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When it comes to building your PC for the first time or going for an upgrade, a lot goes to the design and performance. This feat usually turns out as a leap into the unknown as you will have to peruse through virtually many components to purchase. Often, the AMD Ryzen vs Intel remains a long-debated subject. But the goal remains the same; finding a better performing computer.

The CPUs mostly take the front row since the two are at the heart of most gamers PC’s performance. This can come in handy, especially for serious gamers, and the CPU that you go for can mean all the difference.

Most people have the perception that Intel usually outperforms the AMD. It all hinges on the performance as well as several factors down the road. But does Intel hold true to the hype?

We set out to find out. We spent hours of research, diving deep into the industry to find out the one that comes out on top between the two. From looking into professional opinions to reviews by users, we have combined all the underlying aspect of each.

Our AMD vs Intel gaming comparison is going to the depth of each of these to bring out the aspects behind them. But first, let’s look at what considerations you need to make when buying your gaming CPU. Keep reading!

Things to consider

When setting out to shop for a gaming CPU, you have to consider several factors that go a long way to determining the efficiency and reliability of your COU. Here are some of the things to note.

Speed, lots of it

The first, and perhaps most crucial aspect to have your eyes set on when shopping for a gaming computer CPU is the performance. Remember, gamers usually look for a machine that can execute numerous tasks at a fast speed. You should consider the base as well as the maximum speed that any CPU you are going for can deliver.

Cost factor; the price is the king

Another thing you cannot afford to miss out is the price. If you are shopping for gaming equipment on a budget, then a low-cost CPU might be the one for you. However, ensure that as much as you need to save on cost; don’t go for an under performing CPU. There’s some good news though; the market has many high performing CPUs that come at a rather realistic cost.

How much power?

This question often comes up when it comes to shopping for CPUs. You need to ensure you have a system that won’t drain your power. Having gaming equipment that will see your power bill skyrocket is the last thing any gamer wants. So, why not go for an energy efficient CPU that can still deliver to your expectation? It all becomes a matter of choice.

L3 Cache; never overlook the performance

The cache proves to be a crucial part of your CPUs performance. As such, you need to give it a hard look when deciding. If you find a CPU with the right cache, you can be sure to have surpassed one obstruction to a great gaming experience.

AMD vs Intel comparison chart

Here are some of the specs that you can find in different versions of the AMD as well as the Intel CPUs.


The ultimate AMD Ryzen vs Intel showdown; why Intel comes out on top

All said and done, here comes the decisive moment that defines why most users think the Intel usually takes the cake.amd ryzen

On-die integrated graphics

One of the factors that make Intel stand tall is its processor’s on-die integrated graphics. The design is impressive even if it doesn’t parallel most other stand-alone graphics chips or add-in graphic cards out there.

AMD on the other end lacks integrated graphics since it combines its processor cores with its Radeon-branded graphic. These prove to be quite costly over the Intel’s on-die graphics

Fewer threads

Another thing that gives Intel an edge is the fewer threads since games seldom use over two to four threads. This factor significantly beats the AMD despite the optimizations that Ryzen offers.


The gap between the two entirely decreased after Ryzen turned on the heat with a CPU featuring an average of 109 FPS. Nevertheless, Intel core remains ahead with its i7’s average 110 FPS.


The Intel proves superior here too. Its Core i7-8700K with labels like K or X come in handy when it comes to heavy-duty use. Although the Ryzen 7 1800X performs quite impressively in an overlock, it’s difficult to squeeze a lot of extra power out of it.


Another aspect that sees Intel outpace the AMD is the maximum speed. At 4.2GHz, the Intel surpasses its opponent despite having a lower base speed than the AMD. So if you want a fast performing CPU, then the Intel might come to your rescue.

Strong single core performance

What’s more, the Intel is worth a second thought, thanks to the more power it packs in the single-core and gaming performance. For gamers, this difference can prove far-reaching when it comes to the performance that you can expect from your CPU.

So, who wins the AMD vs Intel gaming contest?

Well, apparently, Intel has many areas in which it outperforms the AMD. You can thus confidently say that Intel takes the win in this AMD Ryzen vs INTEL showdown. So why not check them out on Amazon and see the other impressive features it packs up its sleeve?


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