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For every gamer out there, finding a special and worthy game to play is a great feeling. You get to enjoy it and go on interesting adventures. Farpoint is such a game and as explained in the detailed review, it is one you would totally wish to have in your collection. Below is the Farpoint review.


Farpoint is a great VR game specifically developed for PlayStation. It is a captivating VR space adventure game. The game is set on a hostile alien planet. You are on a critical mission to pick a group of scientists studying and analyzing an anomaly occurrence near Jupiter.

PSVR Experience

An unexpected rapture closes by plummets you and their station into a scary unknown alien world. You get separated from your team, and to reunite with them and the scientists, there are holographic logs, which are scattered all over the landscape, that you must use.
You discover and explore the secrets of the alien planet, and you have to shoot your way through vast droves of alien and indigenous life. Your only option for survival and escape is to keep constantly moving and discover your team’s and the scientists’ fate.

Key Features

Farpoint has a phenomena feel to its gunplay and action. Handling then guns is deeply satisfying. Emptying the chambers or swapping between the two equipped guns is easy and you see the intricate movements involved clearly. Tipping the Aim Controller towards your shoulder is used to swap guns.

With full-length single-player mode, you travel and experience an alien world as you search for other survivors and find a way home.

There are various quality weapons from which you can choose. There are 5 from which to select. They are a long-range precision sniper rifle, a plasma rifle, a needle gun, an assault rifle and a shotgun. Grenades also complement the weapons. These will help you fight through the droves of alien life.

With the Co-Op mode, you can team up with your find to fight and explore together through the alien attackers. The mode proves to be a substantial challenge to players. If your friend is down, you have a choice to either revive him or go on with your mission solo.

With the Aim Controller, playing Farpoint is easy and fun. The Aim Controller is light and less clunky. Switching between guns or reloading ammo is intuitive and feels very natural. Shot accuracy is increased when lining a shot you merely hold the Aim Controller up to your VR helmet and shut one eye. This feature is desirable and bound to attract any player.

After finishing the primary missions, Farpoint has bonus modes like the arcade challenge levels. These levels have leaderboards to keep you motivated and interested.
Also, you can go back to your missions and cut back the time you used to finish them.

Farpoint Gameplay

[youtube youtubeurl=”txWf_-Kxm_8″ ][/youtube]


Farpoint’s story campaign lasts about 6 hours. Though it appears long, it is an exhilarating adventure that takes you through unpredictable turns. The initial levels are easy and look tutorial-like. However, as you advance through the game, the levels get gradually more difficult and transition from bug hunting to run-and-gun, pulse-pounding scenarios against monstrous, murderous aliens. The weapons are also upgraded as you go on throughout the game from the basic shotgun and assault options with which you start the game. The ammo is infinite, except for explosives and rockets that need refilling. The unlimited ammo ensures you go into any fight scene comfortably.

With each level increase, Farpoint requires a lot of expert skill to overcome the enemies. The enemies are also upgraded to flank your position, use cover, and fire sniper rounds from far off. Shots have to be fired carefully through keyhole-sized wreckage gaps with a steady hand grip on the Aim Controller and one closed eye. Sometimes it requires an occasional dash into dangerous forward positions to overcome the enemy. The cutscenes provide emotional swerves as parts of the plot building towards a not-so-subtle conclusion of the story.

Due to virtual reality limitations, Farpoint makes some concessions such as enemies can only attack from the front. This lets you enjoy playing the game without turning around much.


The graphics are very great in this game. It has enhanced 4K HDR graphics. Playing on VR gives you very clear graphics than when you play the game on a normal screen. The game is set on a very beautiful alien background, with detailed skylines and rocks to look at or watch. There is also a superb presentation of the game as you transition. With 90 fps display performance, there is no drop or hanging when playing.

Sound Design

The sound design is excellent. By listening to noise, you can be able to locate where the enemies are exactly located. Some enemies are hard to spot, and listening to noise you can pinpoint their location, especially in the darker caves and caverns.
The theme music and soundtracks too are top- notch and masterfully build tension. The sound design for each weapon, combat and controller’s rumble make the shooting feel great and makes you feel part of the game.

What can be done to improve the game?

The game is great, but few things can be done to make it even better. First, the game should be supplied with the Aim Controller for players to enjoy the game entirely. Also, the interface design needs to be improved. An example is when you are selecting a mission; you have to watch the cutscene, exit back to the game menu, and then select the mission.


From the review above, Farpoint is one of the best fully-fledged and engaging sci-fi shooter VR game. When played with PSVR Aim Controller, you enjoy the playing experience. Farpoint offers a robust, complete and impressive experience. The gunplay feels natural, satisfying, and the game fully covers the aiming and firing basics of a gun. It is the top gunplay in VR games. With the superb and clear graphics, combined with non-hanging and non-freezing, the game is top of visuals and displays.
To any PSVR owner and looking for a shooter game, Farpoint is the game you have been looking for. This is one of the best VR games available on the market, and I would highly recommend it.

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