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Whether you do, believe it or not, a gaming PC does require proper and efficient cooling to work proficiently. However, if you are playing a high-end game, then the cooling fan of your cabinet is not going to be enough for your purpose. In addition to it, you will also need to install the best 140mm radiator fans in it.

Nevertheless, currently, there is a wide array of such options available on the online as well as physical stores. Thus, even if you do your research diligently, it will be almost impossible for you to find the right model for your purpose. But, there’s no need to worry. Here, in this write-up, we are going to review some of the best radiator fans in the market.

Aside from it, we will also offer some insights on their advantages and disadvantages to make things a bit easier for you. So, without making any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Best Editor Pick

Corsair ML140, 140mm Premium Magnetic

Corsair ML140, 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan (2-Pack) Best 140mm Radiator FansEach of the products, which we are going to mention in our best 140mm radiator fans review, is picture-perfect. However, if we had to ask you to take another glance towards a model, then it would be the Corsair ML140. It has an admirable build quality and, thus, lasts for a prolonged period.

Moreover, the magnetic bearing technology of the model helps it in proffering a quiet yet superior performance. In addition, the design of the product is customizable, which, in turn, makes it suitable for almost each and every motherboard available out there. Last yet not least, it also offers decent cooling performance without affecting the power consumption in any way!

Best 140mm Radiator Fans

Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure

The Ring 14 from Thermaltake, in essence, is a high-static pressure fan, which has been designed specifically for a gaming setup. It comes with a wind blocker framework, which makes it easier for the model to direct the airflow in the midsection.

This way, it can cool off the air pretty quickly. Moreover, the design of the same might also help in reducing vibration and noise. The model is quite durable as well and, thus, does not really get affected by the smaller vibrations or damages.

Wait up! We are not done yet.

The airflow produced by the model seems to be pretty powerful and can keep dirt out of your system. There is also a three-year warranty available in the model for better security and quality assurance. It has a maximum airflow level of 51.1CFM, which is quite decent as well.

It has a maximum speed of 1400RPM, which is a little bit lower than the previous model. But, it still gets the job done!


  • Provides decent airflow and does not cause much noise at all
  • Has an aesthetically decent design
  • Does not make any rattling sound while working
  • Comes with an LED lighting setup for a better outlook

  • Build quality could have been better
  • Seems a bit expensive

Corsair ML140, 140mm Premium Magnetic

Best 140mm Radiator FansWhen talking about one of the best 140mm radiator fans in the market, the first name that comes to mind is ML140. It comes with a powerful Magnetic Bearing technology, which can reduce its overall noise and boosts its performance. It has an airflow level of 97 CFM as well.

Aside from that, Corsair has customized the design of the radiator fan. Hence, it can deliver a well-balanced cooling session without spiking up the power consumption level of your CPU.

But, that’s not all. There’s more!

In addition, the overall control range of the model is quite extensive too. With it, you can get around 1600 RPM of range, which would help you to get anything from noiseless to powerful performance.

However, if you want to implement the fan on your CPU, then you would require a 4-pin connector. So, unfortunately, it would not really work on the older models at all.


  • Offers excellent static pressure and airflow
  • Provides excellent performance in almost any aspect
  • Soft yet sublime airflow proffers better cooling

  • Causes a mild humming sound along with vibration
  • Has some minor quality control issues

Be Quiet BL040 Pure Wings

Be Quiet BL040 Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM Case Fan - Black Best 140mm Radiator FansAs you can already guess, the Be Quite BL040 is, indeed, one of the quietest fans for radiators available in the market. The model features nine blades, which improves the airflow optimistically while lessening the amount of sound created by it.

In essence, it has a maximum level of airflow of 61.2 CFM, which is better than the industry standard. Conversely, while it is working, it makes only around 19.8 decibels of noise.

But, that’s not the end of it!

Unlike the previously-mentioned models, this one comes with a rifle-bearing design. Therefore, it can operate for almost 80,000 hours without taking a break at all. According to the manufacturers, the model would work better if you have a CPU-cooling build.

One of the best things about BL040 is that the speed of its fan can be controlled through its motherboard. Another notable thing about the model is that it comes with a warranty of three years. The model is also available in four different options for more convenience.


  • Low noise production
  • Excellent airflow
  • Compatible with almost any 4-pin motherboard

  • Has some durability issues
  • Does not come with any RGB fans

Corsair iCUE SP140 RGB

Corsair iCUE SP140 RGB Best 140mm Radiator FansIf you are not really worried about bank balance, then the Corsair iCUE SP140 would be an ideal option for you. Owing to its dual-fan kit design, it can offer airflow from each of its sides. Therefore, positioning it properly would not be a headache for you.

In addition to it, Corsair has also added RGB LED lines with each of the hubs of the fan. Therefore, when it is rotating, the model looks quite beautiful. There is no need to worry about cable clutter with it, as it comes with a simple USB 2.0 connection.

Did you think that was everything? Well, think again.

Another factor, which makes it one of the best 140mm radiator fans in the market, its versatile compatibility. The model can work with any motherboard setup as long as it has three installation pins.

Additionally, it also offers a maximum airflow of 62 CFM, which should be ideal for your purpose.


  • Comes with dazzling LED lights
  • Has a maximum speed of around 1650 RPM
  • Three-pin connector for more convenience
  • Features anti-vibration rubber pads for noiseless performance

  • Its overall build quality feels a bit average
  • Price could have been a bit low

Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM

Since its inception, Noctua has always offered high-end radiator fans to its consumers. And, the NF-A14 is an ideal example of it. Unlike the other models mentioned in our list of the best 140mm radiator fans, this one is a lot more powerful.

It has an overall power range of 800 RPM to 3000 RPM. Thus, the noise of the model would be pretty high as well. In some cases, it does cause a lot of vibration as well. But, Noctua has also added an anti-vibration padding that can help you in this aspect.

But wait, there’s more.

The overall voltage production of the model is around 12V, which is quite decent as well. Moreover, it also has a spacing of around 124.5mm, which, in turn, makes it ideal for using on the water-cooling radiator.

However, the model does not really cost much at all. So, if you are looking for a short-time model, then this one would be a perfect choice for you.


  • Offers a reliable and quiet performance
  • Works perfectly with a liquid cooling system
  • Has a low amount of wattage

  • Its warranty period is not good enough
  • Prone to leakages

Kingwin 140mm CF-014LB Silent Fan

Kingwin 140mm CF-014LB Silent Fan Best 140mm Radiator FansAre you thinking about buying something that is both budget-friendly and efficient? Then, the Kingwin CF-014LB should be ideal for your cause. It comes with an air-cooling design and offers excellent cooling even under heavy load.

There are 11 blades available in the fan, which are placed maintaining a proper space. Therefore, it offers excellent ventilation in almost each and every aspect. The overall outlook of the model seems to be quite durable as well.

According to the manufacturers, it can last up to 100,000 hours with ease.

One of the best things about the model is that it is highly versatile and reliable. It suits both 2-pin and 4-pin connector, which, in turn, helps it to suit almost every system. It has an average airflow level of around 58 CFM. Hence, it should offer decent performance.

However, unlike the best 140mm RGB fans, this one has a noise level of 23dB, which might be a bit irritating for some people.


  • High-profile and durable fan blades
  • Offers excellent ventilation
  • Can be connected with both 3-pin and 4-pin setup

  • Noisy
  • Air movement is a bit weak

Antec 140mm RGB Case Fan

Best 140mm Radiator FansThis 140mm model from Antec is an RGB case fan, which has taken the market by storm due to its design and efficiency. The model comes with a dual ring outlook, which, in turn, makes it look extremely beautiful in dark.

It has a maximum airflow level of around 65 CFM and, thus, can cool off your system pretty quickly. Moreover, the PWM fan can also dissipate heat without causing even a little bit of noise (15dB). The LEDs of the model are independently controlled as well.

However, the only issue with the model is that it can be integrated with only a few motherboards. So, make sure to keep that in mind while buying it.


  • Excellent design and outlook
  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a maximum fan speed of 1700 RPM
  • Offers a decent air pressure (1.64 mmH20)

  • Only connects with a 4-pin system
  • Compliant with only a few motherboards


Are the 140mm fans better than 120mm products?

Well, the quality of the models usually depends on their configuration and brand. If you are buying a fan from a high-end brand, then you can certainly expect it to perform better. However, in most cases, the 140mm cooling fans water tend to work better than 120mm devices. They usually come with a higher CFM, which, in turn, improves the airflow of your PC and makes it cool down quickly.

Is it possible to use the radiator fans as case fans?

Yes, it is perfectly possible for you to use your radiator fan as a case fan. However, before you take the step, you would, first, have to check if your CPU has anything, such as a drive cage that can restrict the flow of your fan. In that case, it will be better for you to switch to AF fans, as they offer better performance in this aspect.

How many radiator fans would be ideal for a gaming PC?

To be honest, the number of radiator fans would mostly depend on the configuration of your PC. You have bought a high-end GPU and, are considering playing some high graphics games, then you might need to use two fans. In other cases, employing only a single fan would suffice for you.

Will the radiator fans help in cooling down the GPU?

The radiator fans usually work by controlling the air circulation system of your CPU. Hence, in a way, it does have an effect on the cooling system of your GPU as well. However, in some cases, the positioning of the fan will affect the whole system as well. 


So, these are some of the best 140mm case fans that you can use for your purpose. But which one should you choose among these options? Well, if the decision relied upon us, then we would ask you to opt for the ML140 model. However, if you consider it to be too expensive, then you can also go for the Kingwin CF-014LB model. So, yes, all-in-all, there are a lot of amazing options available out there for you. Hence, be sure to check out the requirements of your system first before opting for any model for your purpose.

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