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Are you keen on enhanced clocking speeds, high frame rate rendering, and more break-neck computing ease?

There’re lots of CPUs out there right now. But if you need the very best, there’s only one option. AM3+ CPUs deliver significant processing support for a wide range of tasks. And with the best AM3+ CPU, computing becomes a whole lot easier.

Eight of the best AM3 processors are in this guide to ensure you make the best choice possible. And that’s not the full package!

Essential stuff to check out before making a final pick is also in this piece. With this combo of crucial facts and a great collection of products, maximum processing has never been so comfortable.

Best Editor Pick


With a standard processing speed of 4GHz and over-clocking potential around 4.3GHz, the FX-8370 is a favored pick.

Eight cores feature on this CPU to guarantee significant threading ease. Multiple processes get the right speed support for seamless performance.

And it also comes with decent support for cooling during operation. Its Wraith cooler delivers enhanced performance potential. The 125W wattage on this unit also guarantees smooth power efficiency and seamless usage ease.

Top AM3+ CPU Reviews and Guide

AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 – Best Socket AM3+ CPU for High-End Computing

AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 best am3+ cpuIf you need the best processor for running a wide range of challenging computing tasks, check this out. It comes with a more-than-decent set of specs to guarantee enhanced usage ease.

With 125W power wattage, this processor offers decent support for efficient functionality. And its 4.0GHz base processor speed ensures there’s little to no lag in your command responses.

Aside from being a great general computing choice, the 4.2GHz overdrive this system assures is exceptional. You can comfortably make use of this processor for intermediate gaming and other needs.

Leakages hamper the efficiency of inferior processors. But this unit’s 32nm die shrink makes sure there’s no subpar performance during threading operations.

Desktop platforms get a sure boost from the high-tech support this system provides. Building up your desktop PCs with an AM3+ compatible CPU becomes comfortable.

Eight cores on this processor assure significant potential to handle several applications without hassle. And with a duo of signature AMD inputs into this device, hitting sustained over-clocking speeds is a breeze.

A 24% frame rate enhancement is possible through the processor’s improved build. And with its bulldozer architecture, multitasking support doesn’t come any better.

The massive cache of features on this processor guarantees significant performance response for many challenging jobs.

AMD FD8370FRHKHBX – Best AM3 CPU Under 300

AMD FD8370FRHKHBX best am3 cpuAside from being a well-priced processor, this unit comes with a comprehensive collection of high-powered specs.

When you get a hold of what this CPU’s specs, it becomes a lot easier to make it your top choice.

The 4.0GHz base frequency from this AM3 CPU offers significant performance for a wide range of tasks.

Also, its 4.3GHz maximum turbo frequency boosts its potential to support several demanding operations. Gaming, computing, graphics designing, and more get fluid operating potential.

Eight unlocked cores in this processor guarantee enhanced threading potential. Lots of processes get the best rendering through this massive count of processor cores.

And with the Wraith cooler, there’s massive support for significant aeration during sustained operation. Making the most of several challenging tasks don’t come any more comfortable.

When you consider the massive collection of features this chip provides, it becomes easy to make it your top choice.

AMD FX Processor 3.8 FD8300WMHKBOX – Best AMD FX Series for Video Editing

AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition FX-8300 3.3 GHz with 4.2 GHz Turbo best am3 processorAn impressive collection of specs on this chip guarantees significant support for many demanding tasks.

Carefully check its features out for comprehensive support to your computing needs.

3.3GHz processor speed on this chip promises enhanced support for a vast range of tasks. You can run multiple threads on your PC and be sure of outstanding results.

Also, the 32nm die shrink in this chip prevents leakages capable of hampering your system’s performance. Enhanced performance potential becomes a sure thing through this spec.

And with its 95W wattage, this processor offers maxed-out efficiency and performance potential.

The bulldozer architecture on this processor guarantees durability and sustained responses during operation.

Also, it comes with multitasking enhancements, making it a great pick for running several tasks.

Eight cores on this processor add more to this processor’s multitasking potential.

When you’re keen on basic to intermediate computing without too many demands, this is an excellent choice. All its features gear you towards getting smoother operations without hassle.

AMD FD4300WMHKBOX FX-4300 – Best AM3 CPU for Standard Computing

AMD FD4300WMHKBOX FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300 best am3+ cpuComputing without hitches becomes a possibility when you select this CPU. It comes with fantastic features sure to deliver unrivaled performance potential that’s hassle-free.

The standard 3.8GHz processor speed this chip guarantees helps users make the most of their PC. Running several demanding threads at a single time gets full support from this feature.

Also, it comes with a turbo 4.0GHz over-clocking speed to enhanced performance potential. With its 32nm die shrink, this unit promises significant support for better operations. Leakages capable of limiting your chip’s performance get limited through this spec.

Power efficiency and pronounced output potential become a sure thing with this unit’s 95W wattage.

Four cores feature on this processor guarantees enhanced support for smooth command responses and better computing ease. Even if the core count isn’t comparable to other high-end choices, it’s a choice capable of providing standard computing support.

The 4MB cache on this unit also assures smoother process running and higher response potential.

When you check out this chip’s wide range of features, making the most of your general computing becomes comfier.

AMD FD6200FRGUBOX  FX-6200 – Best AM3+ CPU for Budget Buyers

AMD FX-6200 FD6200FRGUBOX 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor best am3 processorWith many massive specs on this chip, running several processes without any hassle comes off easy.

And there’s more from this processor to guarantee significant computing ease without hassle.

3.8GHz base speed on this chip alongside its 4.1GHz over-clocking speed makes sure you get smoother frames running. Also, it comes with an exceptional capacity to max out multiple threads with no issues.

At 125W wattage, this processor assures users of excellent performance and minimal power consumption.

Six cores on this processor make getting several smooth-running tasks on your PC more comfortable.

Its dimensions also support easy fitting on a lot of boards. Upgrading your motherboard doesn’t come off any easier with what this processor assures.

Comparing the price and features of this processor means you’ll get more value. It also comes with the right features, making it an excellent option to boost your outdated motherboards.

AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition – Best Performance Boost AM3 CPU

AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition Processor Socket AM3+ - FD8120FRGUBOX best processor amdBoosting your motherboard gets a lot easier with the set of specs this processor sports.

And there’s more from this unit to guarantee several processes that remain hitch-free and sustained over time.

Check its details out below; you’re likely to get impressed enough to make it your top choice.

The 3.1GHz standard processor speed makes sure several threads get smooth running without any hassle. The bulldozer architecture on this chip also maxes out performances, giving sustained results every time.

The 32 nanometers die shrink on this chip guarantees easier operation and a lesser chance of performance loss. And with this unit’s signature 900MHz boost, you can make the most of several demanding threads.

Eight cores feature on this chip to assure enhanced multi-process capability. And with its Turbo CORE tech, you can be sure of significant boosting for challenging commands.

With the multiple-threading capacity and a range of other specs, this chip is one choice you need to consider.

AMD FD832EWMHKBOX FX-8320 – Best Power-Efficient AM3 CPU

AMD FD832EWMHKBOX FX-8320E best am3 processor Getting access to smoother computing doesn’t come off any easier with this processor. Making the most of your PC for more work gets a sure boost, amongst other exceptional features.

The standard 4GHz and 4.2GHz over-clock processor speed offers significant performance potential that’s hassle-free.

And with its 16MB (8MB per L2/L3) cache, smoother process running becomes comfier to achieve.

Eight cores on this chip guarantee maximum threading potential for several tasking operations.

It also runs compatible with DDR3 SDRAM to assure outstanding operating potential that’s hitch-free.

A comprehensive set of specs, amongst other features, helps you make more out of your computer.

AMD FD9590FHHKWOF FX-9590 – Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming

AMD FD9590FHHKWOF FX-9590 8-core 4.7 GHz Socket AM3+ 220W Black Edition Desktop ProcessorSmoother frame rate rendering is a possibility with this processing. There’re tons of features this CPU provides. And the only way to find out is to check out its major specs below;

With a standard 4.7GHz base clocking speed, the FX – 9590 offers significant processing power. Regardless of your graphics and computing needs, this processor has everything you need.

And when it comes to challenging tasks, the 5GHz turbo speed guarantees improved processing smoothness. Such turbo enhancement assures smoother frames and lesser dead scenes.

When it comes to power wattage, this processor functions within 220W capacity. At such a high power capacity, you’re sure to get unrivaled processing performance.

Also, a 16MB cache from this processor assures enhanced space for better thread rendering potential.

An RLC system on this system guarantees significant coolness during operation. Several challenging tasks capable of heating your processor can get comfortably run through this feature.

Eight cores on this unit also assure enhanced multi-threading support that guarantees smoother computing.

The durable casing on this AM3 CPU also ensures better installation and usage ease.

When you consider the massive collection of performance-focused features on this CPU, it becomes a natural choice. Maxing out your computing and gaming doesn’t come any easier.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best AM3+ CPU

Base processor speed

Your preferred option’s base clocking speed refers to how fast processes get responses to after initiation. Naturally, a higher base speed means better frame rate rendering, command response, and much more.

If you’re searching for an AM3 CPU for general computing, base processing speeds from 3.1GHz should be great. Graphic designs, high-end gaming, and other challenging tasks perform better with 4GHz processor speeds and greater.

Over-clocking speed

There’s a chance for your chosen AM3 CPU to exceed its base speed in delivering enhanced response potential.

The over-clocking or turbo speed of your chosen processor rests on your preferred pick’s base speed. Over-clocking speeds of processors add around 0.2 – 0.4GHz to your chip’s base speed.

Cooling technology

Cooler CPUs tend to perform better for longer. When it comes to AM3 CPUs, varying cooling technologies come with separate models.

Later models come with RLC, Wraith, or other cooling systems. If you engage in long-hour computing/gaming, selecting a CPU with a built-in cooler is the only way to go.

Core count

A high core count determines how much threading potential your chosen PC can handle. In most cases, high-quality AM3+ socket CPUs sport six to eight cores. Eight cores render enhanced performance

How to Maintain Your AM3+ CPU’s Performance

  • Connect heat shrink onto your CPU properly
  • Assure enhanced aeration throughout the motherboard for significant processing consistency
  • Ensure regular board servicing, particularly for regular, long-hour PC users
  • Properly connect the chip to board during installation to avoid shorting


After checking out this best AM3+ CPU collection, making a satisfying choice has never been so easy. And with the massive info cache, you’d know what works to enhance your PC’s performance.


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