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When one of the colossal figures in the World’s history made this statement, he was definitely not referring to video games. But we would like to take the statement into consideration while justifying this to the parents or we must say the “niggling parents” around the world who claim that playing video/PC games is wrecking their child’s present and future, Well! May we have your attention, please?

An article published on Forbes on the basis of a study and research by a doctor states that “Compared with non-players, children who typically invest less than one-third of their daily free time showed higher levels of prosocial behavior and life satisfaction and lower levels of conduct problems, hyperactivity, peer problems, and emotional symptoms.”

If you are still not convinced, we can share a few facts with you based upon our deep study and interesting results that we have found out after thorough research. Let us take you on a quick drive through the collection of the facts;

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

The 21st century demands the kids to act and behave like superhumans who are expected to excel in studies, sports, current affairs and many other things that require cramming, learning eventually turning themselves into nerds. Too much pressure of studies has deprived the kids of the basic thing that they need the most which are to play for their overall development whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

And why only kids but adults need it to. Playing out in the sun, playing video or PC games gives a mental boost and enhances productivity and performance overall. All work and no play will surely make your Jack or Jill a dull personality which is bound to affect them in their later years.

PC games give social and cognitive challenges

The brain starts working actively just like it would when it is the most engaged or while playing a child is totally engrossed into the game that he/she is playing. Video and PC game or any other kind of online games like Territory War are compared to the imaginative play.

Children exercise their creativity while playing games

Playing games is not as easy as it seems especially if it is your little one playing it.  It is a good exercise for the brain and the simplest and easiest way to run the brain of your child like a horse. Playing games help spark the creativity of your child. We wonder why you would want to stop your child from playing PC games.

Want your children to practice some responsibility? Let them play games

It is a great opportunity for you to make your kids practice some responsibility. Children are never too serious like they are when playing games which depicts how serious they are for when playing games. When they play games, they do it responsibly, strategizing for each move, patiently moving forward, managing everything attentively and responsibly. It teaches them a sense of responsibility and sincerity towards whatever they are doing. We couldn’t think of a better way to teach being responsible to them.

Games help ignite competitiveness in children

If you have successfully survived to date that is probably because of your competitiveness and your skill to survive the cut-throat competition and the pressure on your brain that you have to combat every day to lead a blissful life. Don’t shield your child from what is invincible, the grinding competition and the cunning world waiting to take down all the people who are not competitive. Inculcate the habit of competitiveness in children while they are still young. Let them gradually understand the need to be competitive and how it can turn them into leaders.

Open a window to the world for the little curious creatures, they might fly, they might crash but at least they will learn how to start again and again until they win the world on their own, all alone.

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