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Most gamers are incredibly devoted to any hardware that supports their hobby. If you’re a gamer, you’ll agree that you certainly need a place you can rest your butts while gaming. And this is where investing in a comfortable gaming chair comes in. Between GTRacing vs DXRacer, which one are you going to purchase as both are produced by the best manufacturers of gaming chairs in the market?

Choosing the best gaming chair between these two can be quite a challenging task like the comparison between Secretlab Titan vs Noblechairs Hero. This battle will be the same as between which is best DXRacer vs Secretlab? So let’s dive right in and see if there are any differences or similarities between these two chairs.

GTRacing vs DXRacer

DXRacer provides various gaming chairs which are designed considering the comfort needed for long gaming sessions. Moreover, they offer the adjustability needed to meet the needs of various body shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, GTRacing is among the most popular manufacturers of gaming chairs. This brand is well known because of producing high-tech and smart engineering gaming chairs in the industry.

The similarities

  • Ergonomic and supportive design

GTRacing has a high-quality chair with a great ergonomic system. Its high-back design and ergonomic design include an excellent ergonomic design that can fit ant body type. Furthermore, it also offers the best support through its removable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow. This gives you an easily adjustable supportive lumbar pillow and neck support cushion.

Similarly, DXRacer gaming chair also has an ergonomic design, including proper headrest and lumbar cushions. This means that you won’t get fatigued when you utilize this chair for a long period. It has a high backrest that offers support to your entire back. Moreover, it has a high-density shaping mold that tends to buckle when subjected to pressure.

The various features of GTRacing gaming chair enable it to conveniently withstand a maximum weight capacity of about 330 pounds. This makes it super comfortable when gaming and pretty efficient while working.

It’s also worth noting that DXRacer can support a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds. This makes it ideal for users below 290 pounds.

  • Durability and stability

Durability of a gaming chair is a standard feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.  GTRacing is an affordable gaming chair that includes an ergonomic metal frame for stimulating a comfortable seating position. Additionally, it tends to promote a high-end comfort level even after sitting on the chair for many hours. The metal frame structure of GTRacing extends its life while keeping it in a stable position during movement.

Apart from the metal frame, the other factor that enhances the stability of GTRacing is the heavy-duty point base and smooth-rolling casters. The sturdy base and ideal ergonomic metal frame provides supreme durability and stability. Additionally, it simultaneously offers comfort and proper support.

Similarly, DXRaxer has extended durability as well. Its durability is mostly increased by the metal base and caster wheels. Moreover, although its PU leather material is soft, it’s highly durable.

  • Adjustability

The seat height of GTRacing gaming chair can be adjusted easily by pressing a button. The adjustable armrest enables you to comfortably adjust your arms. Furthermore, the effortless proficiency of rocking back and forth on this chair allows you to lean the backrest conveniently up to the desired angle ranging between 90 and 170 degrees.

For DXRacer, it has an adjustable back angle that reclines up to a maximum angle of 135 degrees. The adjustable angle enables you to customize your level of comfort while gaming.

  • Assembly

The GTRacing gaming chair is extremely easy to assemble if you follow the assembly instructions properly. All its parts are perfectly finished and well snub, thus decreasing issues when assembling.

Similarly, the DXRacer is also easy to assemble and you can do it in about 10 minutes, mainly because it has a smart design.

The differences

  • Design

GTRacing gaming chair’s design isn’t particularly original. It has the same style most gaming chairs that are currently available. This chair will be perfect for you, especially if you love that kind of design. The series of gaming chairs from GTRacing comes in various colors including black & gray, blue, black and black & red among others.

Contrastingly, DXRacer gaming chair includes 2” casters and a tilt limiter. This enables you to lean backwards up to 135 degrees. Additionally, it has lumbar support cushions and a removable headrest that ensures you’re always comfortable when using this chair.  This gaming chair has a high back to ensure your entire back length is supported, thus reducing the effects of sitting on the chair for several hours. Its armrests are also adjustable and you can either choose to move them in or out and up or down.

The cover of DXRacer is a blend of PU leather and mesh. The leather prevents spills from staining this gaming chair while mesh is resistant to scratches. This gaming chair comes in 11 different colors that you can choose from. Moreover, the 2-tone design indicates that this chair will match any décor.

 What about the dimensions?

Basically, the chair’s dimensions determine the body size of the user that can use it. Although there are other elements you should consider, the chairs dimensions is the most essential factor. The backrest height of DXRacer is 33.25 inches while the GTRacing is 32.5 inches. Furthermore, the width of the backrest shoulder for GTRacing and DXRacer king is 21.5 inches and 24 inches respectively.

Overall, the GTRacing gaming chair is ideal for gamers with a height of about 5’ 8”, otherwise you’ll find the backrest to be too small if you’re beyond that height. Therefore, this chair will be extremely comfortable for you if your height is within that range.

  • Features

A perfect gaming chair may be defined by reasonable price, support potential, and comfort. However, to determine if a gaming chair is perfect or not, you have to consider its features. Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the features of DXRacer and GTRacing to determine if they’re perfect or not.

  • Padding

GTRacing gaming chair has a thick padded seat, lumbar pillows, and high back. In addition, the lumbar cushion and headrest pillow are well padded.

On the other hand, the lumbar cushion of DXRacer runs up and down on 2 nylon straps. Additionally, its neck pillow can be attached through or from above the backrest’s venting holes. The pillows are covered using PU leather, which makes them stand out against the fabric slip of the seat.

  • Materials

GTRacing gaming chair is made with a great combination of high tech and high-end materials. This chair is made using high-density foam, smooth bonded and premium grade leather. Additionally, it’s entirely padded, including on the lumbar pillows and removable headrest. The synthetic leather materials on this char is easily manageable.

Contrastingly, the overall feel and look of DXRacer is amazing with detail and premium quality covering the entire chair. Its design provides various textured materials in a finish of different colors. Most part of this gaming chair is covered in easy to clean and spill-resistant PU (polyurethane) treated leather material. Additionally, the trim and seat on its fins are finished in the carbon-fiber pattern.

GTRacing or DXRacer

The main concern of enthusiast gamers about gaming chairs is mostly comfort and support. Currently, modern gaming chairs are intended to promote good health. With that in mind, let’s now get to the main part of this article- GTRacing or DXRacer?

Typically, as you’ve seen from the article, the DXRacer and GTRacing gaming chairs are almost similar, although they’ve certain differences like their aesthetics. Therefore, choosing between these 2 gaming chairs can be quite a difficult task. However, we suggest that you choose the one that you find more comfortable and ideal for you.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, we recommend that you go with GTRacing models. This is because GTRacing chairs are specifically manufactured for users that are on a relatively low budget and interest in premium quality and high standard gaming chairs. These chairs also provide supreme support, lavish comfort and are ideal for most body types and sizes.

Nonetheless, if you’re taller than 5’ 10”, we would not recommend GTRacing gaming chair. Instead, go with the DXRacer gaming chairs because they have a high back which ensures the entire length of your back is supported. Additionally, similar to which is best DXRacer vs Secretlab, DXRacer may be a better option since it a more well-established brand than GTRacing.

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