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The motherboard is like the brain of a human being. It holds everything you need for your computer to function effectively. It holds the CPU and connects other hardware parts to the computer. Similar to the human brain that has a lifespan, the motherboard also has one. However, a lot of people ask this question, how long does a motherboard last?

The motherboard is an essential part because your computer will stop working if anything happens to it. Your computer function all depends on your motherboard. Peradventure your motherboard fails, the only option is to buy a new one.

If you are using an old computer, the best option won’t be buying a new motherboard because you may waste your money on a new CPU, RAM, and coolers. In this write-up, you will learn how long does a motherboard last. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Motherboards Depend on Technology Obsolescence

How long the motherboard last depends on technological obsolescence. Technological obsolescence refers to when an item such as a game console becomes too old such that the hardware and software components are not reliable or compatible with it.

Motherboards are usually compatible with two CPU generations. Newer CPUs use unique shapes and different sockets to connect themselves to the motherboard, which might not be compatible with old motherboards. What this means is that advanced CPUs won’t physically fit into old motherboards.

Furthermore, old CPUs are not fast and efficient enough to execute advanced software, making the motherboard and CPU obsolete. Additionally, older motherboards don’t support newer hard drives. Advanced software needs modern hard drive technologies to work efficiently.

How to Increase Motherboard Lifespan

Now you know that a motherboard has a lifespan, how do you increase the lifespan? At times, what you do can either increase or shorten that lifespan. In this section, we will share essential tips that would help you increase your motherboard lifespan. Therefore, how long does a motherboard last all depends on you.

Keep your Motherboard Always Clean

You should not allow dust and detritus to build on the motherboard. Dust acts as an insulating barrier on the motherboard like fur. Detritus and dust put additional heat strain on your motherboard, which makes it fail at times. However, performing routine cleanup of your motherboard can go a long way.

To clean it, you have to open the case for you to remove any dust. You can use compressed air to pull the dust away from the board. The motherboard is a large circuit board on the PC that gives direction to electricity to every computer component. It also communicated with the CPU to function correctly.

Whenever your motherboard is caked with dust, lint, or hair, it limits the communication process with other components, including the power supply. The build-up of such dust can cause damaging heat build-up that might lead to short circuits and damage your board. To remove any stubborn or stuck dirt, you should use a moistened cotton swab. However, to remove debris and dust, the best approach is using canned air. With this, your computer motherboard can last longer.

Good Airflow

Another way to extend the lifespan of your motherboard is to keep good airflow to your system. Remember, the hotter components are on your computer’s backside; that is why fans are placed to transfer fresh air to your computer’s front and bottom case. Additionally, the fans also take the hot air inside and receive the cooler air from outside to make the system work correctly.

Use a Good PSU Protector and Power Surge

Peradventure you have a low-quality power unit, it will lead to electrical surges, which will eventually destroy the motherboard. Therefore, ensure you use a high-quality PSU protector to avoid such.

Furthermore, you can buy a surge protector to secure your motherboard from solar flares or lightning. If a surge happens, the protector can help save your computer from frying or getting damaged. So, you should go for a high-quality protector that can protect you from sudden spikes and electricity variation, which might destroy the motherboard.

Protect your Motherboard Against Moisture

When you feel hungry while working, you forget yourself and keep items such as drinks beside your computer. You should avoid such things as it can damage your motherboard. Do you know that the content of water in the air can damage your motherboard?

Yes, it can cause it to fail. Peradventure water falls on the PC, and there is every likelihood that you might not work again because water makes the board conductive. Therefore, the best way to preserve your motherboard is to avoid anything such as moisture close to it since it can cause fry the board.

Keep your Computer Cool

Heat is the worst killer to your motherboard since your computer temperature can rise rapidly. If you always ensure your motherboard is clean, you might still face different issues relating to heat. You have to ensure your computer has an air space of about 7 inches around it. For heat sources, keep the fan away from it because overheating will make the motherboard wrap.

Once that happens, you have two options – get a new system or change the motherboard. The option you take would depend on your pocket. However, you can avoid any of these issues and increase the lifespan of your motherboard.

Monitor Power Supply

Our final solution to improving your motherboard lifespan is to monitor the power supply unit. It is connected to your motherboard and converts the AC power to DC voltage that your motherboard needs. Once this unit doesn’t work well, your motherboard might receive an unstable power supply that will damage the board.

In some cases, it may fry different circuits and components, which make your computer component not work. You should monitor the power supply frequently, and once you find unusual noise and random shutdown symptoms, it is a sign that your power supply needs replacement.


Now you know how long a motherboard lasts, it is essential to follow the steps mentioned here to preserve the motherboard lifespan. Your motherboard is the house of your system and deserves every attention it requires. Importantly, you don’t have to spend any money to use the tips mentioned in this article. Take advantage of these steps and improve your motherboard today.

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