performances.

But, if you choose to have the best performance in all sectors, or thinking of overclocking your rig, then set your budget between $1000 and $1200. You will be getting the best performance and literally can run any AAA game with 60fps and more.

Spending on a gaming PC does not require enough money… building in the mid-range is usually enough to give you a performance you will love. They will run any games with a frame rate of 60fps, which you want while gaming.

The money you spend on a gaming machine varies parts by parts. And when you think of saving money building your rig, keep in mind to at least match the minimum requirements. But, a wise decision would be to make a rise in the money so you can buy an upgraded PC.

On Tight Budget?

If you are looking for a cheap gaming PC, then this one below is the one you are looking for! This beast is going to give you plenty of power and upgrade possibilities in the future.

  • Case – Golden Field 6021B
  • Motherboard – Gigabyte B360M DS3H
  • Processor – Intel i3 8100
  • Graphics – Zotac GTX 1050 2 GB
  • Power supply – EVGA 500 BQ 80+
  • RAM – G Skill 8 GB DDR4 ( 2400 MHz )
  • HDD – Western Digital 1 TB ( 7200 RPM )
  • SSD – Leven 120 GB
  • CPU Cooler – Therma lake Contact 9 air CPU Cooler

You will be having a great rig and playing your favorite games with this $570 gaming beast. This will be a cheaper one with all the requirements to play your favorite game smoothly.

And if you are not satisfied and want some more, raise your money to $750. Upgrading the processor from i3 to i5, the chipset from B360M to B450M and graphics card to 4 GB, the monster will not fail you to surprise.

And yes, while buying the rig, you will look for the accessories like; a gaming keyboard, mouse, and yes a headset too. No worries, they will be in your budget!

Just add up $60 – $120. You will have accessories of your choice.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, by now I was able to give you an idea roughly about how to spend for your monster. You don’t necessarily have to spend a sack load of money.

Just fill-up the minimum requirements for the game you like to play, it will be worth the money you spend.

To conclude, I’m giving you a budget range for your PC below. This will help plan on the best one for you.

  • Below $600 = It is good for e-sports and 720p quality games.
  • $650 – $1000 = It is what everyone wants to have. Perfect with resolution and playing in 60fps.
  • $1000 – $1500 = These are for the gamers addicted to playing games in 1440p.

Just pick the one you have within your budget and start planning on the components to buy. Have any more questions? Shoot up in the section below.

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