5 Tips To Improve Skills in League of Legends

5 Tips To Improve Skills in League of Legends

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League of Legends is one of the most popular and also a complex game that has nearly 115 million monthly players, according to Riot Games. As you can imagine there are potentially millions of expert players all over the world. So, if you want to play well in this game, you need to focus on improving skills with chosen characters and maintaining a good position in the game. 

We have put together 5 tips that will help you level up your skills with League of Legends.  

Know Your Champions

Knowing every champion gives you a superior advantage against your opponent. Each champion is hard against each other, that is how this game is balanced. There might be situations when you have to pick another champion than your favorite one. 

You have to be at a level where you can name all the champion’s five top abilities. If you can’t do that, then you shouldn’t play ranked. Ranked matches are not something to take lightly. 

If you want to have accounts that have already unlocked all the characters or lvl 30 league account you can go for it. This will help you to play with expert players in ranked matches where you can learn and develop your skills easily. 

Top Lane Role: Irelia

Irelia is a champion with high damage output. Besides, she is equipped with good utilities using Trinity Force. She has a very large power spike – which is very executable for enemy champions. 

Jungle Position: Rek’Sai

Rek’Sai is tougher in the jungle area. Rek’Sai is the meta with Nidalee. She is a potent force. She has a broad kit that targets the enemy team if they enter the jungle.

Mid lane: Vladimir 

Recently, Vladimir has been picked in many teams around the world. His early rounds are weaker compared to them after the game. He deals huge amounts of damage later in a match. Therefore, he is very powerful to hold the mid lane.

ADC: Lucian

Lucian is a dominant force for the bot lane. He is equipped with a versatile kit. He can deal a lot of damage. He is an easy champion to pick up and play. His spell-based kit gives a lot of advantages.

Support Role: Jenna

Jenna is a very good support champion. Her kit lets you heal/fix your teammates’ champions with ease. She can be paired with some specific champions such as Lucian. 

Focus on a Role

There are almost 148 characters in League of Legends. As a beginner, you need to pick the right character for you. It will be better if you know your gaming style to pick a role. You need to know if you play aggressive or supportive at matches. It will be much better if you master a single character, then choose others if needed. 

Learn about the champion’s timing and ranges of abilities, power damage, practice engage/ disengage, and know about the usage of builds. Practice and focus on how your teammates and enemies use their characters and understand how to play with them. Play some matches with your character or watch tutorials to get a better idea about your character. 

Once you acknowledge your champion, you need to focus on being in the right place and supporting teammates. Consistently learning about characters will not happen overnight. Find a high ranked player and watch how they play with characters. For different maps, you need to choose the right heroes to get yourself climb up on the ranked ladder. Whenever you get outmatched by a champion who is more powerful, you can make small decisions – such as focusing on more damage as an example. If you progress to level two, you can play more aggressively and kill enemies or do tower damages.    

Don’t Get Frustrated

Doing something constantly will not give you good results, and this will drive you insane in League of Legends. You will get frustrated and will not win any matches. No matter how good you are, keep yourself calm if you lose a match. One thing every player goes through is blaming teammates for losing. This will not help you improve any skills. 

Things you should always keep in mind whenever you play League of Legends:

  1. Never blame your teammates. Find a solution to it or try to avoid the mistake.
  2. Don’t get angry. This will make you say or do things you shouldn’t. 
  3. Communicate with teammates. Give your strategies what you want to do at the match.
  4. Never surrender in a solo queue. Anything can happen. You could probably come back to your match.
  5. Take a break. If you are playing worse at the match out of frustration. Do something else and try to pin out your mistakes so that you can play better. Everyone makes mistakes in matches. But we should focus on improving our skills. Don’t overthink your mistakes in the match. 

Wave Management is King

Higher Elo matches are highly dependent on the minions. Additional knowledge of minions can give you benefits of gaining control as each wave of minions comes in. Some say wave management skills can change the whole match. While getting closer to turrets, you need minions to keep your champions and teammates alive.

Killing the opponents’ minions can slow their push, and you can punish them easily if they are without their minions. They will quickly realize their mistake and try to fall back, but you with your teammates can easily neutralize them and suppress pressure on them as they are waiting for their respawn. Canceling a wave can help your jungle go aggressive and dominate the opponent. Fighting as a gang is better than going solo.

Make Proper Decision 

Knowing your actions and the outcomes can change the game upside down. It can be beneficial to know the consequences of each move. MOBA games are a strategy type of game. High-risk decisions don’t always work. It is better to make a quality decision than the high risky ones. Although high-risk decisions may sometimes work out it has to be the correct timing for it.

League of Legends is a fun game. You can spend quality time with friends. This can help you learn about team play, planning, and strategies. Whenever you feel frustrated, your mates can help you get out of that.  


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