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Best Gaming Chair Under 100

13 Best Gaming Chair Under 100 Strategies For Beginners

Gaming has advanced to include all sorts of high-tech gear. And as it turns out, some of the best gaming chairs around have something to show for it. Finding the best gaming chair under 100 is usually a challenge. Things can be quite difficult if you want to take your gaming experience a notch higher.

The considerations and decisions are no easy feat, at least not for everyone. The stakes can be quite high when you are shopping for a computer gaming chair on a tight budget. Not to worry, this gaming chair under 100 buying guide is tailored to take care of that necessity.

Probably you are only starting with gaming or looking to upgrade. Even the seasoned veterans need to bring a different touch to their gaming room sometimes too. Read on to unlock the secret to finding the best option for your needs. In the bid to bring together every bit of information you need for your shopping, we went to extreme length with our research. So we dedicated hours of perusing the market and diving deep into the market. Also, looking into opinions from pros and experts was not left out.

With every single aspect of the toll, we have combined all mistakes to find the pc gaming chair. And that is not all yet, we also stopped by and looked into the opinions of users who have tried these chairs before. From the looks of it, they have something to show for the hype.

You can go ahead and pick your best pc gaming chair under 100 from some of the best options around. But before you throw yourself into it, make sure to check out some of the considerations to make before buying.

Things you should consider before Buying

Before putting your money on the line, you need to ensure it has what it takes. You do not have to go far for this, though. Here are some tips consider before buying the things you need to keep an eye on.

Durability: This aspect always goes a long way, but usually boils down to the construction and material of the chair. The cover and padding material, legs of the chair as well as the sturdiness should be in the picture.

Ergonomics and comfort: Do not mistake them for the price, most of the best computer chair under 100 options usually offer top-quality comfort.  You will sit in your gaming chair for hours on end, so you have to give this aspect scrutiny. Padding, armrests, adjustability, back, and headrests are some of the greatest aspects to consider.

Space-saving factor: Most of all, make sure your go-to chair can save you some space around. If you are short on space, then this factor is worth keeping an eye on when deciding. A foldable chair or one with just the right dimensions are among the things you need not miss.

Compatibility: Well, if there is one thing you need to keep your eyes locked on, it is how well the chair can cater to your needs. This means making sure the chair you are going for is compatible with the rest of the gaming system. You may go for a tall chair, a short one, or one with accessories as well as storage compartments.

Does it offer value for money? Every seasoned pro in gaming knows the importance that goes into finding the right value for your money. Any best pc gaming chair with the right contours will keep you from pain on stress points. Styles and colors are crucial for the looks. Above all, remember that any option you spend your money on has the load capacity and size to cater to your needs.


Most importantly, buyer ratings and customer opinions on any option matter, a whole lot. Before you click that buy button, ensure you look into what those who have tried and tested it have to say.

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style High-back PU Leather Office ChairHollman Executive Gaming Chair

A full recline function
Adjustable resistance to your body weight
Removable headrest and lumbar pillow
The chair can be quite hard
Its plastic parts can prove quite unreliable

Finding a racing gaming chair with what it takes to take your gaming experience to a new level is an achievement to relish. This one is built for the long haul with an impressive weight capacity of up to 300lbs. But the array of features is what makes it great.

First up, you will love the high-quality PU leather that this chair features. Not only is it easy to clean and comfortable, but also offers impressive durability for the long run. The gas-spring cylinder is also a great feature to behold. With this feature onboard, you can count on the adjustable height capability of this gaming chair.

Its footrest, lumbar cushion and a headrest also come in handy. To take your comfort to new heights, then this chair is probably all you need. Smooth-rolling caster wheels are also a great option. For easy movement of your chair around, these wheels always come in handy. An ergonomic body-hugging back design also proves handy. If you are looking for a chair to cater to your comfort, then this chair has your back, literally.

On the bottom line, this chair turns out to be one you can count on for almost all your needs. With all these features on board, it is something to be reckoned with.

BestOffice High-back Computer Racking Gaming Chair

BestOffice High-back Computer Racking Chair

The stable five-point base for different height adjustment
It also comes with a 5-star metal base for stability
Strong enough to support up to 250 lbs
The recline is not so easy, you might have to force it
Its back support is not so great if you want to type

What better way to make the most of your gaming time than ultimate comfort. That is what this chair is built to offer, thanks to the ample padding and highly comfortable PU leather upholstery. And there is more in its wide range of features. Back and bucket seat design. This construction not only makes this chair comfortable but also goes a long way to alleviating any potential back pain.

It has up to 360-degree swivel. If you are looking for a chair that delivers where it counts, then this feature has what it takes to bring on the ultimate gaming experience and convenience. The gas lift design and armrests also offer a lot. When it comes to taking comfort, support, and attraction over the ceiling, this chair has the edge to get you there.

It also comes with a higher backrest. For a comfortable feel and support to the entire spinal column, this feature always proves crucial.

Do not be fooled by the price, this cool gaming chair seems to have something to go for. From support to comfort, and a bit of aesthetic touch to it, and you cannot beat the price too.

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Essentials Racing Style GamingChair

Solid chair capable of taking on 250 pounds
The material is also highly breathable
A reclining function
The lumbar support is not that great
It might not have enough room from where the knees bend

If you are looking for a adult gaming chair that can guarantee durability, then you need to try this one. You can expect to get the best out of its construction, but when it comes to the vast array of features, you can always hope for more.

The first noticeable feature you will come to love about this chair is the racecar style design. This chair has got you covered when it comes to comfort even during long gaming hours. Its ergonomic swivel design is also a great addition. This means you can count on the contoured padding, armrests, and headrest for ultimate comfort and support.

The arms also flip up. This makes this gaming chair for fat guys easy to flip out of the way to get into the chair or off. An ideal height adjustment also comes in handy. Combined with the seat back recline control, this chair offers virtually all you need regarding comfort and ease of use.

Another thing that makes this chair stand out is the premium leather material. The upholstery SofThread leather and the contrasting colored mesh give this chair a great feel.

The next time you want to upgrade your gaming gear, this one might just be the right pick for your needs. To top up the realistic price, it comes with features that you would look for in any other best gaming chair.

New High Back Racing Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair

New High-Back Racing Car Style Gaming Chair

A 360-degree swivel is also crucial for efficiency
A great clearance at 17.5 inches on the lowest level setting
The armrests are not so strong

In case you are looking for a gaming chair with an ample space, then this might be the one for you. You will fall in love with the wide 20”x20.5” for ideal space, but it is the features that make it outstanding.

One of the things you cannot help but love about this chair is the adjustable height. With this feature here, you can always set the height where you want it set. Backrest height is also great for your comfort. And if you want to ensure your back is safely supported, then this chair has it all covered for you.

Of course, you cannot miss the heavy-duty capacity capability of this chair. With the ability to support 250 lbs or more, it offers support for big and light users alike. Moreover, the slick racing design of this chair is outstanding. You can use it virtually anywhere, from the office to your gaming.

The bucket seat is further a much welcome addition. This design not only makes this chair a perfect option for your comfort but also offers great support for your back.

This budget gaming chair might unlock the secret to keeping back pain if you sit for long hours. It might be one of the few remaining yet crucial bits of your gaming arsenal.

Furmax Gaming Chair Executive Racing Style Bucket

Furmax Gaming Chair High Back PU Leather

It is versatile for use in any setting, from gaming to office
Moreover, it offers proper alignment of your spine and neck
High load capacity of 280 lbs
It might show signs of sinking after some weeks of use
The hydraulic system is not so great

Deciding on the Furmax gaming chair to go for out there can turn out to be a daunting challenge. But this one can take care of almost everything, thanks to the headrest and lumbar support design. Not forgetting, its hoard of features is outright unique.

Not every cheap gaming chair out there can boast the pneumatic seat-height adjustment that this one comes with. You always find this feature handy when it comes to setting the height you need. It also comes with a noticeable high back design. You cannot ask for more than the comfort and support that this construction can offer to your spinal column no matter how long you are gaming.

Besides, its heavy-duty sturdy frame can take on any weight you throw at it. With the ability to support up to 280 lbs, this chair blows the competition away. We cannot stress enough the fact that this chair can rock back and forth. If you want to add a bit of style and relaxation to your gaming, then this is perhaps the last piece of the configuration.

The other thing you cannot afford to miss about this chair is the headrest and lumbar support. This design not only gives it a stylish touch but also brings on comfort and support for healthy gaming.

Despite having a few shortcomings, this chair seems to have quite a lot to offer. And the fact that you can use it at the office or for gaming makes it more exciting.

Merax Ergonomic Racing Style PU Leather Gaming Chair for Home andMerax Ergonomic Racing leather Gaming Chair

The PU leather makes cleaning your chair super easy
It is built for durability and sturdiness
Putting it together is easy and fast
It can squeak after long use
Expect it to wear out after long use

Durability is always central to any budget gaming chair you go for, and this one is built for just that. You will definitely love it for the high-quality PU leather, but nothing compares to its numerous features.

If stability is a priority for you, then this chair has what you are looking for. With the durable casters, you can be sure to move it with ease while still offering unrelenting stability. And for gamers who are looking for efficiency, this one is for you. Turn to its adjustable height and a tilt locking system at a 120-degree angle, and you have all you need.

The soft headrest and thick padding on its armrests also have something to offer. What more would you want in a gaming chair than comfort? This design brings that crucial aspect of home. Moreover, the heavy-duty base further proves crucial. If you do not want to gamble with your safety, then this chair can guarantee the stability and support you are looking for when gaming away.

It is also a master of versatility. Thanks to the ideal design that this chair comes with, you can use it in the home or the office, according to where you want it.

When it comes to looking for a chair that can deliver where it counts, this one seems like a perfect fit for heavy gamers. But as an all-around type, virtually everyone can find something about this chair that fits their needs.


It comes with premium PU leather for durability and easy cleaning
This chair also features an adjustable headrest and lumbar support to suit your needs
It also proves to be tough enough, taking on up to 250 lbs
It is a little on the small size, which means it might not be ideal for some gamers

You will always find something exciting in almost any Ergonomic racing chair out there. Only a few of them can rival a gaming chair ps4 with a solid top quality steel tube frame. And that it, not all this chair packs up its sleeve, it still has a lot more to offer.

The magnificent 360-degree swivel in this chair is one of its outstanding features. With this feature onboard, you can always push your chair to the limit without any concerns.

The sturdy and foldable design also has something special to offer. This design makes the portability of your chair super easy and fun without compromising its quality.

Another remarkable thing about this chair is the five-star base. If you are looking for solid support, then there is no better way to get it than having the perfect base support for your chair.

An easy lock-tilt further offers the much sought after adjustment function. Along with the 90 to 180-degree recline feature of this chair; you can always expect a comfortable time gaming for hours.

You do not come across a affordable gaming chair that can guarantee years of service so quite often. But the detailed construction in this one and the right materials makes it stand out. And it has yet a lot more for you.

SEATZONE Smile Face Series Leather Gaming ChairSEATZONE Smile Face leather Gaming Chair

The chair is quite lightweight at 20 pounds
The setup is also relatively easy
It can have some smell during setup

Another of the best budget gaming chair options on the market is this bucket style chair. It boasts the efficient and comfortable design, but also comes with a collection of rather exciting features.

One of the leading features that any gamer is seeking in this chair is the comfortable cover. The breathable and durable high-quality PU leather in this chair makes it both comfortable and lasting. It also boasts an ideal adjustable height. This feature goes a long way to making this chair perfect for use on different heights like 43 inches, 47 inches locking positions.

The SGS approved gas cylinder also gives it unprecedented reliability. If you want to get the best of seamless comfort and support, then this feature got you covered. Another unmistakable feature is the solid frame with a five-star nylon chassis. You do not have to stay on toes when gaming; this construction should ensure you of safety and stability.

A soft and well-padded headrest, as well as armrests, further offer more comfort and support. Combined with the high-density foam cover on the back of the chair, comfort is guaranteed.

You will usually find something to cherish about this chair. Whether it is the lightweight design or the unique adjustable height system, it always has something worth a hard look.

Executive Racing Style Office ChairExecutive Racing Style PU Leather Gaming Chair

The arm support is super comfortable for different uses
It is versatile enough for use in different settings
Assembling it usually turns to be super easy
However, this chair does not lean back

Sometimes finding a versatile ultimate gaming chair is all a gamer needs to get the best out of the investment. And what better way to get there than having a chair that you can use virtually anywhere, from gaming to home office or in the office. Well, this chair is all that and more, and the features tell it all.

Among the top features, you cannot help but love about this chair is the adjustable height. You have the opportunity to set it whenever you want it according to your needs. Then you can also count on the arm support to take your comfort to another dimension. This feature ensures you have an easy time whether you are gaming for hours or typing. Another ideal feature is a high-back design. Back support is always crucial to gamers, and this design drives that necessity home with perfect support and alignment to your spinal column. You cannot afford to overlook the PU leather cover too. This goes a long way to offering the durability of your chair as well as delivering a comfortable surface for you as well.

If you are setting out to shop for your next best budget gaming chair , then you might need to try this one. It has been tested and tried and seems to prove itself ideal for the heavy-duty.

BestOffice High Back Recliner Office Chair Computer Racing Gaming ChairNew High Back Racing Gaming Chair

A stable five-point base offers all the support you need for years
It is also built to run smoothly on the floor to reduce damage and ensure comfort
PU and mesh cover is crucial for comfort and durability
The chair does not recline
There is also no way to lock the wheels

It is not always easy to find ergonomic gaming chair adjustable armrests. Fortunately, it is something this chair stands out with,  and one that can transform your gaming for the better. But this is just the beginning, it is in the features where you can see the real deal about this chair.

The leading feature that draws most gamers to this chair is the high backrest design. This design offers much-needed support and comfort. Then the 250 lbs loading capacity comes in handy too. With such heavy-duty capability, this chair can take care of any average-size gamer.

The 360-degree swivel is also amazing. If you want to add a bit of style to your gaming chair, then you cannot overlook this one feature. Factor in the bucket seat design and you have an ideal chair to cater to your gaming needs. Whether you game for hours on end, you cannot expect discomfort or back complications with this design.

When it comes to upgrading your system, this chair might come in as one of the best options at your disposal. It has seen quite some hype thanks to the bucket seat design, but it still has more to offer in terms of comfort and durability.

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-PositionBirdRock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

The rich padding offers sufficient comfort and support
It keeps its shape well even after long use
The ideal cushioning and soft material
It can be quite on the small size if you are over the average

Most of the pro gaming chairs options out there can be pretty cool. But things always get better if you have a chair that can offer the comfort that comes with sitting close to the floor. This is the one for you then, and it has numerous futures to get you covered.

First, you will come hand in hand with the comfort that the chopped memory foam, as well as the soft plush fabric in this chair, that it has to offer. It also boasts a convenient universal use. Whether you are reading a book, gaming, or meditating, it has the comfort of every one of your needs.

Another exciting feature is the adjustability it offers. With up to 14 different positions at your disposal, you can always set the chair to suit your comfort needs.

The storage is also super easy. Unlike most other professional pc gaming chair options around, you can flatten this chair and store it right under your bed. You can set it at 90-degree for different uses. This feature means you can get ideal back support and comfort with your gaming chair according to your needs.

This chair stands out with its unique design and the sheer comfort that it offers. And you can still turn to it if you are shopping for a great gaming chair on a tight budget.

Furmax Gaming Chair Executive Racing Style Bucket Seat PU Leather Office ChairFurmax Executive Racing Style Gaming Chair

A pneumatic gas lift mechanism offers a smooth adjustment for the height
Special tilt mechanism for extra stability and an impressive recline angle
Ample padding and the ideal design
The depth of the chair might cause slight thigh pain for some users
Its armrests are not adjustable

You might find a cheap gaming chair with all the great features, but without durability, you cannot say you are lucky. The great thing about this chair is the durable construction with the solid materials that make it stand out. Then it has a whole lot of features too.

One of its most impressive features is the massive load capacity at 330lbs. With the ability to take on so much capacity, this chair just blows the competition away. It also boasts a combination of ideal materials that make up its solid construction. From solid wood, wood veneer, faux leather, and plastic, it has all it takes for durability.

Another noticeable feature is the 360-degree swivel. This means you can hardly ever push it past the breaking point, making it perfect for over the top performance.

Its 5-star nylon base is also worth a hard look. This feature delivers where it matters with stability and ideal support. The lumbar support is also outstanding. If you do not want long hours of gaming taking a toll on your health, then this chair can be your best friend with ideal lumbar alignment and support.

The Furmax executive racing is built for the job. With the right features an unrelenting construction, you can count on it to transform your gaming comfort.

Giantex Gaming Chair RacingGiantex Gaming Chair High Back Bucket Seat

It has up to five wheels that make the movement and swivel a breeze
A solid base offers an uncompromised support while keeping the flexibility at best
Enough height from the ground at 17.7 inches to 21.7b inches,
It does not tilt back
The plastic pieces holding the castors might break after months of use

Gaming and comfort always have something exciting when combined. But it takes the right adjustable gaming chair to bring out the best in your gaming. And in this one, the plush lumbar support proves crucial. Then the features add much to the fun.

First up, the ergonomic design is uncompromised. A breathable mesh back and passive lumbar support, as well as ideal padding, offer virtually everything you need for comfort. The adjustable function is also ideal. You can easily set the height-adjustable armrests to fit your needs.

The armrests are also ergonomic. The streamlined design of this feature makes it perfect for fitting into the natural curves of your arms. Another interesting feature is the 360-degree swivel. With such a great feature onboard, you can bring convenience to your gaming experience by turning your chair whenever you want it.

Best of all, the load capacity that this chair can support is outright amazing. Since it can support up to 264lbs, you can be sure it has you covered if you are an average gamer.

From the breathable mesh to the complete-circle swivel, this chair seems to have a lot to enjoy. And when you consider the heavy-duty construction, then you can safely say this chair has got you covered.

Final verdict

Selecting the best gaming chair out there has never been an easy feat for anyone. So, if this was a challenge for you, do not worry, you are not alone. But we believe that our guide to the Best Gaming Chair under 100 on the market has been helpful to understand what counts.

You can now go out with confidence and select the one that best works for your needs. It is all but a matter of choice. So go for it and transform your gaming experience for the better. Your next cheap video game chairs are only a button click away!

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