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Do you need a top-performing gaming chair that’ll certainly make you feel more comfortable when you’ve got your game on? Consider getting the DXracer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB Big and Tall Chair right now!

A chair for big and tall people could be sometimes elusive, but with this seat, all the comfort you need will be right with you.

There’re so many benefits a racing style gaming chair provides, and it’s certain you’d get more immersive gaming possible with the perfect seat.

But if you’re looking towards taking a look at every chair for tall people in stores, two things could happen. First, you may make a horrible choice based on face value. Second, you may get an inferior choice that won’t provide durability and gaming support.

That’s why I’ve made it a tad easier for you to buy an ideal gaming chair among a mountain of choices. Check out what this chair provides and it’s certain you’d fancy it in an instant.

DXracer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB Big and Tall Chair Review

Here’s all the top stuff this gaming chair provides;

Upholstery: Polyurethane leather

Polyurethane leather is synthetic and comes with excellent properties that boost relaxation. It comes made in breathable materials which limit sweating and ensures immersive gaming.

Color: Black/Blue

The color used on this chair gives it an overall ergonomic, beautiful build. The shiny color on this leather ensures users appreciate their chosen seats at all times.

Foam: Mold – Shaping (High Density)

Mold-shaping foam has a ton of exciting properties and that’s what this seat comes padded with. The foam ensures you relax comfortably on contact and keeps you rested throughout. Finally, it comes with a design which conforms to your positioning, making sure you’re comfy all the time.


Adjustability is a must for a perfect racing style gaming chair. That’s why this chair comes with a range of adjustable features to keep you properly rested and in tune with your game always.


The recliner function allows you to take hold of your relaxation up to 120°. You can be immersed in a game for as long as you like with such exceptional lazy boy support.

Lumbar Cushion

The lumbar pad on this gaming chair assures your lower back-spine alignment isn’t off. And to make it more comfy for you to handle, this cushion comes fully adjustable.

There’s no need to get an extra cushion on this gaming chair if you make this your only choice.


Without a proper headrest, there’s a high chance you’d develop neck pain within a short time. That’s why this chair features a fully-adjustable headrest to keep you concentrated on the game.

It’s a sure thing you’ll make more comfortable decisions that’ll improve your gaming with this chair’s support.

Warranty Cover

This gaming chair for tall people comes with a two-sided warranty cover. There’s a 2-year warranty on all parts that come in its packaging. Also, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty.

Such a long warranty cover for this chair’s frame shows it’s of the highest quality.


A lightweight gaming chair improves comfort and allows easy movement. That’s why this gaming chair comes weighing 65lbs.

With such an overall lightweight build, this chair is perfect for gaming in virtually any position you want. Its light build also promotes comfortable adjustability during gaming.


How Tall Should a Gaming Chair Be?

A gaming chair for tall people should support heights from 5’9” – 7’. Chairs with an overall height of 40” – 50” should do just fine.

How Much Weight Can a Tall Person Gaming Chair Hold?

A gaming chair for tall people should support weights within 200lbs – 800lbs.

Heavy-duty gaming chairs are made for huge people with equally impressive height.

Ensure you check out the maker’s recommended weight before making a purchase. Some of the weight specs may differ based on the make, model, and materials used.

How High Should My Desk Be for a Proper Eye Level?

Your desk should be at least 29” for a perfect line of sight with your monitor. If you’ve got money to blow, going for an adjustable desk will provide you more comfortable with your gaming chair.

How Long Do Gaming Chairs Last?

A gaming chair could last for about 5 – 8 years with proper maintenance. If you use your chair too often, there’s a high chance it won’t make it through to the third year in one piece.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

Gaming chairs support an ergonomic design which promotes proper posturing.

To break it down for you, yes, gaming chairs are excellent for your back. They provide ample support for your spine and neck, keeping pressure off your back in the process.

Are Gaming Chairs for Tall People Perfect for Office Use?

Tall people gaming chairs can be used seamlessly in the office. These chairs have correct features in the right places to assure maximized comfort.


Looking through numerous choices for a tall person gaming chair will be a total waste when you’ve got the best choice right here. The DXracer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NB Big and Tall Chair provide all you need and a whole lot more!

Check out its price right now. It’s certain you’d get the best support whenever you need immersive, hassle-free gaming!

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