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New versions of Mac operating systems like Big Sur and Monterey are transforming Apple’s computers into great gaming machines. Moreover, M1 processors are turning Macs into powerful machines that will deliver an optimal gaming experience to the users. If you are using an older macOS or any previous version of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc., there are certain ways that you can try to optimize your system for gaming.

Upgrade to Latest macOS

Apple unveiled the beta version of macOS Monterey during WWDC 2021. The latest version is set to release later this year with the Adaptive-Sync feature to support external displays. The feature will allow newer computers, including Macs, iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Minis, to support gaming.

The technology will be supported on all devices with M1 and Silicon chips along with the latest Intel-based systems. After connecting the Adaptive-Sync display to the computer, you need to select the variable refresh rate in the Displays in System Preferences.

The feature will contribute a lot in enhancing the gaming experience on Mac computers. So, if you too want to optimize your gaming on Mac, you should upgrade to macOS Monterey. For a complete upgrade guide, refer to

Keep Your Desktop Clean

Keep Your Desktop Clean

Cleaning the desktop is something that you can do even without any technical skills. Several ways can help you declutter your MacBook desktop, such as organizing the files in Stacks, deleting unnecessary files and folders, sending app icons to the Dock, etc. A lot of items on the desktop can result in system slowdown, so clean your desktop regularly.

While stacking the files and folders, do not forget to track the storage space these items are consuming. View the large-size files by opening them one by one and try to remove all redundant data and outdated files from the desktop. This will give you ample storage space while optimizing the computer for gaming.

Invest in a Good Controller

Macs usually support all sorts of controllers, both wired and wireless, as well as official and generic. If you like to play racing or platformer games, you will need a good controller. If you already have any of the game consoles, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, you can pair its controllers to your MacBook or desktop.

You will have to use Bluetooth to pair your PlayStation’s DualShock controller to the Mac. Also, the Nintendo’s Joy-Con and Pro Controller will ask you to enable Bluetooth to be able to connect with Mac. Navigate to System Preferences on Mac, go to Bluetooth, find the controller and click Connect.

Buy Solid Accessories

Buy Solid Accessories

Investing in a good eGPU is a great way to enhance your gaming on Mac, but make sure your computer is compatible with ThunderBolt 3 standard. It works as an additional graphic card that pairs with an internal video processor to give an apt graphic power. To use an eGPU, your Mac must be running on macOS Sierra or a later version.

You can run graphics-rich games on your computer and if any item is unable to self-manage GPU, locate the Prefer External GPU checkbox. For MacBooks running over macOS Mojave or recent versions, the users can prioritize the apps that will utilize the most eGPU’s power. Click on the app to select it, press Command + I to display the information in detail.

Check Your Hard Drive Space

For optimal gaming, it’s important to ensure that you have good storage space for installing and running the games. Lack of space will obstruct the way of smooth gaming while hampering your system performance. You need to check your computer to identify which apps are consuming the most space and then delete the file to make storage on the hard drive. You can navigate the Activity Monitor to get an insight into all the apps and programs installed on your Mac.

For stopping a running application, click on it and then stop it by clicking the X sign available in the top left corner of the screen. Activity Monitor also allows you to view which internal graphic system the computer is consuming. You can check if your Mac is viewing integrated GPU or the high-performance discrete GPU.

Wrapping Up

Using the above-mentioned tips, you can efficiently optimize your MacBook for gaming. However, make sure to implement these tips carefully to avoid any adverse circumstances in terms of your system performance. If you are successfully able to initiate these tips on your Mac, you would be able to enhance your computer’s overall performance, including video games.

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