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Esports have become a global phenomenon where players gather around and play professionally to win themselves a fortune. If you consider yourself a serious player, it is time you invest yours time in the esport world. The global esports market is expected to surpass $1085 million this year- which is insane!

With rapidly growing gaming industry, a ton of organizers and potential players, the gaming industry will soon expect to turn into a billion dollars business. You can build yourself a future and fortune by just doing what you’re best at.

In this article, we will discuss some of the interesting and world-wide known games in which you can compete, participate and may be win a lot.


It was a third-person shooter survival game that was launched in 2017. It has three distinct gaming modes with highly addictive battle model being the most famous. At the start of the battle royal, you will be taken abroad the Battle Bus and air-dropped cross the game expensive map with 100 other players. After landing, you have to scavenge for weapons, items, resources and vehicles. Fortnite gives its player the chance to create defenses around them at a rapid pace. Fortnite gets regular updates along with changes in the map every season.

The esport competition of the Fortnite that goes by the ‘Fortnite World Cup’ is the highly anticipated championship that generates the prize of about $300 million.


League of legends was developed by Riot Games, a decade ago. It is one of the most popular mobile games, the game is a five versus five team game where you have to destroy your enemy’s base with the help of your teammates. The players are called to be in the role of an unseen ‘Summoner’ that controls a ‘Champion’. The champion has its own unique abilities. The game is based upon fighting the other team or computer- controlled champion and destroying the Nexus. Nexus is a structure at the center of the opposition of the arena.

Many League of Legends tournaments are held every year but the biggest is the ‘Leagues of Legends World Championship’ that can pull a prize cash of over a million.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multiplayer game developed by the Valve. It is one of the most famous esports game. The game compromises of two teams: one being the terrorists and other the counter-terrorists. The task of each team is to eliminate the other and fulfils the objectives of the game mode they are in. The terrorist must plant the bomb or defend the hostages whereas the Counter-Terrorists prevents the bomb from being planted or defuses it. It has to rescue the hostage to win the match.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Majors is considered as one of the most prestigious esport tournament in the world. It consists of 24 teams from all over the world and features a prize pool of one million dollars.

Now a days most of the CS GO newbie players go with a fully loaded prebuilt PC gaming setup under budget or even can build one with their choice. Computers are preferable over the gaming consoles for the competitive games.


Super Smash Bros: Ultimate is the latest release published by the Nintendo in 2018. It is one of the best Esports game you can play right now in 2021. Smash Ultimate has all the iconic Nintendo Gaming icon needed in the ultimate showdown. It features over 70+ different characters. The game gives the player full control over their selected characters for combats in the battle. It features over 100 classic and returning stages.

Super Smash Bros is a widely played competitive video game that has become popular in the gaming and esports industry. The game is featured and organized in many online tournaments every year.


Who does not knows about FIFA? It is a soccer of football based sport game. FIFA as become one of the most important game in esport category. Since 1993, every year at September a new game is released. FIFA Gameplay is played both online and offline. You have to play soccer games against the opponents and fulfil objectives to win the game. The FIFA Gameplay has many exclusive licensed tournaments, leagues and teams all round the world.

The esport championships for FIFA are held at international levels every year. FIFA Mastery is a well-suited esports game. The first FIFA eWorld Cup was held in 2018, where 32 players competed against each other to win the cash prize of $250,000.


It is a popular first-person shooter game released in 2002. It has many updates, sequels and spinoffs since its release. In Call of duty, you have to basically complete missions that features a series of objectives that a player most complete to move into the next level. This game has the skills to get a person addicted in no time. COD has been important in the eSports since the early 2006s. Call of duty have been featured and played in many major league gaming. Call of Duty championships have also made the players earn a million bucks! Call of Duty have been the most famous in Europe and North America for the eSports competitions.


Dota 2 was first released in 2013 by Valve. It has captured the charm of the gaming community and is loved by players around the globe. The game consists of 2 teams of five characters. The team has to protect its own fortress and destroy the opponents on the other side of the map. Each character on the team has its own unique ability. Basically, you have to fight the opponent to earn gold that will ultimately make you stronger.

Dota 2 is famous for its annual tournament that goes by the name of International. The competition is widely regarded as one of the major tournaments in the esports circuit. It features a prize pool of over $300 million.


Overwatch is a vibrant team-based shooting game based on a near-feature earth. It was first launched by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. The match is based upon an intensive six-by-six battle between cast of unique characters. There are currently thirty characters to choose from. The main purpose of each team is to work together to maintain your control over the control points on the map.

The Overwatch League is one of the prestigious tournament in the esports community. The competition had a five million dollars prize in 2019. It is one of the largest winning of any game!

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