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It’s an uncertain time in the world at the moment, with many of us turning to our gaming options to help get us through the inevitable boredom that will ensure the longer we’re indoors and unable to go outside. Crazy times, isn’t it?

Thankfully, due to technological advancements in the world, our gaming options are vast these days. Consoles, such as the Xbox One are popular as always, alongside mobile phone games such as roulette and other slot games, like the creations gives you the ability to play. Then you have other smartphone releases like Pokemon Go, PUBG Mobile and FIFA 20, coupled with creations available on more sophisticated handheld devices like a Nintendo Switch. The PS4, though, is the focus of this particular article and an undoubted top-dog on the scene.

With 2020 firmly underway, the abundance of games available on the PS4 can make finding the right game for you a chore. To ease the pain of having to experience lacklustre releases, we’ve got you covered with a selection of five of the best games in 2020 so far. You can thank us later.

Nioh 2 

The first Nioh game didn’t exactly receive rave reviews and was seen by some as a Dark Souls rip off, but the second instalment of the game is a whole lot better. With more boss fights, beautifully designed levels, the addition of new and improved weapons, and a number of challenging obstacles to overcome, Nioh 2 is a much, much better. Similar in some ways to Bloodborne, you need to give this game a go.

Batman: Arkham Collection 

The Batman franchise is huge, with the games playing a huge part in its overall success. Now, all on one disk, you can play the iconic Arkham Knight, and remastered versions of Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. Yes, you did read that correctly – all on one disk. The amount of content available in the Batman: Arkham Collection is incredible. If you’re a Batman fan, then this is the dream package for you, although it is a shame to see Batman: Arkham Origins not on there, but we can’t complain too much, especially given the fact that they’ve added Batman skins and DLC expansions instead. Rocksteady’s action-adventure trilogy is faultless.

Rugby 20

With most sporting events cancelled and the potential need for many to get a sporting fix from somewhere, Rugby 20 has to the potential to fill the void. A considerable step-up from other rugby games, Rugby 20 is on another level visually, the on-pitch AI has been drastically improved, and the tactics system is a huge success. A fun game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, Rugby 20 is the best rugby game around. We must stress, though, that it does have some way to go before it reaches FIFA levels of sophistication, but it’s certainly getting there.

Untitled Goose Game 

A bit of a wildcard entry, the Untitled Goose Game is just about as wacky as it gets, but boy is it funny. Finally available on PS4, the game involves you playing as a goose and – put simply – running around wreaking havoc. Enjoy terrorising local residents, stealing special items and donning the occasional dodgy hat, all while you explore the environment. It’s a laugh, all right.

Terminator: Resistance 

In the gaming world, Terminator games aren’t usually considered to be the best, but Terminator: Resistance certainly bucks the trend. With Polish developer Teyon now onboard, this first-person shooter based in the war-torn future is the best Terminator game yet. There, we’ve said it.

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